Amidst the murderous slaughter of Ukrainian women, children, and elderly citizens by Putin's Russian army of Orcs, one practical thing bothers me. In the hundreds of hours I've watched video of the conflict I can't remember seeing a single bicycle.

Civilians have fled by the (three) millions to those adjacent NATO countries providing food and shelter. These millions, adults, young children, have trudged along seeking safety on bombed and strafed paved roads dragging fragments of their previous lives through sub-zero and rainy weather. Traditionally, bicycles have been highly effective emergency escape vehicles, often with attached baskets or small trailing carts. Under normal road and weather conditions a bicycle can average about 12-miles per hour. They proved extremely useful in WWI, WWII and many other wars.

The bicycle is more efficient than any other (non-motorized) method of travel - including walking. Even struggling against the Russian murder machine, in freezing weather, the bicycle can move more people and belongings to safety, cheaper and faster, especially at the onset of the fighting.

God grant victory to Ukrainians. It's time to crush Russia and Putin.


A response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion":

Hi Kelly,
We rarely agree on essential political issues. I sometimes recall words attributed to several old philosophers: “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” Artemus Ward? This week you've made my job easier for that reason.

You worry about "...the very people [Republicans] who will formulate American policy" based upon some silly metaphors by Sen. Ted Cruz. When "they" were in office was America better off due to Trump's closure of our southern border (before the 3-million unvetted squatters began pouring in)? Are we now, under Biden, better off in Afghanistan after surrendering, handing the Taliban $85-billion in military arms, abandoning thousands of American citizens behind enemy lines? Do you like the inflation (soon possibly hyperinflation)? How about the Keystone XL pipeline, cancelled by Biden, because he maintains: "No matter how you look at it, Keystone XL would be bad for wildlife, especially endangered species.”? "If the pipeline were built, it would decimate habitat these species rely on." Just like the spotted owl controversy nearly shut down the Alaska Pipeline. This (Google produced) statement is a bold lie. You claim pipelines are "environmentally-risky delivery systems, ...that the "...oil will just have to find its way to market as it always has." (FACT) Pipelines are the safest, fastest, cleanest means of transporting oil and gas, by far. Would you rather use tank trucks or train? A 36-inch pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta, through Montana and South Dakota to Steele City, Nebraska, would "transport up to 830,000 barrels per day". Same diameter pipe used in Alaska. It's all 4-feet underground.

"Oil and gas companies do not want to drill more." (Pavel Molchanov). Mr. Molchanov must be a mouthpiece for Vlad the war engineer.

Following Biden's day-one cancellation of the permits, "The Keystone XL pipeline project was terminated in June 2021 and will not proceed." Why not continue to buy millions of barrels from Russia - even Iran? Is this more wise Democratic Party policy? Really? "Building the Keystone XL pipeline would create 10,000 good-paying American union jobs during construction. U.S. employment wages would exceed $2.2 billion under a Project Labor Agreement with four American labor unions. The pipeline's builder was ready to award over $3 billion in contracts awarded to U.S. contractors and suppliers in 2020, with all new steel pipe for Keystone XL, Made in America." “Alaska Pipeline pipe was made entirely in Japan - also delayed 5-years on…” (proven-to-be-false environmental warnings, e.g. caribou).

"Biden fulfilled a campaign promise" by denying [pipeline]construction permits...[and] "...did not close down oil, any gas drilling or delivery." But, "The Keystone XL pipeline project was terminated in June 2021 and will not proceed."

The "release of significant oil reserves " by Biden is worse than a farce. It affected NOTHING but the depletion of a critical war-emergency resource, which Trump had refilled (at a bargain price) after years of neglect!

What a waste! America's national security is at risk as never before due to the incomprehensible incompetence and corruption of Joe Biden and minions. I see the Biden-Harris administration as a harbinger of disaster. Weakness kills by inviting attack.


P.S. - If Biden fails to assist Ukraine with everything it needs to break the Russian onslaught (including jet fighter-bombers) we tempt, and should expect, the same fate. If Russia uses poison gas, chemical, bio-weapons, or (real possibility) nuclear weapons, we should be ready to respond immediately. God help us if Kamala is holding the nuclear codes - it could be her last chortle.