A response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion"

Hi Kelly,
I did check your websites regarding "a weapon cache and weapons confiscated in D.C." and found them irrelevant. I also ignored allegations of weapons which may or may not have been found in and around Tierra del Fuego National Park, though D.C. cannot expand beyond 10-square miles, constitutionally. I have no doubt, though can't corroborate, that firearms and other weapons, have been found "in the days before January 6, 2021, in the District of Columbia." However, the issue pertains only to the U.S. Capitol. And it is true that your allegations of weapons did indeed, in no way "alter my understanding."

For my lack of trust in the FBI (since its admitted perjury) see Director Christopher Wray's admission of F.B.I. corruption: "FBI Attorney Admits Altering Email Used for FISA Application ..." "Surveillance Court Finds FBI Repeatedly Misused FISA." Remember Steele’s fraudulent dossier on Trump’s alleged links with Moscow, and the 4-year ($40-million pseudo investigation?) refusal to investigate Hillary? In terms of our debate over the Capitol riot - nothing material has changed.

Both McConnell and McCarthy were wrong - according to F.B.I. determinations.

As for Ms. Walker's letter to you, she can speak for herself, I shouldn't be speaking for her.

As for John Durham's motion on the Democratic Russia-Trump scandal, no honest person would characterize Durham as anything but strictly honorable, strictly honest and utterly scrupulous in his investigations. He is finally issuing subpoenas -3 to date. Now the defendants can enter the grand jury, without lawyers, and answer questions under oath, and under penalty of perjury. Worried about Durham being "a Trump-era Special Counsel”? Should I have been worried about Democratic Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 4-year investigation? But Michael Sussman's problems far exceed a mere "possible conflict of interest issue”. Facts reveal that HILLARY PAID FOR THE WHOLE THING! Careful man that he is, the Durham indictments have just begun to arrive.


We are at this time waiting for Putin to attack the innocent, sovereign nation of Ukraine. Though this country was in past decades a slave state of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it was never a voluntary association.

I mostly agree with FOX NEWS Tucker Carlson's political opinions. But when I hear him say "Americans have been trained to hate Putin and will suffer because of it" he just sounds like a recent penitent from a Soviet gulag re-education camp, spouting Communist lies as a useful idiot. Like every other nation from Communist eastern Europe to China, Ukraine has always had serious corruption, making it hard to establish a true democracy - but has struggled mightily to succeed.

As Europe's second largest nation, which has suffered extraordinary torture under Communist (USSR) and its present so-called Russian Federation, it deserves freedom, and our help to obtain it. No Ukrainian wants to be a part of Russia, any more than Cambodia would welcome back Pol Pot, and for the same reasons. We must recall Stalin's man-made Ukrainian famine, where 4 million were starved to death. In short, Stalin killed off the peasant farmers (Kulaks) and removed all food to the cities. In the short space left to me this week, I recommend Harvard's second (1999) printing of The Black Book of Communism - Crimes, Terror, Repression. (850 pages.) "Stalin used starvation as a weapon, particularly against the Ukrainians. This policy resulted in the death of roughly 6 million people, including 4 million in Ukraine. ...Cannibalism was so widespread that the government printed posters that said: "Eating your children is an act of barbarism."

Right now, the people of Ukraine are living normal lives, shopping, sending kids to school, having meals. Putin intends to kill these people and destroy their homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. Putin is the reincarnation of Lenin and Stalin, the mortal enemy of Judeo-Christian freedom, the epitome of satanic Communism.

The West (particularly America) has a profound moral duty to stop him, with lethal military assistance!