In last week's Realities I erred by narrowing a basic principle of my own, i.e.: to invite maximum freedom of expression within the bounds of Christian decency and the law of libel. I stand corrected, and any issues of style have been resolved.

Now, let's let 'er rip!


Response to Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion":
I have only time to do a "bullets" correction to some alleged facts in the Jan. 6, Capital incident.

Despite inflammatory footage of rioting, this has to have been one of the quietest-shortest riots in American history, though still seriously unlawful conduct at our nation's Capital.

Of the 100,000 citizens gathered to hear President Trump's address, only a few hundred entered the Capital building. Police found no firearms, firebombs, Molotov cocktails, torches, overturned statuary, unlike the true insurrection carried on by BLM and Antifa, for 5 months, with many fatalities and $2 billion in damages.

At the Capital, one death of unarmed female Air Force veteran due to unexplained Capital police officer's negligence. I repeat - no firearms were found with rioters.

"Asked how many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on its grounds on Jan. 6, Sanborn said, “To my knowledge we have not recovered any on that day from any of the arrests at the scene at this point. But I don’t want to speak on behalf of Metro and Capitol police, but to my knowledge none." Rick Rouan, USA TODAY

Yet, PBS stated this riot was "the most sustained attack on the seat of American democracy since the War of 1812." This pathetic lie was more humorous than serious, but still a blatant lie. Just to put things in rational perspective: the War of 1812 lasted 32 months following the U.S. declaration of war on Britain in June 1812 "- more than 2 and a half years. (Remember, the British burned the White House - and burned down our CAPITAL BUILDING?) Also remember the Jan.6 riot lasted exactly six (6) HOURS. The Brits got away with it. The Jan. 6 Trumpers remain in solitary confinement.

The so-called House Select Committee - what a joke. Composed entirely of Never-Trumpers (Seven Democrats and two Republicans — all selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ) "Pelosi rejects GOP picks Jordan, Banks on Jan. 6 committee; McCarthy threatens to pull out." USA TODAY. Only Never-Trumpers remain.

A farce! I would warmly welcome a fair and truthful Committee. If this Committee moves slowly it's because the facts are already known. Just like the facts in that hoary old 4-year investigation of the "Russian Collusion" and fraudulent dossier - and more recently, the Hunter Biden laptops (3) and testimony of Tony Bobulinski (ex-Hunter Biden CEO-associate) speaking factually about Joe, Hunter, and the whole thieving, traitorous Biden family. The naked facts are known. Think the FBI, CIA, or NIA, or anyone else will investigate? Answer: Of course not; all now completely corrupt.

Curious about those 14,000 hours of hidden Capital riot videos? By JOSH GERSTEIN:
08/18/2021 08:34 AM EDT "Prosecutors made nine videos available to the court Monday [out of 14,000 hours], but continued to oppose release of the five that come from closed-circuit Capitol surveillance cameras." (emphasis mine)
"A new lawsuit is demanding that Congress release a vast trove of Capitol riot surveillance video currently the subject of legal tussles involving judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the press."

Mar 29, 2021 — 6 surveillance camera footage with two key congressional committees ... And it has shared a "very limited number" of video clips from Jan. 6.

Capitol Riot Surveillance Footage Released - BuzzFeed News
Sep 21, 2021 — WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors on Tuesday released a new collection of [unpublished] Capitol surveillance videos from Jan. 6 after a judge ordered them ..."

Capitol Police provided more than 14,000 hours of ... - Politico › news › 2021/03/29 › capitol...
Yes - all provided to the House, but you cannot see them! Because they show just how untypically-riotous the riot was overall. You've seen a few carefully edited minutes of it; why not demand all 14,000 hours be released?

The riot occurred because half the nation witnessed the greatest fraudulent election steal in American history. Disprove those scores of mathematical proofs provided by MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, PhDs. That's a challenge to which I patiently await acceptance. The challenge: "Prove us wrong, in the science," not phony recounts of fraudulent ballots.

(Caution: The following statement has not been approved for publication by Mark Zuckerberg . Readers assume the risk of provoking retaliation.) Kelly, you're correct in observing that "an attempt to obstruct democracy" did in fact occur on that fateful November day, with sufficiently serious consequences to end our nation as we flounder about in our new weakness.

Now, should we move on?