A response to "Second Opinion"

Hello Kelly,
After reviewing each of your links supposedly verifying your allegations of "armed insurrection" at the Capitol, none carry evidence to rebut my argument. We have gone over, in some detail, the events at the Capitol too many times, without satisfaction. I cite official FBI reports (though I no longer trust that organization) as well as Congressional records (though I no longer have much trust there either). The facts have been recorded. Scrupulosity can concentrate to a point of communication sterility, something like repeating the same word as fast as one can until it seems meaningless. I feel we are near that point, a little like a couple of 8-year-olds wrangling in verbal combat with "I know you are, but what am I?" retorts. So, I know you are a voodoo algorithmist, but what am I? About the lima beans: I'm sure most have been eaten by now - but I can't prove it.

Kelly, I'm for declaring a truce on the issue of the riot, and moving on, before our readers do. We both refuse to acknowledge the other's "facts." No time to waste - America is falling apart. Fetch your cape and I'll meet you here next week!


As I began this column, satellite reports stated (Vladimir Putin's troops, seeking a Third Reichskommissariat Ukraine, and more Lebensraum) were crossing into Ukraine. Later, the report was found to be false (see Phillip Knightley's "The First Casualty" -truth), with Putin's TV facial expression changed from a threatening scowl to a sunny, beneficent smile. After mustering his forces, surrounding the sovereign nation of Ukraine with more than 150,000 troops, tanks, mobile missiles, fighter aircraft, surface ships and submarines (Black Sea), he feels like a muscled Faustian Superman. After NATO's feckless response to Putin's annexation of Crimea in 2014, he feels free to take what he wants again - and what he wants is a resurrection of the putrefied USSR Russian Federation. Like proud China, he could finally overreach and spark global war - exactly as Hitler did.

The American government, through 8-years of Obama, continuing with Biden, has facilitated Putin's fearless aggression by failing to assist Ukraine's military defense in any meaningful way, after our astonishing surrender in Afghanistan. While Putin insists Ukraine has always been a part of Russia (post Russian Revolution), the fabled Breadbasket of Europe (a world's top wheat exporter) is now a sovereign nation. Stalin starved it nearly to death by man-made famine. Between 1931 and 1934 at least 5 million people perished of hunger all across the U.S.S.R. Ukrainian demographers, report at least 3.9 million Ukrainians starved to death. Cannibalism was widespread. Ukraine now rejects Mother Russia, whose milk of human kindness turned rancid.

So, despite Putin's desire to stoke the stench of Soviet graveyards past, Ukrainians are now free citizens in a struggling democracy, demanding sovereignty. NATO gives little support for Ukraine's defense (though Obama sent blankets and MREs, and Germany sent thousands of helmets). Now that Russia readies for attack, the US finally provides some serious weapons. Too little, too late, as usual. For the Biden administration, the abject surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban is the model. Played in full, any Russian attack is estimated to kill 50,000 Ukrainian military, and many more civilians. Like the unspeakable disaster of America's surrender in Afghanistan, most Americans haven't a clue to the multiple disasters now lying in wait, from Russia, China, Iran, even a resuscitated North Korea.

And what is the American government (Democratic Party) most worried about? Biden and his minions worry about climate change, same-sex marriage, Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy, gender identity for 4-year-olds, transgender acceptance, Critical Race Theory, defunding the police, slavery reparations, vaxing 2-year-olds, protecting Hunter Biden family criminality, and putting the final stake through Trump's political heart. Our enemies have watched this coming for decades. And, frankly, they hold America's witless social fads and idiosyncratic science, in contempt, as much as Putin ignores Ukraine's historic Stalinist famine. They see America The Vulnerable. They eye their prey with "a lean and hungry look." Though I'm pessimistic, I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist, trying to understand things as they really are, a difficult job as described in Phillip Knightley's 1975 book “The First Casualty" (truth). Title from Senator Hiram Johnson, 1917: "The first casualty when war comes is truth."

As I see things shaping up now, America is about to take a beating, because it has become morally debilitated (perhaps unpardonably so) and because, although created a Christian nation, we have become atheistic.

Consequences of military corruption

"Top US General Mark Milley had "secret" phone calls with China [military commanders] amid concerns about then-President Trump." This dumbfounding sedition remains unpunished, when court martial was required, and with conviction, prison. Our combat forces have been feminized (against the overwhelming objection of its men). Our leadership, military and civilian, is pathetically naive, incompetent, and corrupt.

Examples: Fat Leonard scandal. Since 2013, hundreds of people have been criminally charged in connection with the Fat Leonard bribery and corruption scandal. "According to investigators, by November 2017, more than 440 people — including 60 admirals — have come under scrutiny under the inquiry."[20][8] "WASHINGTON, D.C. – "It has been years since the Malaysian contractor Leonard Glenn Francis, aka "Fat Leonard," has pleaded guilty to bribing Navy officials with prostitutes, alcohol and expensive trips to allow contractors to dock Navy ships throughout the western Pacific." Former Wall Street Journal reporter Tom Wright.

The U.S.'s $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier Has a Toilet Problem

The Gerald R Ford Class is the world's biggest aircraft carrier. "This is also just the latest toilet-related issue with the USS Gerald R. Ford. It was the first aircraft carrier to feature gender-neutral bathrooms and has no urinals." Or portholes! "In 2011 there were reports that at least twice in the carriers' first year in service all 423 toilets were out of service simultaneously. As a result, the system must regularly be cleaned with an expensive acid solution that costs $400,000 per use.” "The Navy blamed the sailors flushing “inappropriate” materials down the toilets, including feminine hygiene products..."

And by the way, this "new" $15-Billion carrier has yet to perfect its novel aircraft-launching system. "In May 2017, President Donald Trump criticized the EMALS catapult during an interview with Time, saying that in comparison to traditional steam catapults, "the digital costs hundreds of millions of dollars more money and it’s no good."[23][24][25][26] In 2013, 201 of 1,967 test launches failed, more than 10 percent.

Too many problems remain: in terms of ship navigation disasters, ignorance of traditional navigation tools, refusal to obey Commander in Chief's orders, abandoning command of aircraft carrier due to virus, surrender of ship under Iranian guns, reckless operation of nuclear submarine (sunk commercial ship while showing off for elite civilian guests), etc. Don't mean to pick on Navy, but its misadventures are just the most obvious. Now, with China having the largest Pacific fleet, also the most dangerous.

A perfect cloud of incompetence and operational failure at every level hovers over our military. It is NOT the fault of our great troops; the fault is to be found in a threatening lack of LEADERSHIP, beginning with our corrupt Commander in Chief.

Again, I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist. And the evil reality I see is global, from a corrupt Catholic hierarchy (moral/financial) - the Vatican now a communist-colluding nation state - see Church Militant online), to democracy undefended, NATO a greedy weakling, Big Banks, Big Tech, and Big Media all supporting China, America gutting its southern border, spilling millions of illegals across the nation, deliberately, permanently - little room is left for optimism, because, WHO’S GOING TO FIX THIS and WHEN?

TODAY: Finally, after 4-years of investigation, the greatest political scandal in American history is uncovered! "Durham alleges cyber analysts 'exploited' access to Trump White House server | The Hill" "Special Prosecutor John Durham's latest filing, [contains] within it the allegation that Rodney Joffe, a tech executive, at the behest of Hillary Clinton's campaign, spied on Trump, both in Trump Tower and his apartment and, later, in the White House." Though far more serious than Watergate, the question remains: Will this cloud of conspirators who so cunningly plotted this deadly sedition - especially Hillary Clinton - be punished? The answer will determine the validity of my pessimism. I think pessimism is in order on this issue. Metaphorically, let's get a rope!