The face of Facebook upon learning he’s not a god, and must give back $251Billion.
The face of Facebook upon learning he’s not a god, and must give back $251Billion.

Response to Kelly Scoles "Second Opinion."

Hi Kelly,
No. I picked a lot of walnuts and hoed miles of lima beans as a kid, but no cherries. Ironically, I believe they now grow berries there.

About that election steal, I'm not asking you to prove a negative. I'm alleging proof of fraud, asking you to disprove it. It's all math and mechanics so that should be no problem. Certifying fraudulent ballot counts proves nothing. Courts, including USSC, rejected those proofs and refused to provide traditional hearings. If I'm wrong in this, please show me where. Trump's attitude is irrelevant.

"In reality, there were 28 unique cases filed across the six contested states by President Trump or others on his behalf." "So we are left with the memory of the videos of vote counters clapping as Republican observers were evicted and of covers being placed over windows." "We learned nothing from a lawsuit dismissed by a state judge in Georgia (Boland v. Raffensperger) on the basis that the plaintiff had sued an “improper party” rather than hearing the merits of why the ballot rejection rate allegedly dropped from 1.53 percent in 2018 to 0.15 percent in the 2020 general election.” By: Bob Anderson, The Federalist, March 11, 2021.

"The judge tossed it since the state’s Election Code required their request to be filed within 20 days of the alleged violation, which was Nov. 23. They filed Dec. 4. We’ll never know if that truck brought in pallets of completed ballots—an amount sufficient to overturn the state’s Electoral College vote.” Also: A lawsuit in Pennsylvania, Metcalfe v. Wolf, claimed “approximately 144,000 to 288,000 completed mail-in and/or absentee ballots” in Pennsylvania may have been illegal based on testimony from a U.S. Postal Service contractor. The contractor said he was hired to haul a truck of what he believed to be this many completed mail-in ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. The complaint also alleged there was “evidence” of ballots that were backdated at a postal facility in Erie." This is simply one of thousands of sworn (unheard) testimonies alleging systemic vote fraud.

Read also: "Bought and Sold For Big Tech Gold: How an Unprecedented Private-Public Partnership Subverted the 2020 Election. America: A Facebook Company." By Phill Kline, Director, The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society. This is a thorough analysis of how "In effect, America purchased a complex ballot box (computer) into which its votes would be deposited but didn’t have the right to open the box and review the count. A secret ballot helps secure free and fair elections — a secret ballot box fundamentally undermines them." Read more about "The provision of Zuckerberg-CTCL [Center for Tech and Civic Life] funds allowed these Democrat strongholds to spend roughly $47 per voter, compared to $4 to $7 per voter in traditionally Republican areas of the state”. (The Federalist.) (Zuckerberg dumped $450Million into select Democratic election strongholds, facilitating massive fraud at every level.

Attempting to retrieve election fraud quotes from Gazette's archive, I found Google skullduggery, such as: "Missing: 582 ‎Dec ‎16, ‎2020 ... ‎voter ‎election ‎fraud. ‎study, ‎Dominion ‎Voting ‎System ‎Michigan." All Realities relating to election fraud in 2020-2021 have gone "missing", by Google. This complicates retrieval.

Many of these (Google) edits concern the Dominican voting machines and tabulators, used to process votes in twenty-eight states, including the swing states of Wisconsin and Georgia. I will piece together links and post them to Gazette's "Links" page - just addresses. And I'm done!

2020 Election Fraud on Steroids. By R.D. Wedge, American Thinker. Please search American Thinker under “2020 Election Fraud”.

American Thinker Note: "This search page is a convenience for our readers, but Google has occasionally censored our content. If you're unable to find something you believe is at American Thinker, we suggest that you try the following search in DuckDuckGo:".

Meet the Technology That's Uncovering 2020's Voter Fraud, By Jay Valentine; American Thinker, November 29, 2021.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, PhD (MIT) - Chairman & CEO - LinkedIn

Compares the certainty of the election fraud to Joe Biden "flipping a nickel one thousand times and having all flips turning up heads." He challenges anyone to "Prove us wrong!" "The incidents of fraud are numerous, from deleting ballot images (violation of USC code 20701-20702), to vote transfers. These fraudulent vote transfers from Trump to Biden were facilitated by a computer algorithm, a Weighted Race Algorithm method, transferring a percent of votes from one candidate to another, by a weighted decimal value."


Beware Russia. It has gone too far preparing for war to suddenly avoid it. Again, we are deliberately (?) unprepared, for both Russia and China. America nears a point of checkmate.