When it comes to American military security there is little good news. I guess I've made myself somewhat notorious for delivering bad news over the years. But, somebody has to take out the trash, even if the dumpster is overflowing.

First, very bad news that former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated Friday by a gunman who shot him from behind as he delivered a campaign speech. He was a true friend of America and adversary of Communist China. May he rest in peace.


More trash, as Washington reveals Iran is set to deliver armed drones to Russia to assist in the Ukraine war. (By ZEKE MILLER and JOSH BOAK today.)


France and Germany are failing to keep their promises of ammo, artillery and heavy armor assistance to Ukraine. As usual, the help is slow in coming due to Western timidity in the face of repeated threats of Russian nuclear retaliation. Billions have been spent but Ukraine awaits delivery of munitions. This fear has stymied the deployment of the most effective weapons, including jet fighters. "The U.S. weapons package announced on July 8 will include four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, known as HIMARS, bringing to 12 the total number of these systems sent to Ukraine." Ten times that many are needed for Ukraine to beat-down the Russians.

Ukraine must have a reliable, continuous flow of the best munitions from NATO nations to avoid defeat. This must include our best High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). Putin's threats of nuclear attack should not change our determination to defend Ukraine. Weakness only invites continued aggression. Appeasement is a crazy, suicidal notion propagated by cowardly Western leaders afraid to take the initiative - and it INVITES continued aggression. It demonstrates weakness to the enemy and teases them to attack.

In a truth-in-advertising moment, I confess my complete disagreement with the usual conservative FOX News opinion against military and financial support for Ukraine in this Russian slaughter fest. Outnumbered 10-1 by the Russians, Ukraine is holding its own by sheer guts and tactical tenacity of its people. The entire West must help Ukraine because it is fighting valiantly for Western freedom and democracy. It is fighting our war. In fighting Russia, Ukraine is fighting China, Iran, and North Korea as well. Putin, the lowest of serial killers, must be stopped. Today, he and the others boast of our destruction. Putin is designing the game board for the hungry Communist wolf pack to study, while they proudly boast of overtaking us commercially, financially, and militarily.

By this time we should understand that Communism, and all totalitarian systems of government are not just bad - they are evil, infectious. They deny God, and reject freedom, eternity and the human soul. Faithful belief in our Judeo-Christian God is what has sustained America for 246-years. Without this faith we will fail. This is more than a religious belief, it is an historic fact.

America has always been late to the fight, and though we have had the best warriors, today we lack the best leaders. Our military has been sabotaged by the liberal, Woke "progressive" fifth column, forcing traditional Judeo-Christian men and women to co-habit the ranks with every sort of sexual-psychological deviant. Political leaders say "to Hell with religious traditionalists let the freaks have control." Traditionalists no longer determine with whom they go to war. No normal male soldier wants female military members to participate in combat, though we're running a little short of "normal" these days. This is a moral mandate before it is a clear practical necessity. This shouldn't need much explanation, but see (CO-ED COMBAT, Kingsley Browne, 2007), and "Get Over It! We’re Not All Created Equal" – "Controversial Editorial Written By Female Marine Argues Women Are Not Fit for Combat".

America is awesomely unprepared for the oncoming war. This time things will happen quickly, too fast to think of retooling our industries for guns, missiles, and planes and parts, or properly positioning defensive positions. If Taiwan is swept by Communist China, it will prove to be an unimaginable

catastrophe. Taiwan should be armed defensively to the teeth. It is a sovereign country, as is Ukraine. Taiwan was never conquered during the Chinese Communist Revolution.

Will war come, some say no. "I shall say it again and again and again. Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war." Franklin D. Roosevelt, October, 1940.

Battle of the Philippines - MacArthur unprepared. "Half of the aircraft of MacArthur's Far East Air Force were destroyed on the ground on the first day of the Japanese attack." Dec. 8, 1941. "We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves." Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965.

But never fear, Joe Biden is leading us now, with Kamala as back-up. "Because of the negligence, the hasty and incompetent withdrawal led by this commander in chief, all of the $85 billion dollar’s worth of equipment has been..." given to the Taliban. (Jim Banks.) We no longer have "Freedom's Forge" (Arthur Herman, 2012). Read it and weep for today's America.

Examples: Current supply of Stinger (missiles). "US allies want to restock". "Pentagon searching for Stinger missiles." "DOD hasn't purchased a Stinger in 18 years." "Parts no longer commercially available (seeker head). "Stinger production line closed in 2020." Same scarcity throughout arms inventory. In time of war we will be missile, ship, and plane naked in months. "Demand for weapons such as artillery shells reveals low stockpiles and strategic complacency about threats."

The United States has relied almost entirely on China — and to a lesser extent Russia — in recent years to procure a critical mineral that is vital to producing ammunition." "The mineral antimony is critical to the defense-industrial supply chain and is needed to produce everything from armor-piercing bullets and explosives to nuclear weapons...." "FBI Director Christopher Wray called China the 'biggest long-term threat' to both the U.S. and the U.K."

America is unprepared for the coming war.