Tucker Carlson, Fox News
Tucker Carlson, Fox News

I'm not quite up to par as yet and didn't finish the column last night. So today I'd simply like to mention Tucker Carlson's commentary from last night (8-16-2022) on the Mar-a-Lago raid. He lays the facts bare to show that, "No honest person could believe the Trump raid was a legitimate act of law enforcement." The raid was simply a power grab, preceded by a long string of similar outrageous, unlawful and unconstitutional government crimes.

Yes, I know, liberal heads will explode after hearing these words. That's to be expected of Woke, Progressive Democrats because they are not prepared to accept facts. However, Carlson's words on the state of our federal government should be made mandatory fare for the nation, though I don't like mandates. Carlson proves federal government criminal misconduct is beyond dispute. He maintains that America no longer supports "Equal Justice Under Law," citing numerous examples of Justice Department criminal activity under Attorney General Merrick Garland.

This is Carlson's most important contribution in efforts to recapture our country and return it to its former democratic republic.

I regret I'm still under the weather and unable to do more than emphatically recommend this program. Listen to it a couple of times! Then compare it to the lies and misrepresentations from MSNBC, CNN, etc... I think FOX is the last breath of truth on TV.