A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi again Kelly,
It's often a daunting job to answer your letters, especially those which have so many parts. I'm reminded of a famous statement from the past: "I'm writing a long letter to you because I don't have time to write a short one."

What makes matters more challenging is the fact that we do not share an understanding of the facts in question. You are an energetic radical progressive, a Woke Democrat. I am an equally energetic traditional Conservative, anti-Woke person. What makes the debate even more difficult is the fact that we often express ourselves with different logic, which can make the discussion a true "zero-sum game".

The hippo-sized problem here is that your Woke ideals are meaningless to me because they are based on ad hoc sandy foundations, instead of traditional Judeo-Christian, Constitutional laws and principles. For example, the 11 political sins you accuse Republican senators of committing by not supporting cheaper gas, cheaper insulin, child tax credits, rights, vote to uphold 2020 election, keep gay marriage legal...are all based upon beliefs held by far-Left Democrat Party leaders, not in any sense Constitutional mandates. The Democrats, as here, have always added a sort of "poison pill" amendment to bills pushing their objectives.

You are horrified by the normal works of law-making. One example of your intolerance of vote outcomes is alleged Republican "failure to keep gay marriage legal." Please find some support for such a Biblical blasphemy in our Constitution - or any tradition of tolerance for it. Do you expect ever to find total conservative support, without amendment, in our Senate? I hope not. Virtually all of your voting examples were rejected for solid reasons, often due to last minute additions and funding disbursement irregularities.

As usual, you accuse Republicans of these alleged evildoings when it is often the work of Democrats. Vote timing and methods are favorite Democrat tricks - like flooding mail-in ballots to facilitate fraudulent voting.

Ukraine support was criticized by FOX News. I usually agree with FOX, but not on this. Most of America knows Russia is the second greatest enemy of mankind, after China. America heavily supports Ukraine, as I do!

Kelly, 80-percent of the "insanely wealthy" are liberal Democrats, with their spendthrift buddies in the Media, Banks, Big Industry, Google, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Microsoft, et al… As well as money sumps like Black Rock (controlling $10 trillion).

You mention lack of baby formula. Who has been abusing the presidency for nearly 2 years now? Trump was going to give us much cheaper insulin; what has Biden done? Domestic violence and terrorism have skyrocketed since Trump left. How about inflation and selling millions of barrels of oil from strategic reserves to CHINA!

We (Republicans) want to reduce taxes during a recession? You complain about that? Dems just passed a huge tax increase; Senator Joe Manchin, W.V., a sell-out (just call him Judas Joe), turned on his own state's coal industry, with his decisive vote - he's a Democrat.

Finally, you have the gall to blame Republicans for forgetting about the debt left to our children. Are you aware of the $6 TRILLION spent by Biden and his congressional spendthrift buddies during the past two years? Two years! Woe to your grandchildren's future.

Like I said up front, we can't really get anywhere in this debate without some common understanding of facts and consequences. Logic is indispensible to clarity and understanding.


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