Response to Kelly Scoles letter:
Kelly, we have been over the facts and allegations concerning that 1/6/2021 (4-hour) riot too many times. I watched a few minutes of the Committee scam on a couple of days. The issue is closed for me. Your talk of "projection" is of course precisely what Republicans have accused Democrats of doing since the Biden election fraud erupted. The slick, Soviet style House Committee telecast investigating the riot, without due process (no longer called an "insurrection" by trustworthy sources), was gaslighted by Cassidy Hutchinson.

Do you recognize "hearsay" when you hear it? It's not admissible. Her testimony was a casebook example. Worse, it was a creepy replay of Christine Blasey Ford's defamatory fantasy attack on Brett Kavanaugh during his nomination hearings. That performance stained forever my opinion of the Democratic Party and its poisonous power agenda.

For the last time: You say Hutchinson said, "Trump knew his crowd was armed, and mag check [?] revealed that many weapons, including guns, knives and truncheons, were confiscated from many in the crowd." Every alleged "fact" here has been repeatedly denied by FBI, Capitol Police, and others since the event. I've published the official reports stating no weapons, particularly firearms, were found in the Capitol. If recent reports contradict original reports someone is lying, and the FBI has admitted it's lying (see Othello, "I've lost my reputation, the longest-living and truest part of myself! Everything else in me is just animal-like..."). I won't waste time talking about the Capitol Police Officer who negligently shot and killed the female US Air Force veteran in the Capitol - the only shot fired - scarcely investigated.

Official federal reports have been repeatedly filed since the riot; any new reports contradicting those findings (very thorough reports) I have to conclude are false. This conclusion also exactly agrees with my considered opinion of today's FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies, that they are corrupt.

The scheme here is to convict Trump on criminal charges to keep him out of the next presidential election. The tragedy here is that the Democratic Party, BLM, Antifa, WOKE, inc., "Progressive" institutions (Big Tech, Big Media, Big Banks and Industry) are facilitating the demise of the American Republic. It has confused our traditional Judeo-Christian culture and weakened our resolve to defend against massive atheistic totalitarian aggression. Yes, all of these bad things are manifesting within this treacherous, all-never-Trump Committee, as America teeters on the cusp of a world war against which it is poorly prepared.

This enormous cabal gave us the Joe Biden crime family policies to trigger the collapse of key government agencies, and a Harris Vice Presidency to guarantee its ultimate stupefaction. I'll bet you never suspected all of this activity, did you Kelly? Watch Ukraine closely and see how unprepared our defense industries are. Think of the deliberate calamity our surrender in Afghanistan was and its aftermath will continue to be. Think of the deliberate catastrophe the open border policy is (more than 3-million unidentified aliens so far) all needing food, employment, shelter, education-languages, and medical attention - immediately.

Think of the ruinous inflation (soon $10/gallon gas?), waves of crime, food scarcity, energy dependence again, etc. Think also of the destruction of traditional military esprit de corps, solidarity; the sense of pride, and honor among normal men and women. The forced inclusion of every sort of abnormal, anti-Christian anathema is heralded by weak, amoral "leaders”.

Those politicians sitting at that House Committee table are an integral part of attempting to kill-off Trump, the man who had fixed all of the above problems during his incredibly successful term in office. EVERY major Biden policy change was designed to destroy a beneficial Trump policy, with disastrous results. Every one! Biden and his incompetent minions are disasters on the rampage.

We are being consumed by what Barak Obama promised to be his "fundamental transformation" of the United States of America. That's why America is dying.

"If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Still true. No apologies for scripture.