I'm a little under the weather tonight so I have to keep this short. More next week on Russia, China/Taiwan, north Korea, Syria, and gross American defense unpreparedness and leadership.

But for this week, just a few comments on some extraordinary issues…

First a few facts from the "homeland". That term always sounded too Germanic to me - I think it was created by Democrats.

"IRS Stockpiles More Than 5-Million Rounds of Ammunition." (Darlene McCormick Sanchez, August 1, 2022. The Epoch Times). Also, spent $725,000 on bullets this year--other agencies follow suit.

That's a lot of ammo. Why would a major (civilian) government agency want or need to tuck away 5-million rounds of rifle and pistol ammo? Where is their ammo dump?

As if there were not enough "normal" paranoiacs in this world, I have to ask why our leaders and their government agencies work so hard to create millions more. Second Amendment supporters like the NRA seem prescient and reasonable to encourage civilian firearms ownership to the tune of 425-million units in our 340-million free citizenry.

This particular quandary gains momentum when we learn the Senate approved nearly $80-billion in IRS funding, with $45.6-billion for “enforcement,” raising questions about who may be targeted by future audits.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said the resources won’t increase “audit scrutiny on small businesses or middle-income Americans.” Well, there are 927 billionaires in the US. And they say they will sick 87,000 new IRS agents on them. Not all agents will be doing audits, but about half will. They'll need fresh meat. Of course, these big-business people all have lawyers and accountants to defend themselves - most of the rest (earning less than $75,000) don't, and this coming after the pandemic, lockdowns, inflation, and recession.