You don’t want to miss the Ventura County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 17, in Ventura. Parade entries are being accepted until March 9. Read the story below for details. St. Pat won’t be there in person but his spirit lives on in the largest collection of my cousins that I’ve heard of in years!
Erin Go Bragh!

* * *

I missed last night’s council meeting. After reading the Star’s story, especially the comments from former failed Fillmore mayor (and non-resident) Gary “hothead” Creagle, appointed Mayor Gayle Washburn, and appointed Mayor Pro Tem Jamey “the preacher” Brooks, I thought all must be lost.

Au contraire! Justice may be glacially slow, but Fillmore seems to be sliding to a successful conclusion regarding the Owens & Minor tax case.

According to our outback political philosopher Creagle (didn’t know he was a “retired sheriff’s deputy”) the 2003 tax contracts with two consultants are “a scam”. That implies illegality. He finds the whole thing “...utterly disgusting”. He thanked the council for bringing this matter (which has been litigated since 2009) “to light, so the citizens of Fillmore know why we have no money.”

Oh – is that why we have no money?

And Washburn told the Ventura Star that “...the negatives [regarding this arrangement] have outweighed the positives”. Really?

And, as for preacher Brooks (who once informed a stunned audience that he “has come to bring not peace, but a sword” -- those words have a familiar ring) the contract with Owen & Minor was “not my idea of good ethics”.

All of this condemnation and criticism seems curious in light of the Superior Court’s finding in the matter. The contract was found to be completely valid in the law, and without taint of wrongdoing or bad intent of any kind. The city merely exercised its constitutional right to make a contract, which was hugely beneficial to the City of Fillmore. That contract remains valid and enforceable, and was determined to be so when the city’s demur was upheld in court.

According to City Attorney Ted Schneider, the city will not have to pay a penny for the Owens & Minor deal. It stands as agreed to. Mr. Schneider is also confident that the city will prevail in the O&M tax allocation dispute at the Board of Equalization. An agreement has been reached between the Board of Equalization staff and attorneys have agreed that from 2009 forward, sales tax generated by O&M belongs to Fillmore.

That decision is being appealed by the City of Livermore and the City of Industry administratively.

It is uncertain, however, that the city will be successful in the case of six other retailers (in addition to O&M) which are in reallocation proceedings with the Board of Equalization. Therefore, the city may lose some funds to reallocation, but the Board is escrowing sufficient money to cover any such reallocations in the event the city is unsuccessful in those six other cases.

The sanctimonious expression of outrage and disapproval from the Katzenjammers is just so much hypocrisy. On the one hand they strain to find fault with the former councils which approved the O&M contract. On the other, they crave that money to replace the millions they have squandered through waste and gross mismanagement, from the North Fillmore Specific Plan and Measures H and I, to the present. Include in that mismanagement the methodical deconstruction of staff, department heads, employees, and all of the foolish machinations of temporary and interim replacements.

This council, with the exception of Councilman Conaway, has been a total disaster.



During the past two weeks or so the Gazette has received three letters to the editor; two from my nemesis, Bob Stroh, and one from former council member Patti Walker.

After years of mischievous, misleading, and deliberate falsehoods, Bob was placed in the paper’s No Go category, and (I think) banned from the website. This prolific blogger became notorious for indiscriminately repeating anything he happened to hear, creating his own “facts” from thin air, and simply being a nuisance with his habitual untrustworthiness. Answering Stroh’s blitz of falsehoods became an unpleasant waste of time and only encouraged his misbehavior.

But now and then it’s necessary to respond to lies and misrepresentations. It seems Patti has fled the scene of her devious council undertakings by moving out of town, but not before virtually collapsing city government. A charter member of the Katzenjammers, the very possibility of Patti’s election to the council caused many veteran staff members and department heads to vacate their offices prematurely, or take early retirement, rather than deal with her. When fellow Katzenjammers, Jamey Brooks and Gayle Washburn squeaked-in November of ’08, virtual panic set in among the remaining staff and department heads, others also scurried for the exits. The election of Brian Sipes in 2010 calcified the Katzejammers grip on city government. Councilman Steve Conaway was the only remaining remnant of the once-trustworthy council.

As usual, I’m rushed to finish my gnat-in-the-eye comments. Suffice it to say that two of the most recent Katzenjammer lies (as opposed to their vintage ones) come from Patti and Bob: Bob (in his rejected letter) claims I was first to object to the north Fillmore redevelopment plan. He neglects to mention that I objected to some 1,100 homes, cheek to jowl in that space. I approved of the reasonable compromise of 700 homes, which would have saved the project. Patti and the Katzenjammers refused this offer and held out for some 300 homes, which, it was pointed out, would make the project economically unfeasible. This killed everything, as did their Proposition H and I. Ask the Keller company about the facts – Patti and company ruined their business, and other projects, leaving north Fillmore as a weed patch to this day.

As for Patti’s most recent letter: she claims that I once told her that I enjoyed intimidating people with my camera at council meetings. This is a lie typical of Katzenjammer modus operandi. They hate to have their pictures taken during meetings. Gayle Washburn is especially allergic to the lens, and claims I abuse the privilege to take public meeting photos for the paper.

None of the fearsome foursome (Washburn, Sipes, Brooks, or Patti) have learned (despite my lectures to them) that the First Amendment of the American Constitution states my right (not privilege) to report (and photograph) such proceedings. Patti finally got out of the kitchen; time for the other three overly-sensitive cooks to follow suit.

Should I show more photo out-takes?



The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck again with a three-judge panel holding that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. This court is the most radically activist in the US judicial system. It has had more of its opinions overturned by the Supreme Court than all other circuit courts of appeal together.

Newt Gingrich was right when he suggested that the Ninth Circuit Court be eliminated altogether, which congress has the power to do.

Once again liberal activists have contorted the Constitution to create a “right” out of thin air. It’s one thing for the government to sanction something like “civil unions”, quite another to completely redefine marriage, which is the heart of our culture, religious and civil. The homosexual element in our nation seeks recognition as a new normal, which it can never be without America losing its Judeo-Christian culture. Freedom is the essence of our culture, but freedom without limits amounts to cultural chaos and national disintegration.

This decision, which will probably be heard next by the entire Ninth Circuit, is further evidence of the deep corruption within our judicial system due to the existing contempt liberal judges have for our Constitution, and our Commander-in-Chief. If this decision is upheld by the entire court it must go to the Supreme Court. If the courts are allowed to redefine the central elements of our culture by rejecting the definition of marriage as being the union of one man and one woman exclusively, we can expect fireworks. Our judiciary was never intended to govern the people.

* * *

Through Obamacare the president intends to force millions of citizens to pay for and provide for, contraceptive devices, abortions, and other life-killing things. In particular, Obama demands that the Catholic Church and all of its institutions (hospitals, schools, etc.) include these things in its health care. Anything that defeats natural life, especially abortion and contraceptives, are specifically forbidden in Catholic doctrine. Anyone participating in an abortion is, by that act, automatically excommunicated and cannot receive the sacraments of the Church, until Reconciliation.

Non-Catholics may disagree with this dogma of the Church, and that’s just fine. But the real threat here is the government demand that the members of a church act contrary to their faith and conscience or face criminal sanctions. For reasons less than these we fought the bloodiest war of our nation’s history, the Civil War.
Every member of every church in the country should be outraged by this government invasion of our most fundamental constitutional rights. If this outrage goes unchallenged by non-Catholic Americans, this precedent means you will be next. It’s time for all God-fearing Americans to reject Obama’s unconstitutional plan in the strongest terms.

Even that famous hater, the Reverend Wright, should join us in this battle.

* * *

The Obama administration’s attack on the church in America seems to have no end. Now the Metro Baptist Church in Michigan may be forced to have private confessions revealed as evidence in a criminal trial. What is said in a religious confession is sacrosanct. The government has no business prying into church affairs.

* * *

Any reference to God seems to be under attack in our military as well. Crosses and other religious symbols (such as a reference to God being removed from the patch logo for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office) are being stripped away after being criticized by atheist groups. It’s time to take notice and stop this outrageous activity.


My condolences to the family and friends of Malcolm Jackson who passed away a week ago last Sunday.

I knew Malcolm for 23 years, but not as well as others. I attended many tributes, birthday celebrations and other events in his honor over the years, and still wear my distinctive green Malcolm Jackson 12-10-2007 Petroleum Club cap on special occasions. He was a friend to many, especially those who love fishing, hunting, and firearms. Malcolm was a devoted family man and consummate gunsmith with strong ideals. He lived a wonderful life surrounded by friends, doing the things he loved best.

Rest in peace, Malcolm. I will remember you as a kindly, quintessential American man.


The battle for public access to our high school track is well into its third year. Only recently, after John Scoles was struck by a vehicle while running on the bike path at night, has any progress been made. John had been using the track for about 30 years before the all-weather replacement was installed. Since that time, despite strong verbal assurances of the school district to permit public use before construction, the track has been locked-up. Though most Ventura County high school all-weather tracks are open for public use, our school district has been all but paranoid about track security being lost to any public use.

A runners club has been formed, with hundreds of potential track users signed-up. After years of fumbling and extended delays by the District, construction of a special gate has been agreed upon. However, an issue remains concerning who will pay for the gate, estimated to cost $8,000. Everyone claims to be broke.

The club has offered to pay part of the cost, but the city has not committed as yet. With the swimming pool operation running a serious deficit, and serving very few customers, the track club seems to be short-changed. It has hundreds of users waiting, and costs very little to operate.

The City of Fillmore does not maintain a financial profit/loss record on the Lap Swim Program. Pool operations have never been in the black. Instead, it has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars since opening.

A detailed report and audit should be completed by the city to show whether or not the pool is financially feasible. This is a serious budget problem.

Let’s support opening the track to the public and expediting the construction of that gate. In terms of usage, it makes no sense to favor the pool over the track.


Don’t buy Girl Scout cookies!

Did I get your attention? I hope so. Any traditional conservative will agree with this admonition after reading this stunning exposé:

This Washington Times story reveals in sharp detail exactly where those billions of dollars have been going each year.

I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time. Never again.

Of all the stealthy “fund drives” ever devised by the radical Left, this is by far the sneakiest, and most lucrative. About 200 million boxes of cookies are sold each year. Relatively speaking, this enormous money-making effort has almost nothing to do with supporting scouting, as most people think of that activity. It is instead an important part of a monumental Planned Parenthood-pro abortion youth indoctrination.

“According to the Girl Scouts’ website, the lion’s share of the money goes not to the troop but to bureaucrats up the chain of command in multicounty councils. The national office gets a piece of the pie, too, in the form of royalties based on gross annual sales volume - about 200 million boxes per year.”

Only about 10 percent of those annual billions go to scouting; the lion’s share goes to fund one of the most radical far left organizations in the nation, Planned Parenthood. I’ve known for years that this murder factory has been funded by our government. Now I wonder why that is even necessary when the Girl Scouts provide billions to tap into.

“Last year, the Girl Scouts decided to admit boys who dress as girls. When asked to admit a cross-dressing 7-year-old boy, a Colorado troop leader demurred, explaining to his mother, with tact and irrefutable logic, that her son couldn’t be a Girl Scout because he has “boy parts.” [Pray for that 7-year-old boy.]

The troop leader was chastised by the mom as being insensitive and promptly was overruled by the Girl Scout top brass, who, in a statement said, “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.” Perpetuating this cruel charade on the little boy and forcing little girls to participate in it is “inclusiveness” to the Girl Scouts. To others, it’s child abuse.”
This is further evidence of the eccentric sexual/homosexual agenda being forced upon every part of American society today. This pernicious influence can be seen in recent mandates to admit openly gay persons to our military. California’s recent law mandating the teaching of gay history to every student from Kindergarten through high school is another manifestation of radical social engineering. It’s one thing to respect individuals in their differences, it’s quite another to force traditional Christians to support the indoctrination of innocent young persons in anti-Christian moral conduct.

If the Left wants a fight it’s time for Americans with traditional, conventional Christian beliefs to face the enemy head on. Why should more than 90 percent of the American population acquiesce in this perverse moral onslaught? Have we become so weak that we can no longer defend our children against blatent moral perversion?
Read that Times article!


Well, this is not the first time I’ve ended up with egg on my face.

Following last night’s appointment of Eduardo Gonzalez to fill the council seat vacated by former council member Patti Walker, I congratulated him. Shortly thereafter political flashbacks occurred, and I regretted my action. This appointment is another bad event in the series of catastrophic events which began with the election of Walker and her Katzenjammer friends several years ago.

Following their destruction of the carefully planned and expensive attempt to develop the last sizeable land in Fillmore (north Fillmore) the city proceeded (under a state and federal mandate) to construct a new water treatment plant. Former and current councilmembers Walker, Washburn, Sipes, Brooks, with former failed Fillmore mayor (and long time non-resident) Gary Creagle, began the most disruptive and destructive opposition in city history.

This group targeted for replacement virtually all city management and important staff leaders, especially those favoring the American Water (design, build and managed) recycling plant. First on the hit list was former 20-year (now retired) City Manager Roy Payne, serving then as liaison for a new Business Park. They succeeded here.
Next was City Engineer Bert Rapp, also a 20-years employee. He stayed on until the daily insulting treatment and disregard for his expertise became too much. Neither position has been replaced.

Next came City Manager Tom Ristau, who refused to permit the new Katzenjammer City Clerk, Clay Westling, to attend his staff meetings. Ristau saw the writing on the wall and resigned. Westling, another charter member of the Katzenjammer group, came in – and we haven’t seen council meeting minutes for many months. Former City Clerk, Steve McClary, another hard-working multitasking employee, saw the writing on the wall and also resigned for a better paying, more important position elsewhere.

After Ristau resigned in disgust, the Katzenjammers running things decided to bring in several interim and temporary folks, including city manager, finance director, and other assistants, all of which cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. City Finance Director Barbara Smith reluctantly resigned two years early due to outrageous treatment received at the hands of incompetent interim employees. The unfinished budget was dropped, then half finished only to be dropped and redone again.

After Mayor Patti Walker schemed to leave Councilman Conaway out of a crucial trip to interview the background of present City Manager Yvonne Quiring (whose contract with her previous employer was bought out for more than $300,000, after her first year as city manager in the City of Lathrop, CA) Quiring came on board in Fillmore. She quickly revealed her incompetence to such an extent that all city employees submitted a letter of no confidence (first in city history) and had it read by the city’s most prominent former mayors (Scott Lee) on two separate occasions. None of the employee’s complaints were dealt with by the council.

Then a wholesale purge of city staff and widespread layoffs of other employees took place. Since that time productive activity in the City of Fillmore has come to a virtual standstill.

Though our new water treatment plant was hailed as Project of the Year by the County of Ventura, has received national acclaim and more than 8 awards for design, function, and efficiency, Katzenjammers have never recognized its merits, and have continued to criticize the design and cost. The plant came in well under budget and ahead of schedule. The higher rate of water cost could not be avoided, as is the case with our neighbor, the City of Santa Paula’s new plant. This group, especially Washburn, Sipes, Brooks, and Creagle, continue to lambaste the plant with inane and ignorant complaints.

These people condemned the contract with Owens & Minor which will bring in as much as $1million per year, for 20 years. This was, according to these imbeciles and their friends, “unethical/amoral”, though the court found otherwise. These people fought this newspaper’s legal right to be newspaper of record, though two law firms provided detailed conclusions stating it could not be otherwise. These people are as dumb as they are persistent.
The Katzenjammers have left a trail of debt and destruction (including jobs and reputations of many excellent, long-time employees lost).

Why am I stating these facts again? Was Eduardo Gonzalez was at the center of the Katzenjammer Sewercide episode? Why else would he be appointed? Birds of a feather.

I see no help in sight for Fillmore’s city government until the November election.

* * *

As I heard one radio commentator say a few days ago, “Parents, it’s time to take your children out of public schools.” He was referring to Senate Bill 48 (Leno-D) (the “D” stands for Democrat): “Public schools must now include positive lesions on the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community and their contributions, as well as Native Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders and people with disabilities.”

This is the single most outrageous and unconstitutional attack on traditional Judeo-Christian moral teaching in this nation’s history (with the exception of the Roe v. Wade decision, which has taken more than 50 million innocent lives since 1973). California has become a cesspool of liberal attractions. Its social mores cannot change until the ungodly gerrymandering is cured.

No one should give a damn about what an adult does or does not do with his or her private parts – that’s why they call them private! But, leave innocent children alone for the increasingly short time they have to be innocent in this sex-crazed society. Our public schools have become a danger zone for our children.

* * *

As for the issue of requiring an ID to vote, please view the video concerning the New Hampshire election posted here Does this really have to be explained?


Just some random thoughts today.

Attorney General Eric Holder opposes the growing demand among states for voter identification. He claims that this will intimidate minority voters and bring back the bad old days of racial segregation.

This, of course, is an obvious and pathetic lie. Voter fraud is a serious and unchecked problem. The easiest and most practical way to fight against fraud is to have voters produce a driver license or other photo ID to show election officials that the voter is a resident citizen eligible to vote. This is far better than asking voters to dip their fingers into purple dye as they were required to do after Iraq’s first democratic vote.

Holder is a shameless liar seeking to facilitate fraudulent votes for his boss. No rational person can believe that simply identifying yourself before voting could in any way discriminate against potential voters. How else can we be assured that our elected officials are the legitimate choice of the people?

Holder is a disgrace to his office. Let’s not lose our votes with the same Fast and Furious recklessness that Holder’s border firearms were lost. Let’s not have the New Black Panthers supervise our voting like Holder did last time around.

If you want to vote, why should you be put off when asked to provide an ID, like you would be to purchase a six-pack of beer or use your credit card at a department store?


I wish Republican contenders for the presidency would stop tearing each other apart. It’s both demeaning to the process and a waste of time. Their records should speak for themselves, and there is no shortage of talking heads and political fact-finders to uncover the character defects.

I’ve lost some respect for Romney for his heavy attacks on Gingrich (the worst case); others seem more petty.

Though she’s decided to withdraw from the race, I greatly admire Bachman for her core values, intelligence, and strength of character. This just wasn’t her time. Except for his unrealistic ideas on border protection, I also admire Perry, but he doesn’t seem to have a chance. Paul finished third in Iowa, thank God. Some of his economic ideas I do agree with, but he holds a multitude of weird and dangerous views that make it impossible for him to win the nomination. If he, or any other candidate, chooses to go in a third party effort, that would guarantee the reelection of Obama.

After listening to Santorum’s post caucus speech, I think he comes closest to my idea of a good, electable, conservative candidate.

Any of the remaining Republican candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, could beat Obama in November, and I would enthusiastically support that person.

If Obama wins this time around it’s game end.


Only a few days remain before the New Year begins. I wish, and hope for a happy and prosperous New Year for everyone.

However, I don’t ever recall so many people awaiting the New Year with such trepidation. I’m not referring to all the half-witted predictions espoused by those who believe in a fiery Nostradamus prediction or a Mayan Calendar “end of times”. The economic realities of a $15 trillion national debt, hundreds of trillions-worth of unfunded liabilities, and the fact that America now borrows (mostly from its most implacable enemy – China) forty cents out of every dollar, may well spell-out our economic end times.

The liberal ethos, especially regarding moral and economic issues, and in particular the new wave of anti-Judeo-Christian culture, is quickly bringing America down. It’s time to learn again the lyrics of the tune played by British troops after their defeat by Washington at Yorktown in 1781, entitled “The World Turned Upside-down”. The British couldn’t believe, as the world’s greatest military power, that they had lost the war. The first stanza reads: “Listen to me and you shall hear, news hath not been this thousand year:
Since Herod, Caesar, and many more, you never heard the like before.
Holy-dayes are despis'd, new fashions are devis'd.
Old Christmas is kicked out of Tow.”
Our best chance for a Happy New Year, is a Prayerful New Year.


Speaking of a world turned upside-down, take a look at the specter of North Korea. This has to be Satan’s favorite playground. Suppression of the human spirit in this prison nation has been so perfected for so long that life there makes Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Stalin’s Great Terror seem like a desirable alternative. Terror has been so deeply ingrained into the people that they know almost nothing of reality. This is communism fully developed, humanity fully enslaved.

This is why the North Korean “citizen” exhibits such phenomenal (psychopathic?) expressions of sorrow upon the death of their “dear” leader Kim Jong Il. Of all the hateful, noxious nations on earth, this place, the nuclear K-Mart to the world, must be the worst.

Let’s vote-in a new president who will not bow to communist demigods like Kim Jong Il, and the ill family members.


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone. I wish peace through the strength of the Maccabees to Israel in overcoming her enemies, and the peace of the Christ Child to Christians.


My condolences go to the family of Sergio Mendez who was killed in the horrendous accident at Starbucks last week. It was an inexplicable incident, one of the worst I have covered in 23 years. I hope authorities are able to make sense of it.

Rest in Peace, Sergio.


My apologies for my absent Realities last week – to those who may have noticed. Last minute computer problems did me in.


I see Ron Paul has raised a bunch of money and is surging in the polls. I happen to be a conservative, not a libertarian like Paul. The more I learn about this contender for the job of president of the United States, the more frightening that possibility becomes.

Radio commentator and author Michael Medved, whose opinions I highly esteem, recently spoke of some of Paul’s character traits that I was unaware of. I do know his foreign policy would undermine the republic, and his defense stance would destroy our military at the most precarious time in American history.

But it is his anti-Semitic beliefs that are most reprehensible and least discussed. His popularity within Republican ranks could re-elect Obama, as would any third party attempt at the White House. It’s hard for me to understand why his squealing rants are so appealing to so many. Any one of the Republican candidates would make an excellent president, except for Paul. I’m beginning to understand why some refer to him as Dr. Demento.


Few Americans seem to understand the disaster that Iran has inflicted upon the US with the hacked-capture of our most sophisticated drone aircraft. Early on in this drama it was reported that President Obama had the time to take advantage of at least two defensive options – he could have ordered the craft destroyed from the air with another drone; he could have sent in special operations teams to destroy the craft. He took no action. Now Iran, China, Russia, and any other of our enemies, can reverse engineer this weapon and use it on us.

Why self-destruct mechanisms were not attached to the drone to provide for such emergencies is unknown. What is known is that Obama lacks the will to defend this country at critical times such as this. The loss of this drone is nightmarishly huge.


Congratulations are due to the four agencies that cooperated in the rescue of a horse stranded on a ledge up Sespe Creek at the Van Trees’ house. The horse, a white Arabian (?) had escaped its corral and slipped about 20 feet over a steep embankment. Landing on a 3-foot-wide terrace about 25 feet above the creek bed, her escape blocked by a fallen tree. One false step to her left would have meant certain fatal injury.

The rescue crews (identified on page one) skillfully winched the fallen tree away from the horse’s path and calmed the animal before carefully leading her up to the front porch of the house.

I counted more than 20 individuals involved, one way or another, in the rescue. The calm, order and expertise demonstrated by all participants in the event was impressive. I regret not having the names of the rescue leaders deserving of special thanks.

All’s well that ends well, and the horse’s stable mate, a white donkey, sounded its approval loud and clear when its friend was led back to her enclosure.


America was attacked by the Empire of Japan on this day 70 years ago. I have to wonder how many Americans reflect on that “Day of Infamy” which, added to the Great War “to end all wars”, involving 30 countries and 5 continents, changed the world forever. Not many, I fear.

Historical forgetfulness rates high among the growing list of American character defects. What radical changes have been inflicted upon our country since those days, especially regarding traditional moral standards!
We are right to be tired of the long succession of lesser wars during the past decade. We are wrong to cut our military budget to the bone, as Obama and his radical friends are doing. Regardless of our wartime weariness, the job will not be done for decades more. The world has never been more politically unstable, with ethno-nationalism generating another world war scenario. At the center of the threat is Islamo-fascism. Leaning enthusiastically against the trigger is Iran.

We need another Cato to remind congress that the Iranian nuclear complex must be destroyed. Iran is to America today as Hitler was to Europe in the 1930s. We waited too long then; the Holocaust should have taught us about the inevitable catastrophic consequences of procrastination in the obvious face of a clear and present danger. Has (repeated) history taught us nothing?

We wait and watch as the enemy strengthens itself and readies for war. The unity, honor, and moral foundation of our armed forces has been infiltrated and corrupted by anti-Christian authority at the highest levels. First, openly gay conduct is accepted and encouraged (gays actively recruited); Christian symbols excluded from military churches; most recently, the UCMJ threatened to eliminate the prohibition of sodomy and (believe it or not) beastiality. Does anyone care about unit cohesiveness any longer? What Christian would want to risk his life with a crowd like this?

The moral jeopardy in which our highest military leaders have placed our fighting Christian men and women is beyond reprehensible – it is a disgusting, eternal death wish. For God’s sake, where is the traditional Christian response? All we hear is the sound of silence. It’s time to weed-out our military leadership.


We have received two anonymous letters concerning school district issues. One complains that the Gazette has not covered the alleged employee insurance fraud issue. In fact, the Gazette included the story in an article which may be accessed online at Other complaints have been forwarded to FUSD Superintendent Nishino.


The tagging team that messed-up the town a few weeks ago has done it again this week. These little punks sprayed graffiti on several Sespe School walls, the School District building, softball field, Memorial Building, library, and elsewhere.

At a time when the city has laid-off scores of employees and staff at every level (who face the Christmas season without jobs) when the city budget is in the red, and with people running city hall who haven’t a clue how to fix things, we now have to pay to paint-over this criminal scribbling. Records show that in the past graffiti removal has cost the city from $30,000 to $40,000 per year. That’s wasted money – your tax money – that’s money that could have gone into the school. It was your softball field, library, elementary school, and Memorial Building that was vandalized.

This is expensive, destructive, felony activity, and it’s time to arrest these cowardly felons and put them in jail. These cowardly little bastards think it's great fun to hurt our community and steal our hard-earned money, just for kicks.

The Gazette will pay $200 for the arrest and conviction of any one of the five in this tagging crew. We will pay a $100 bonus for the names of this group’s members. We don’t need to know who provides this information, just call the Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477). Just think, you could earn an easy $300, plus up to $1,000 more that Crime Stoppers would add to the pot – just in time for Christmas!

So, if you’re tired of having this little band of bed-wetters messing-up your town, it’s time to give Crime Stoppers a call. They won’t ask for your name – and you’ll be a hero!


John Scoles, prominent Fillmore attorney and avid runner, was badly injured this week, in a collision with a vehicle, while jogging along the footpath crossing A Street. He is recovering at home after the incident, and expected to return to work in two weeks, according to his law partner Laura Bartels.

It is ironic in the extreme that John should have suffered this accident because he has lobbied our school district for years to be able to use the school track, as he had done for 40 years prior to the installation of our new all-weather track. He repeatedly told the district (and city hall) that it was both dangerous for joggers to use the streets, and physically (and unnecessarily) punishing. The District has stubbornly refused (until recently) to permit any public use of the new track, fearing damage due to vandalism or misuse. John has patiently addressed the necessity for public use in his numerous addresses to city hall and the school district, with only grudging success.

Had the public known that they would be excluded from the hugely expensive track before it was purchased, they would not have provided the funds. I distinctly recall extensive talks, and an agreement between then superintendent Contini and city hall permitting public use.

It’s time to open that track!
Get well soon, John.


A Happy Thanksgiving to all Gazette readers. It's that special day of the year when we thank God for the incredible blessings we enjoy for being Americans. I hope you all are able to enjoy family and friends and a rich Thanksgiving meal.


I agree with the authors of letters to the editor who are calling for Mayor Washburn to leave open the council seat recently vacated by Patti Walker. It's obvious that Walker deliberately delayed providing notice of her intent to resign from the council months ago so that her replacement could not be placed on the last election ballot. This way the council majority is able to appoint its own replacement instead of giving Fillmore residents a chance to elect the replacement.

I ask the three council majority members, Jamey Brooks, Gayle Washburn, and Brian Sipes, to leave open the vacant seat, as the law provides, until the next election, June 5th. Otherwise, you would be making a 3-year appointment about which the electorate would have nothing to say. What reason could the majority have for not doing this? They would still have a majority, and this would avoid the appearance of serious, unethical conduct -which many now anticipate. Give the city a chance to vote-in a new council member. So, slow down Ms. Washburn. There is no reason to hurry. I know you are anxious to appoint a friend or political crony to replace Patti, but this is a great opportunity to show everyone how you keep your campaign promises for open and ethical government. Now's your time to shine, to rise above the customary Katzenjammer venality! We're all watching with bated breath.


Last night’s city council meeting was special, for a number of reasons.

Patti Walker announced her resignation from the council. This had been long anticipated, since, as reported in the Gazette weeks ago, her house was for sale. It was known that she sought to move out of town, making her ineligible to remain on the council. This was newsworthy because the move could open the council to an appointment.

When first reported by the Gazette, this news was met with great indignation, anger, even tears from Ms. Walker at the dais. The news was false, they pretended. As usual, my editorial was blamed for her tears, which immediately caused Mayor Gayle to tear-up as well. Though the tears were caused by Walker’s revelation of a personal family tragedy, the emotion set the stage for another of Bob Stroh’s melodramatic moments. The evil publisher made Patti cry.

Last night Walker announced the sale of her house and her move out of town. An opportunity she could not resist, she claimed.

Note: Had Ms. Walker announced her plans four months ago, her seat on the council would have been made part of this recent election, without additional cost. But, the council majority (Katzenjammers) wanted to make an appointment from within their own ranks. To hell with any public participation. I noticed a clean-shaven Marcoz Hernandez (twice failed Katzenjammer candidate for the council, and buddy of failed former Fillmore Mayor Gary Creagle, also a Katzenjammer stalwart) waiting in the wings at this meeting. Another lean and hungry Katzenjammer councilman-in-waiting?

Well, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Listening to Patti announce her resignation enkindled a spark of hope, immediately doused by a bucket of reality. While I concede Patti’s diligence on the council, her deviousness is legendary. The day she first announced her candidacy for the council was the day city hall staff members and department heads made plans to leave. Absent her close friends and political cohorts, no one trusted Patti. Her conniving ways attracted like-minded incompetents which soon led to a wholesale exodus of all long-term staff and department heads. Today they are all gone, and city government has collapsed, after two public letters of no confidence in our present city manager.

The danger now, and a backhanded compliment to Patti’s native intelligence, is that among the three remaining members of the Katzenjammer council majority, none are smart enough to keep the city from sliding into bankruptcy. None of them can provide sufficient institutional memory of city business history to anticipate or deal with serious problems – and they’ve chased away those who could. Councilman Steve Conaway, alone, has the ability and experience, and the others would rather die than to take his advice.

There appears to be little doubt (for example) that Mayor Gayle prompted City Manager Quiring to set up a hasty Special Meeting for the day after this recent council meeting, anticipating an immediate appointment of the favored Katzenjammer. But, gosh! - the required notice to council members (of at least 24 hours) didn’t go out – to the embarrassed consternation of Mayor Gayle. Marcoz appeared crestfallen. There was nothing urgent about the new appointment that demanded a Special Meeting, said Councilman Conaway, in his usual calm, factual way. The council had done this (appointments) twice before, taking from one month to 6 weeks to accomplish the task, giving the working public plenty of time to voice their opinions. Clearly, Manager Quiring was following orders from the majority (though she has been given plenary powers) and they had no intentions of giving the public a chance to comment on potential appointees. State Govt. Code 36512 states that no appointment need be made, and the council has 60 days within which to act. Only political intentions made a Special Meeting necessary here.

And so it is that Patti Walker leaves her seat at the council in a puff of her characteristic deviousness. Nice try, Patti. Enjoy your rest at Klub Katz, but give us a heads-up before plying your talents in higher office. You’ve got the game down well.


There were an unusual number of traffic accidents around town this weekend, something like six. Luckily, I heard of no serious injuries.

* * *

It didn’t surprise me that Bill O’Reilly, even after bragging that he would ask really tough questions to GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry during last night’s TV interview, asked him about tuition for Texas illegals.
A true, traditional conservative should have had no trouble answering. Perry did a little soft shoe, and O’Reilly failed to ask anything about a fence on the Texas border. Very disappointing, and added nothing to my understanding of Perry’s conservative qualifications. No doubt Perry is a good guy, and a solid, traditional Christian conservative (especially on pro-life issues) but he doesn’t seem to have a clue about just how bad and dangerous our southern border is. The highest of tech equipment will only tell us where current invasion points are, so our border guards can hightail it over to head them off at the pass – while other streams open up elsewhere. Something like trying to plug holes in a sieve with one hand. Illegals from 70 countries have been caught crossing, many from terrorist areas. We need a fence-wall like Israel – plus high tech stuff, and state and federal troops. For this reason alone I could not vote for Perry – and O’Reilly is just a little too “balanced”.

* * *

I rarely recommend or give books away these days. I’ve found most are never read. But, once in a while one comes along that changes my mind, like Pat Buchanan’s latest “SUICIDE of a SUPERPOWER”. For anyone wishing to understand the world today, and the consequences of the recent past, this is a superb book.

Copious notes, brilliant writing, and indisputable conclusions will refresh memories and inform the reader of our future by showing our past. This will, no doubt, be Pat’s seventh New York Times best seller. I can’t remember when I last would wake up an hour early to continue reading a book.
From the Preface: “What happened to the country we grew up in?”

Like Death of the West, a decade ago, this book seeks to answer that question. But Suicide of a Superpower is being published in another time in another America. When Death of the West came out on New Year’s 2002, the nation was united and resolved. America had just swept to a bloodless victory over the Taliban and a triumphant George W. Bush had the approval of nine in ten of his countrymen....

This book is published after ten years of war in Afghanistan, eight in Iraq, the worst recession and debt crisis America has faced since the 1930s, with the nation divided and seemingly everywhere in retreat. We have entered an era of austerity and retrenchment unlike any this generation has ever known. But not only is it in the realm of economics and politics that America appears in a downward spiral. Socially, culturally, morally, America has taken on the aspect of a decadent society and a declining nation....”

“...When the faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, the people die. That is the progression. And as the faith that gave birth to the West is dying in the West, peoples of European descent from the steppes of Russia to the coast of California have begun to die out, as the Third World treks north to claim the estate. The last decade provided corroborating if not conclusive proof that we are in the Indian summer of our civilization. Historian Arnold Toynbee wrote, “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” And so it is. We are the Prodigal Sons who squandered their inheritance; but, unlike the Prodigal Son, we can’t go home again.”
Pat provides a sweeping study of what America is today and how we got that way. There is still time to fix things, but very little.

Gazette photo outtakes
Gazette photo outtakes
Enlarge Photo

Though I took only eleven photos at the last council meeting, only two of council members, Mayor Washburn still complained of too many photos. Starting this week the Gazette has begun publishing photos taken at past council meetings and other city functions, which were discarded. This should clearly demonstrate the need for multiple pictures of a particular subject, which allows an opportunity to select the best of the bunch. Often, expressions change in awkward ways which the subject would find embarrassing, or the light, focus, or composition is poor. A photographer wants to be able to select the best. Group photos can be troublesome because every member (in a candid shot especially) is moving.

At council meetings each presentation should be photographed (multiple times for the above reasons) as well as speakers addressing the council. So, with a group council member shot, speaker and presentation shots, etc., covering these meetings often involves taking 20 to 30 photographs, which are always edited before publishing.

In an effort to preserve domestic tranquility (by showing the photos we didn’t use) I would ask our city council majority to let me know when they’ve seen enough to convince them that more should often be less. The archive is very large and we have only begun to delve into its depths.

I thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


I watched most of the Republican debate last night. I was embarrassed for Perry during his scolding of Romney about Romney’s use of a gardening company which had allegedly hired an illegal crew member. It was both petty and irrelevant to the serious issue of illegal immigration, and presidential qualifications. As usual, Romney did well. Cain also did well, though he needs to explain his 9-9-9 tax better. Newt, as usual, did best with his answers. Bachman was ready with solid answers as well.

Candidate religious affiliation, unfortunately, continues to be an issue with some folks. Romney happens to be a Mormon. He also happens to be a man with singularly high moral values, a bright, trustworthy, conservative candidate with great business and government experience. He is a man I would trust with the presidency, as I would each of the other candidates, though I differ sharply on some issues (Perry’s no-fence).

Think about this: There are somewhere between 30,000-40,000 Christian denominations today, all of which disagree with one another on doctrine (salvation). Many of us are destined for a big surprise! I happen to be a Catholic. Many, if not most, of the 30,000-something believe Catholics are not Christian, which means nothing to me.

During my lifetime I’ve had only one opportunity to vote for a Catholic presidential candidate (JFK) but I voted for Goldwater because he was the conservative. If Romney gets the nomination I will enthusiastically vote for him, and rejoice when he wins.

As things stand now, the only candidates I could not vote for are Ron Paul and Perry; Perry for his anti-fence attitude, and Paul because some of his ideas are a little kooky.

Ask yourselves this: How much of a Christian can Obama be after worshiping in the racist, bigoted church of the “reverend” Jeremiah Wright for 20 years? Remember this Jew-hating, white folks-hating, spiritual menace saying “Not God bless America - God damn America!” This is our president’s friend and mentor of 20 years speaking. This should delineate the choice for those calling themselves Christians who seek a candidate guided by traditional Christian ethics and morals.


I wish, as always, I had more time. With so many important things happening these days, everywhere, I’m sure that wish will stay with me.

* * *

City Hall failed to pay August and September’s employee health benefit premiums on time, causing an interruption in service. Employee turnover has been suggested by the city manager. Perhaps a standard exit-interview with the departing employee would have avoided the problem.

Since virtually nothing is going on at city hall these days, with most of the top staff gone, employees mostly gone, city coffers empty, the budget in disarray – with another $1.4 million threatening to sink us, and the council majority wanting to have fewer meetings, I’m going to skip that area today. Leaning on the city government alarm bell too long has caused Fillmore’s residents to believe things are normal. Someone please remember to turn out the lights.

* * *

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain were my top presidential choices a few weeks ago. Now it’s between Cain and Romney. Perry seems to be a great guy, a wildly successful governor, and sincere Christian man. However, his opposition to a fence-secured border, and tuition assistance for all illegal aliens told me immediately that he had no chance to win the nomination, what’s more, the election.

“Boots on the ground” is his solution for securing the Texas border. Although he has at his disposal some of the very best law enforcement personnel in the nation, he should be smart enough to recognize that that tactic has not worked, and can never work. The reality of the invasion of illegals from all over the world, especially, if not exclusively, across our southern border with Mexico, demands a strong fence – as well as boots on the ground.
I am astounded that any governor of Texas, which has the longest border segment with Mexico, would not understand that the relatively few boots he has to put on the ground, and the most sophisticated surveillance available, alone can never work. The reality and extent of the criminal war (a virtual civil war) in Mexico, amongst cartels themselves and the federal government, despite massive media coverage, is not properly understood by the vast majority of Americans.

How bad is it? Mexico has been turned into a non-stop, indiscriminate slaughterhouse – quite literally. An exaggeration? I urge you to read the most recent, highly detailed assessment of the Texas border threat:

Those brave souls who might actually read this document would be enlightened. The report is very long (read at least pages 8-15). Then, ask yourself if all the Texas Rangers in the world, alone, could have any discernable effect on the blood and drug mayhem taking place along our border. Any sensible person would immediately answer “no”. They are far out-manned (in numbers, not quality) out-gunned (thanks in part to our Attorney General’s "Fast and Furious" firearms assistance to the Mexican cartels) and far out-funded (the cartels bring in about $35 billion a year – tax free of course). They have fleets of water craft (including 100-foot long completely submersible submarines), aircraft, and a huge inventory of military arms, including hand grenades, missiles, machine guns, and 50 caliber sniper rifles (which have brought down at least one helicopter so far). In short, they can obtain anything they want whenever they want it.

The federal government, whose primary job is to defend the country, despite its claims, has done effectively nothing to control the threat since President Eisenhower’s time. They have all promised, lied, and failed to make a significant difference. Don’t blame our courageous border guards. The blame belongs with our politicians - presidents, senators, and congressmen, of BOTH parties. With the cartels now cooperating with Islamist terrorists (most recently revealed – Iran) and American street gangs, and with American citizen-residents threatened daily and dying along the border, Perry’s “boots on the ground” is deadly ridiculous. We need a strong, high fence (like Israel’s) intensely monitored with federal and state troops. This would also be a terrific, real time training exercise for our troops, and would open once again our border parks.

For myself, I want to hear both Romney and Cain publically commit to this sort of border solution.

Too extreme? Not Politically Correct enough? READ THAT OFFICIAL REPORT! Maybe this sort of action will prevent others from being “skinned alive” or being bathed in acid. Parental discretion is advised!


We have published some letters from our website,, in the paper this week. These letters indicate a storm of discontent with our present city council majority and city manager is rising.

The city is advertising for an assistant city manager at a time when all city employees have publically expressed (twice) no confidence in the present manager. At a time when the council agenda can be contained in two to four pages because nothing is going on, and our present manager is being paid at the highest rate ever (less a small give-back in keeping with all staff members) residents want to know why we are seeking to hire a management assistant. With our city staff skeletonized, employees laid off, and important work out-sourced why can’t our new manager and clerk handle the job?

No council minutes have been produced for the past four months. Maybe it’s time to out-source the city clerk and manager’s jobs.


Well, my efforts to compile a chronological list (for Brian Sipes) of city staff and employees targeted for personal reasons by the Katzenjammers continue. It will begin with former City Manager Roy Payne, whose 20-year service to the city resulted in our phoenix-like recovery from the Northridge earthquake devastation. He was first among the four primary Katzenjammer targets.

Refusing to compromise on the north Fillmore development, the “Jammers” caused much time and money to be wasted; that area has gone back to seed (with businesses and jobs destroyed) and legal mandates remain unfinished. Then there was the water treatment plant opposition (remember the colorful “Sewercide” movement?).There was also the constant drumbeat for open government (where are our minutes today; how many Brown Act violations have we paid for?) and accusations of wrongdoing by the former city council (none was ever uncovered). Bitter complaints and vicious attacks concerning the Owens & Minor tax contract, falsely characterized as unlawful, possibly criminal, and especially unethical and “IMMORAL”! Brooks, Sipes, Washburn, and Walker slandered former city managers and councils for personal and political purposes. They were said to be underhanded, and IMMORAL, in executing this contract which will bring into city coffers approximately $1million, every year, for the next 20 years! Now, of course, they are on their knees, begging for that money. So, it was always about the money (they squandered) and never about ethics or morality. It was all about getting elected by Sewerciding their political opponents.


Concerning (appointed) Mayor Washburn’s letter to the editor, please notice two things: First, there is no substance, just generalities, as usual. Second, she remains incapable of distinguishing between news and opinion. Ignorance can be remedied; stupidity is invincible.


After a couple hours listening to city council jabber about the pitiable state of our finances, witnessing a stream of congratulatory presentations to escaping Planning Commissioners, being depressed by the truthfulness of former Council Member Cecilia Quevas’s no confidence statement from the dais (characterizing our council as a county “laughingstock”), I was ready to document my depression on multiple pages today. But I don’t have the time.

Comfort was to be found only in a large chocolate chip cookie and cup of coffee in the forier. This was part of a nice spread prepared to honor the planning commissioners who had resigned in protest over the disrespectful treatment they had received at the hands of those council members who had prepared the treats. It must have been embarrassing for council members Brooks, Sipes, and Washburn, who precipitated their resignations, to host the affair. And, Mayor Washburn who instigated the resignations with witless recommendations (due in part to cell tower emissions) had to make the individual presentations. It was all very awkward.

Diminishing the enjoyment of my cookie were complaints about excessive photo activity during council sessions. The council majority still has no idea why multiple photos of the same subject are often required. First Amendment considerations aside, subjects are frequently photographed with unflattering expressions; lighting and lens changes can also necessitate multiple shots.

I’ve explained this many times during the past 22 years and 500-plus meetings. It’s time to demonstrate the validity of these explanations. So, very soon, I will publish some of the more unflattering photos taken of council members during the past year or so. These are among the photos discarded in an effort to avoid personal embarrassment and social distress. These photos are monuments to benignity and compassion. But no! They have gone unrequited!

Therefore, council members, brace yourselves for an in-your-face reality lesson. It is my hope that thereafter you will understand why I take so many photos. But – please hold your apologies until after the event.

Moving right along, Councilman Sipes got his shorts in a bunch when it was reported that he had personal motives for attempting to oust our present legal counsel. He claims it is untrue. He states he had no personal motives. If so, this contradicts several years of personal targeting of city staff and employees as a part of the Katzenjammer cabal. I’m tired of the denials. It’s time to enumerate the multitude of targeted employees and staff members. I have begun the chronological list and hope to include it with the upcoming mug shots. Sipes, being utterly incompetent in legal matters, would like to see such a change “every five years or so.” He has personal disagreements with city counsel decisions – like the newspaper of record issue?

Lastly, City Clerk Clay Westling has failed to produce the minutes for several months. He has no explanation for this. It is a flagrant violation of Katzenjammer election promises. It may take a lawsuit to have these important records produced.

Talk about feet of Clay!


Well, another of Fillmore’s long-time, competent Planning Commissioners has resigned. Tom Fennell has joined three others who resigned within the past month or so. They could stand council puerility no longer; I’m speaking of the council majority of four.

The city council majority of Brooks, Washburn, Walker and Sipes strikes again! It seems no rational, sensible, and otherwise normal person can stand to work with these people.

Since these four clueless clowns squeaked into office these past several years, their plan to deplete city hall of every single experienced staff member, as well as the city clerk, finance director, and city manager, city engineer, etc., has succeeded. With a couple of exceptions, they’re all now gone and city business is left in a state of weightlessness. Everything is being “outsourced” (maybe to India?) including common sense. Gone are all those competent caretakers of our city’s welfare. Gone are scores of good employees (and institutional memory) with whom the present council majority had personal issues.

The scene, and future, is grim.

For anyone wishing to glimpse Fillmore’s probable future under the clownistocracy now in charge of city business, visit this link: