For the first time in four years I enjoyed attending a city council meeting.

Our newly elected council members, Rick Neal, Doug Tucker, and Manny Minjares, were sworn-in to their new offices, as well as our new City Clerk, Nancy Blendermann-Meyer, and new City Treasurer Shannon Godfrey. The atmosphere was festive and filled with fresh hope for the city’s future.

The only remnant of ill will came from Councilman Sipes, a close political friend of the two defeated incumbent council members. Sipes chose a “No” vote when asked to participate in choosing a new mayor (Rick Neal) and mayor pro-tem (Manny Minjares). Sour grapes to the last.

Congratulations to all of our new office holders. We wish you success in guiding the future affairs of the City of Fillmore.


I am slowly recovering from the outcome of the November 6 federal election. I have to conclude that America is now a different place, headed rapidly to a radically different place, morally, economically, militarily, socially, and religiously. The political divide is about 52 percent (liberal-left) and 48 percent traditional-conservative. Absent a national catastrophe which would humble Americans, I don’t see this changing for generations to come.

Religion, Christianity in particular, and all of its commands, are under heavy attack. Innocent human life, to the liberal half, is no longer sacred, therefore no longer cherished and protected. The unborn child is seen is nothing more than human waste to be destroyed and discarded. This pro-death attitude is also seen in efforts to eliminate the “inconvenience” of the elderly and sickly.

Militarily, Obama is well on his way to destroying America’s preeminence in defensive capability. Our enemies grow ever stronger as we grow weaker. Obama is betraying our friends (Israel) while arming our enemies. Our numerous enemies no longer fear or respect us, which invites their aggression.

As I’ve said before, I no longer recognize America.

Pray for our nation and restore good people to our government.