Composer Dave Brubeck has died at age 91. His “Take Five” will live on as one of the greatest Jazz tunes ever.
Rest in peace, Dave.


For the first time in 8 years I’m looking forward to attending the next Fillmore city council meeting. With all three incumbents defeated in the last election I expect things will return to the civil, businesslike atmosphere the city enjoyed for most of the past 100 years. The new council has a very tough job ahead. I trust that with fresh vision, common sense, and positive support from the rest of us they will succeed.
Good luck to all of you.


If I ever needed more reason to despise unions I found it in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach strike. As they were, even during WWII, most unions are enemies of this nation, especially government unions. They blackmail our country with threats of killing-off commerce and putting many more non-union workers and businesses out of business.

In this case the strike was costing the US economy $1 billion per day. This port handles 44 percent of all cargo arriving in the US by sea.

“Tens of thousands of truckers, railroad, warehouse and other support workers were also temporarily out of work because the strike has stopped the flow of goods they normally handle.” (see: Michelle Malkin). The strike is being brought by port clerks - not longshoremen. I understand they make about $190,000 per year and can retire at 55 (will verify this statement heard on radio news). I see little difference between this union activity and that of the Mafia – except for the fact that the Mafia is a formally criminal organization.