Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Stay safe in your comings and goings.


Congratulations to our Sheriff’s Department for their recent success in arresting three car theft suspects and the recovery of the two vehicles.

I was privileged to witness the pursuit and arrest of one of the suspects in this case. The entire event went down like clockwork with the coordination of our Sheriff’s Office Air Unit, two K9 Units, with the assistance of several other mobile units. It was a very impressive undertaking.

Good job! It really doesn’t pay to commit crimes in Fillmore, especially when you have to spend Thanksgiving in jail.

Photos of this event will be posted on on the Front Page.


My condolences go out to the friends and family of the young man who was killed in a tragic paraglider accident Tuesday. The accident occurred in the Santa Clara Riverbed off the end of Powell Road.

May he rest in peace.

My prayers are with the Israeli people and the state of Israel as open warfare seems inevitable.

Israel is not only our loyal friend in the Middle East; it is our only friend, and the only democracy in the entire area. America will fail to vigorously support her at our own peril.

Our president cannot bring himself to declare Jihadist Islam the terrorist enemy of all non-Islamic peoples and America’s most deadly and implacable enemy. This terror issue has been with us since the seventh century. If America fails to show strength (the only thing Jihadists respect) a quasi-world war is imminent. Since Egypt and Turkey are no longer our friends, our declared enemies (Iran and Syria) will join in the attack on Israel, with the financial aid of Russia and China.

I think this will precipitate an enormous war in which America will be attacked in several ways.

Now is a great time to take our Judeo-Christian faith seriously.