President Obama has not only panicked some 150 million American citizens who own, use, and value their firearms, his expressed intent to personally dictate weapons restrictions by executive order has caused a massive stampede. With the federal government announcing its determination to reinstate another “assault weapons ban” gun stores, shooting ranges, suppliers and manufactures of guns and munitions have been swamped by equally determined gun owners.

What is almost completely lacking in this point blank confrontation between gun haters and gun lovers, are facts and logic. The media has for the most part been utterly dishonest, with a blatant anti-gun bias.

Everyone wants to protect the citizenry from evil criminal attack. We especially want to protect the most innocent and vulnerable (our children) from deadly assault. However, none of the restrictions and regulations demanded by various government institutions will do anything to prevent the horror of mass shootings. Government studies show clearly that the last, ten year, ban did absolutely nothing to diminish the threat. I have cited professors John Lott and Gary Kleck on this issue before. David Kopel is another expert on the issue of firearms and violence. The facts and statistics are there for any honest person to access. Some of the undisputed facts are:

“American culture is a gun culture – not merely in the sense that in 2009 about 124 million people lived in households that owned a total of about 270 million guns, but in the broader sense that guns pervade our debates on crime and are constantly present in movies and the news.” (John Lott, More Guns Less Crime, Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, 3rd edition).

“The more-guns-less-crime thesis will be examined by looking at what happens to crime rates when cities or counties ban guns. The evidence should make gun-control advocates pause, as all the gun bans that I have studied show that murder rates increase after the ban is enacted.” (Ibid). “Despite many studies of bans on so-called assault weapons, economists and criminologists have yet to find any benefit from either state or federal bans” (Ibid).

Again, these are conclusions drawn from 30-plus years of research by world-class scholars. Read this book alone to become educated on the issue of guns, gun violence, and why this rush to ban and further restrict guns and gun ownership is foolish and counter-productive. The anti-gun attack is purely emotion-based, not factual.


This week’s school board meeting exposed a sensitive issue concerning three $100,000 payments to “Interim superintendent PerContract.” This was explained as a “PI” or purchase item. It was removed from this week’s agenda. More on this after the next meeting.