I’ve been under the weather these past several days, so I’m not going to say much today.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will enjoy a Happy New Year.

With all of America’s most important moral, fiscal, military, and social issues in jeopardy of being wrongfully decided by the Obama administration, a happy new year is doubtful. So I have a few modest proposals for fixing some problems.

Obama is attempting to force the Catholic Church to pay for drugs designed to kill newly fertilized human eggs, embryos, (abortifacients) which is contrary to fundamental church teaching. The church cannot comply.

The government has become an active enemy of Christianity. The Catholic Church should close all hospitals, orphanages, and its numerous other charitable outreach facilities, sell the infrastructure, and use the resulting billions to construct thousands of new parochial schools, kindergarten through high school.

Reestablishing normal funding for essential defense programs may have to wait for the next catastrophe, which we may not survive.

The inability of our spendthrift congress to stop spending more than it takes in, may, again, need an economic collapse to make the point.