I guess, like many American citizens, it’s going to take a long time for me to recover from the results of the November 6 national election disaster. While we could have recovered from Obama’s first four years, we are, in my opinion, unlikely to survive intact from his second. However proud America may be of its present superpower status, only God is omnipotent. We tend to forget that fact. We ignore that absolute difference at our absolute peril. But, as they say, God is not mocked.

I see nothing a traditional, conservative Judeo-Christian can look forward to from now until 2016. And there don’t seem to be many of us left. I see nothing but more massive deficit spending, a hollowed-out military, hyperinflation (much like Argentina), fiscal collapse, a persecuted Christian church under the boot of a powerful secular-humanist-socialist dictatorship.

I see a flood of new presidential executive orders designed to evade the constitutional duty for presidential enforcement of congressionally instituted laws.

I see the most corrupt government in this nation’s history, in every branch, especially the judicial and executive (in particular in the office of Attorney General).

I see the virtual end to our Constitution as the highest law of the land, as it is decomposed by a corrupt, activist judiciary determined to revise it, and control Americans as never before. This means control by government unions as well, and the evisceration of our Bill of Rights, particularly the First, Second and Fourth Amendments.

This corruption has already overrun our government mandated public schools at every level which teach our children contempt for traditional Judeo-Christian moral values.

Worst of all, the utter abandonment of respect for innocent human life; we will continue counting abortions from the present 52 million since 1973.

A note to those 52 percent of Catholics who voted for the most partial-birth and infanticide-loving pro-abortion president in our history: Nothing can be more scientifically true than that human life begins at conception – that’s when Almighty God infuses His beautiful human soul into that child waiting to be born. Your vote for Obama was an incredibly evil thing.

On that score, it’s not just my opinion.