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[Letter to the Editor by Linda Crockett on July 26, 2012]

To the Editor:
Re: Comments at July 10, 2012 council meeting made by Gary Creagle
I was watching the city council meeting of 7/10/12, on Channel 10, the other day, and some comments made by Gary Creagle, regarding sate of land for a potential future sewer plant, need to be clarified. He basically stated that he felt legal counsel for the city could have looked at the land purchase deal, but did not do so at the time. This was the "property known as Perry Ranch Company, who was Shorty Crockett, who lived in that little house out on highway 126, across from El Pescador or Los Serenos. Shorty Crockett was Perry Ranch, and he wanted to sell."
Yes, "Shorty" Crockett's given name happens to be Perry, but in no way was he Perry Ranch, or even affiliated with them. In fact, that little white house was owned by Wagner Ranch, and my late father-in-law RENTED from Mr. Wagner for many years. The Wagner’s later sold their ranch to someone from the Los Angeles general area, and Perry "Shorty" Crockett then RENTED from them for a number of years. Perry Ranch was located to the west of Wagner Ranch, closer to E Street.
i know my father-in-law would be setting Gary Creagle straight on the facts if only he could, but I'll speak in behalf of Perry "Shorty" Crockett, and hope that in future appearances before the council and all viewers of Channel 10, Mr. Creagle looks into the archives to see who owned what.
Sincerely yours,
Linda Crockett