As I hope all of our readers enjoyed a happy and peaceful Christmas, I can’t forget the nightmare of grief the families of the little children slaughtered in Newtown, Connecticut must experience for the rest of their lives.
This most horrific event is preceded by several other mass killings by evil, mentally disturbed people. Sadly, they have been followed by other mass killings, most recently by an ex-convict in Webster, New York. This chain of murders has split America once again along the lines of the last presidential election. The burning issue is guns and gun control; how to at least curtail these mass murders. Evil itself will exist for all time; our only hope is to control and limit it.

Opinion here can be seen as liberals against conservatives, liberals demanding more gun control legislation, conservatives demanding better enforcement and mental health augmentation. Our Second Amendment rights loom large here. One of the few big mistakes that my hero Ronald Reagan made during his presidency was to listen to liberals such as the ACLU telling him to stop hospitalizing the mentally ill. As governor of California he directed the deconstruction of our once great mental health system. Every president since that time has contributed to this disaster, setting mentally troubled citizens on the streets to fend for themselves, often endangering others.

Returning to some of the classic studies of guns and violence in America, by authors such as John Lott, David Kopel, and Gary Kleck, the answer to the question of how to deter these terrible crimes emphatically does not lie in more gun control legislation. As these experts tell us after 20-plus years of examination, guns themselves are not the problem; evil criminals and insane people who use them to deliberately inflict mayhem are the problem. Even dyed-in-the-wool liberals are beginning to admit the truth of this fact. Reviewing David Kopel’s book “Guns, Who Should Have Them” ACLU stalwart Gene Guerrero has concluded “Regardless of your views on the issue, this book forces you to think about how much of a difference gun control will make in reducing crime in America. Kopel offers a number of common-sense alternatives which may offer far greater promise of reducing crime and violence.”

These authors are world-renowned experts on the issue of guns and crime and the history of so-called gun controls. They, as do most other experts on the problem, agree that, in John Lott’s words, “More Guns [mean] Less Crime.” This conclusion is now incontrovertible. Only emotionally obtuse liberals such as Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and New York Mayor Bloomberg continue to believe in this so-called assault weapons ban clap trap.

Threats by President Obama to push for more gun-control legislation have alarmed the hundreds of millions of firearms-owning Americans. Obama’s threat has stirred a panic in firearms and ammunition markets throughout the nation. The president is now deemed to be the greatest gun salesman in American history, with literally millions of “extra” firearms being sold to avoid another threatened “assault rifle ban.”

I hope to provide more factual information on this issue in coming weeks. America, through the liberal-left media, is being grossly misinformed.