Letters to the Editor
May 21, 2015

To the Editor:
Since I wrote so many letters to the editor regarding Fillmore High School in the 2013-2014 school year, I feel that I should provide an up-date from my perspective.
FHS has been transformed back into the school where I loved working for 27 years. As soon as I entered the main office, I could see and hear the difference. Under the leadership of Mr. Tom Ito, people are smiling and laughing again. I noticed the changes when I started substituting for teachers and administering tests in the fall. Once again students were attentive and happily learning and working. It was great to be back.
Most importantly, however, I am very proud of the staff especially the teachers. They should and need to be commended for their excellent demonstration of the competence of the teaching staff and curriculum with the WASC visiting team in the fall. It was a great relief and pleasure to hear that Fillmore High School received a 6 year WASC accreditation with a one day visit for a mid-term evaluation. If the school’s leadership had not changed, the WASC visit would have been a different story.
Congratulations to the students, certificated, classified, and administrative staff at Fillmore High School for a job well done.
Additionally, it is wonderful being welcomed back on the FHS campus.
Sincerely yours,
Karen Ashim, Retired Head Counselor Fillmore High School
MS Counseling & Guidance
MA School Administration


To the Editor:
This last months Chevron superfund site meeting at the senior center was informative as always. We had an update as to the time line of the air sparging unit will be up and running. It has been installed and is waiting for power. In the past it was mentioned that there maybe noise, and they will put a blanket on it to lessen the noise. How nice they want it to be cozy. They are still watering the dead flowers and some shrubs that they are trying to get established along the hill side. My comment was why they are doing this during a drought in the middle of the day. The answer is they will be watering the shrubs the first year to establish it, so glad we don’t want that water for drinking later down the road.
Our guest speaker talked on Hydraulic studies and flood plan along pole creek. If you look at the FEMA flood maps on line you can see where your house is in the flood zone.
Traffic studies are still bening done. There are questions about traffic issues on Santa Clara and 126. Some time in June the plan is to have a community work shop for the specific plan, the date is currently unknown.
The ATSDR health report is finally done and the plan is to present it to the general public June 22nd 2015 time and location TBA. This is the report some have been waiting years to hear.
Our next meeting is Tuesday June 23rd 5:30 p.m. at the senior center.
Kathy Pace
Shout out to the Leo’s Club from FHS who helped Just Serve clean the Fillmore Equestrian Center and another shout out to the FHS students who participated in the special needs Night to Remember Prom in Ventura, you are known county wide for being students who really support your fellow friends.


Letters to the Editor
April 30, 2015

To The Editor:
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who contributed to the success of Fillmore High School's seventeenth annual arts show “Visions & Voices”. It takes a lot of people and a lot of hard work, dedication and talent to coordinate an event such as this. Thank you to Fillmore Ebell Club, Fillmore Lions Club, Fillmore Women’s Service Club, Soroptomist International of Fillmore, Fillmore Rotary Club and Fillmore High School ASB for your donations which help to make this event possible. Thank you to Lucy for being a patron of this event. Thank you to Mr. Ito, Mrs. Dabbs and Ms. Morielli for your support of this event… To the staff and teachers at FHS who supported the student’s efforts and allowed students to take part in hanging the show…To the custodial staff , Baldo and Johnny- thanks for your help. Thank you to the students who stayed late to break down the show and clean up after the event. I am so appreciative of your help.
Special thanks to Greg Godfrey and the fantastic members of the Fillmore High School Concert Band and Jazz Band who played at the event- the musical concert helped to make the evening a resounding success….To Josh Overton and the drama department for their outstanding performances. … and to Ms. Juarez and the Folklorico dancers-your participation brought added excitement to the show. Thank you to the parents and the community who attended the show and helped to make this a special night for the students. Last, but not least, to all the student artists, dancers, actors, and musicians who put in numerous hours preparing for this event, hosting and cleaning up after a long day and night- especially my Art students and former students who came back to help- thank you- without you there couldn't be a show. I am very proud of all of you.
Rosalind Mitzenmacher
Fillmore High School
Visual & Performing Arts Department


Letters to the Editor
April 23, 2015

To the Editor:
Anyone who wasn’t able to attend the “Visions and Voices” celebration of Fillmore High School’s visual and performing arts last Thursday night, really missed a great evening. The students learned how to put together the gallery “opening” from creating the art, designing the programs, hanging the pieces, even providing chocolate covered strawberries to top off the experience! All the students circulated among the visitors to explain, help, and otherwise make one feel welcome. The performing aspect of the evening was also a great success. The high school concert band was magnificent, receiving several standing ovations. Mr. Godfrey, the band director, said that the band is one of the largest Fillmore has ever had - over 75 members - and could they play! The Ballet Folklorico dancers performed in the courtyard to a large, appreciative audience. I heard one visitor ask a dancer, “Are you really all from our high school?” He was understandably proud! And the performing arts were concluded with dramatic vignettes by the drama club, some with musical elements of solos, duets, and trios, and all spoken or sung from the heart. Thank you to all who worked so hard to put this together, it was well worth it!
Sincerely, Susan M. Cuttriss


To the Editor:
Regarding the discussion of loitering on Central Avenue at the April 14, 2015 Fillmore City Council Meeting:
Section 15.34 of the Fillmore, CA Code of Ordinances addresses loitering. Police officers can take enforcement action against offenders and can issue citations. Public alcohol consumption, public urination, and littering by loiterers have apparently already been observed. Why, then, is Chief of Police Wareham unsure about how to deal with this problem, asking the City Council for direction as to whether loiterers should be "removed by law" or by "cooperative means"? The City seems to be taking a very restrained approach to addressing obvious violations of the law. Do they really think handing out a pamphlet "explaining what is expected of people in public" is going to have any real effect? Why are they bending over backwards to avoid offending these people?
I avoid the downtown area if I possibly can, and this loitering problem is one of the reasons why. If the City wants to encourage more tourism downtown, they need to do a better job of enforcing the laws. Central Park has plenty of shade and seating for those who wish to sit and chat. The businesses on Central Avenue should have clear and unobstructed access for those who wish to actually spend money there.
Marjie Bartels

Letters to the Editor
April 9, 2015

To the Editor:
Hi Fillmore and Happy Spring to you all!
I thought of stopping the updates on the Chevron superfund project but just when I think that then someone comes up to me asking to know what is going over there. So here’s what I have been told. In the remediation meeting two months ago we had Elaine Freeman talk to us about the part LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) plays into the development with in the county and on this project. The information was nice but I take it with a grain of salt since she is also a consultant for Chevron while serving on the LAFCo committee. The thing I found most interesting is that Chevron now comes to the meetings with a group of about 6 people to these meetings. I wonder why? Most meetings that I attend for school, community or church there are 3 at most running meetings, guess they have more money to spend on things like this.
This last month’s Remediation meeting we had a gentleman named Dan who is a engineering geologist who came and talked to us about the San Cayetano fault and how it will impact the Chevron project(Fillmore Works project). If you do not know where this fault line runs it is at the base of the hill that the Fillmore F sits on, right behind San Cayetano School and runs north to south. It runs around the base to about the 126 and then turns to the east. After a lot of information it was reported that the fault is considered an active fault from Piru through Fillmore and then up to Ojai. Structures for human occupancy would need to be set back 100 feet from this fault line. I questioned that if the plans were to be developed as to the specific plans that were submitted then the main road artery wound be on this fault line and if there were a sizeable earthquake then the road may not be accessible to emergency personal who would need to help people on that side of the site. I was told by Leslie that other smaller roads would also be scattered thru out the site. Leslie was also asked what was to happen now with this new information and we were told that other ideas were being looked into.
Next month’s meeting is to be held April 27th @ 5:30 senior center. We hope to have a rep from ATSDR with the health report (waiting since 2013) but we will see what happens. The public workshops that the community is invited to participate in have not had a date set, but will be done after the city reviews stuff. We were told to look for the ERI report to come out in the fall.
I hope this helps keep you in the know,
Kathy Pace

Letters to the Editor
April 2, 2015

To the Editor:
Re. our current trash contract with Harrisons. This is from the 1939 Fillmore Annual City Report:
“Garbage collection is headed by Mr. N. McKenzie, who operates a hog ranch near Santa Paula. He is under a ten year contract, expiring January 22nd, 1945. He collects garbage on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays of each week. He does the collecting in return for the garbage, so long as the price of hogs does not go below five cents a pound on foot. If the price of hogs should go below five cent a pound, then he is to receive $10.00 a month.” Times have definitely changed!
Sincerely, Susan M. Cuttriss


To the Editor:
My mother became ill and I had the opportunity to care for her until her passing. We had always been on the opposite side of the fence, but we became best friends and this experience enriched my life, until I lost her. At that time I became despondent. I did not have proper hygiene, eat or socialize. I was literally the walking dead.
I was passing through the Fillmore Senior Center parking lot and felt drawn to it. Upon entering I was greeted warmly and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and a pastry. That was the beginning of my new life. I started going everyday. library, computer room, cable TV. wi-bowling and I started to socialize and made new friends. I couldn’t believe they offered such classes as Spanish, Tai Chi, Senior Yoga, Watercolor, Gourd, Busy Hands (knitting and conversation), Line Dancing, Senior Exercise, Social Media and so much more. I wanted to give back to my community and I volunteered at the reception desk a few times a week. Soon it became a daily ritual.
Being a senior citizen I was faced with the obstacles of searching for a job and found the courage to do so due to my volunteering. I entered a program that would pay me to volunteer at a non-profit organization while looking for steady employment. Unfortunately, the Fillmore Senior Center had the carpet pulled from under them by the Fillmore City Council and they were not able to utilize me. The Fillmore Senior Center Board Members, visitors and I were heartbroken.
That did not detour me. I found another job in the program for the County of Ventura and due to the experience, strength and hope the Fillmore Senior Center had given me I am now working and for the first time in six years I will receive a paycheck.
I walk with my head held high and have a sense of completeness in my life. I am grateful to the visitors and members of the Fillmore Senior Center for their encouragement and the restoration of my desire to live a productive life.
I prayed for God to lead me to my path for a better life and later (with the prayers of the Faith Community Church) my prayers were answered. My path started the day I stopped at the center to have a cup of coffee and a pastry.
Thank-you Fillmore Senior Center and Faith Community Church.
All I have to say to the Fillmore City Council is, “SHAME ON YOU!
Daisy Rodriguez

Letters to the Editor
March 19, 2014

To the Editor:
El Dorado Mobile Home Park Mailboxes
According to the US Postal Service Post Master in Fillmore the reason for putting mailboxes in the park at the clubhouse, instead of delivering it to mailboxes at the units, is because it has become unsafe for them to drive in the park since it has been switched to a “family park”!
Illegal streets (too narrow), cars not making the stop signs, kids running out in front of them, people driving too fast and all the cars parked on the streets now have created an unsafe environment. Not to mention all the thefts that have been going on since the change.
And where are the extra parking spaces and play areas that were to be put in?
Also there are only to be two people per bedroom according to the park rules. NOT SO!!! This is why there are so many cars and kids running around.
It still amazes me that over three quarters of the park voted “NO” on El Dorado becoming a family park. But the City of Fillmore had to stick their nose in it. One day it was an adult “safe park” and the next an “unsafe” family park according to the US Postal Service Post Master of Fillmore.
There is even a warning in the Park Bulletin to be on the watch for suspicious activity, to call the Fillmore Police or dial 911 immediately, printed more than once since the change.
Also check and see just how many pedophiles live in the park. A lot!! Did these families know this when they moved in?
Please understand that this is an anonymous tip because it really is a shame that a lot of people moved into this park some years ago knowing it was an adult safe park and now it is not! I have nowhere else to go being retired for awhile now. I moved out here for the quietness that once was and felt very safe out here.
No more!!
[Editor: Starting in August 2014 to the present, the Fillmore Sheriffs Police Blotter has recorded the following activity at the El Dorado Mobile Home Park: Shots Fired-2; Disturbance Party-5; Theft (Residential and Other)-5; Vandalism-1; Search Warrant-5; Burglary-1; Keep the Peace-2; Battery-1. There may have been unreported activity.]

Letters to the Editor
February 26, 2015

Dear Mr. Farrell,
It was "fortuitous" good luck to meet you today, one day after the church meeting where I was charged to put this tribute into your hands. Pastor Kent was a special man, and he will be missed by those who grieve him. Who are those who grieve him? That would be just about all the congregation at Bardsdale United Methodist Church. Just because some of us didn't know him that well didn't mean that we felt less bereft at his passing.
Having said that, you can see why we think our loss is noteworthy. Now our church is special, thanks to his commitment to serving us, guiding us, and inspiring us.
Thank you for supporting all of the Fillmore churches. Sincerely, Tom Somers and Teresa Norris
Tom Somers
P.S. We are long-time subscribers to the Gazette.

A tribute for Pastor Kent Fromer
Goodbye, Pastor, and I’m glad we spent some time together
Thanks for getting me out of the house, I need to go to church
Thanks for getting me out of the house, I need to be in a house not my own
Thanks for chaperoning me in God’s house, helping me sing songs of joy, joyfulness, hope in love, hope in love eternal, Jesus himself… would be challenged to teach third grade.
Thank you for your recent thank-you note. Before I read it, I cooked up this stab at a eulogy, but therein lies the point: to see you mugged by cancer, stabbed, so to speak, is more than a bit violent. Perhaps I would feel better if I fell back upon the support of the vernacular, “Yeah, we had a good I mean great pastor at my church, but cancer took him out.”
But I ramble, due to grief, grief and old age. I’ll tell the jury
‘Twas grief and old age that caused this tribute to run on and on Finally, I can share with you, my dear ones, my sweet heart, my friendly neighbors in this wrinkle in time called Fillmore/Bardsdale, a decent effort, worthy of a bard perhaps…
Poem for Pastor
It’s possible that you loved and cared for me, like I love Los Angeles. We are both fans of L.A.; you like the Dodgers, I love the city. So you can guess I love the energy of L.A.
Sorry, where am I going? Here’s where I am going:
It’s that possibility that you cared for me sitting in the back with my wife, with my neighbor next door, Mrs. Olson,…
Speaking of her reminds me of coffee, and coffee reminds me
I’ll seldom drive by our Starbucks without thinking that you had your first date in Fillmore. Very sweet. And so I have a question today: Why do you make everything so, what is the word, EPIC? Classy? Important?
We could have been an ordinary church. But ordinary isn’t your style. The headlines SHoUT IT ouT: Fromer Slams a Homer. Epic times for Bardsdale as church mourns its classy leader.
They say the good die young. Adieu! Merci beaucoup, for warming our drought-resistant hearts, for sharing with us angelic heat.
Good night, faithful Sir. We pray in gratitude for your time with us! Go, Dodgers! and Go, Bardsdale!

Letters to the Editor
February 19, 2015

To the Editor:
As new resident of Fillmore, I like parts of this charming small town particularly the area around the historic train station, the two blocks on Central Avenue surrounding the defunct Fillmore Movie Theater (future films/plays), City Hall’s fountains, bicycle paths and now lovely, lush surrounding mountain landscape, big full moons and starlit nights, dramatic screaming sirens punctuating Saturdays gun fire into Sunday. Unfortunately, earlier this evening I was approached by a young, hostile teenage boy at one of our local corner stores. He asked me for a cigarette in slurred Spanish/English and foaming beer breath.
I attempted to politely decline his request and walked outside where my bicycle was upright on its kickstand next to the store’s front door. Before departing, I enjoyed the last few moments of evening sky light. Again, he approached me outside (with his taller male friend) only this time he called me a ‘Bitch’ and a few other derogatory words. My response - “Wow, do you talk to your sister or mother like this”? Bam. He shoved my bike causing the contents of my front basket to spill sideways onto the sidewalk next to my new bicycle.
Frankly, I was more stunned wondering why he chose me, a small 56 year old woman to lash-out at.
The storekeeper said, “Call the police, I saw it on video. He lives up the street”. “Really”?
So, I did call 911. Because he didn’t rob me or physically assault my person there was nothing to do but make a report. The ‘storekeeper’ declared to police that he knew nothing! Surprising? Not really. It’s a weird, sick, game humans sometimes play. The policeman made sure I got home safely. Manners.
Maybe Fillmore is not a good place to be a senior citizen after all.
C.H. Robinson


To the Editor:
On Tuesday February 10th, 2015 the Fillmore City Council had a lengthy closed session to consider the lease agreement between Fillmore Senior Center Inc. and the city of Fillmore.
Three months ago, the city elected not to renew its lease with Fillmore Senior Center Inc. Because the city chose not to move forward with lease negotiations, there were no actions required by law to be reported out of closed session at the city council meeting. Out of respect for Fillmore Senior Center Inc.’s board, the city manager provided a letter to the President of their board stating that the city will not be renewing the lease with Fillmore Senior Center Inc., prior to releasing this information to the public.
Since the letter was given to the President of Fillmore Senior Center Inc., the city has received several questions about why the city decided to not renew the lease. The city has no intention of closing the senior center and/ or removing programs. Instead, as the council has repeatedly stated that the senior center is a very important asset to our beautiful community, the city council has publicly prioritized the center services and have instructed staff to reach out to other communities to determine what programs we can bring to our community to enhance the services we are providing at the center. City staff will also be reaching out to the current center volunteers and instructors in an effort to retain their valuable services and tradition of excellence as part of the senior center’s programing. The council will also be considering making capital improvements to the center later this spring. Staff has indicated that this is a necessity to meet the needs of the centers participants.
In addition to the City’s desire to expand the programming being offered at the Senior Center, the decision not to renew the lease agreement is also partially the result unacceptable behavior by some of the people who have been running the center. The council has complaints about the way in which the board members interact with and treat the community. While the volunteers and instructors have done an incredible job to bring multiple services to center, the board has been found to be less than inviting to some seniors. One resident told me at a council meeting that the board members were rude and that she did not go to the center because of this. With the city taking over the center, this resident told me that she will try the center again, and hoped that things change. It’s my understanding that other council members and staff have received similar comments and treatment from the board.
Moreover, as a result of the board’s behavior, the city has been the subject of 3 harassment claims from employees at the center, one of which resulted in a settlement payment by the city in the approximate amount of $130,000.00. Despite the board’s claims that “no one told them” of the problems, they were sent letters and asked in person to curb the bad behavior of certain board members to no avail. The city has a responsibility to ensure the public safety and to provide a service to our community’s seniors second to none. Unfortunately, because the board is a separate legal entity, and the board has refused to modify its behavior after the city’s repeated requests, the city has not been in a position to be able to meet these expectations, leaving the city’s only option to decline to renew the lease.
I am excited for the senior center to move forward in a manner that preserves the positivity of the activities, volunteers, instructors and participants of the senior center while ensuring that our community has the very best active adult center possible.
Douglas Tucker, Mayor City of Fillmore

Letters to the Editor
February 5, 2015

To the Editor:
Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. extends a gracious thank you to all of our instructors who participated in the Open House on January 31. The turn-out by the community was extraordinary, as over 100 people walked through the Center. Many of our current classes had additional sign-ups. We are also grateful for the one’s who showed their encouragement and approval of FSCI in agreeing to be volunteer teachers for upcoming programs.
More importantly, many requested that we provide additional classes for the evenings and weekends. We will be adding a poetry writing workshop, computer class, hiking club, bike club, cake decorating, and flower arranging. Also, local excursions will be planned for the spring session.
Again, a heartfelt thank you for all who showed their support for Fillmore Senior Center, Inc.
Patti Walker,

Letters to the Editor
January 08, 2015

To the Editor:
Celebrating the reason for the season Fillmore Style
What an incredible community we live in! In all the years that I have celebrated the holiday season, I have never been afforded the opportunity to participate in caroling. This year was different for me, because of the group of individuals that decided this is the year to come together and celebrate the holiday spirit. In particular Diane McCall, Kerry McCall, Rick Neal, Christie Neal and their daughters as well as Caitlin McCall who facilitated bringing some the youth cheer team. Also, Rigo Landeros, Patrick Maynard along with many of the Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department and many others who worked so hard to make this event come alive. As the evening festivities progressed, we were able to hand out candy canes, toys and teddy bears to members of the community.
We spent the evening driving through Fillmore singing the songs of the season, bringing cheer and joy to the community. What was most amazing was the response we received. It was so heartwarming to see Fillmore come together and out of their homes to join us in our caroling efforts. We met and saw children of all ages, adults young and old leaving the warmth of their homes to bring warmth to us. It was an extraordinary evening that I will remember for the remainder of my years. I would like to truly thank the Citizens of Fillmore for joining us and making this year’s holiday season a little extra special.
I look forward to making this a tradition that will last for years to come.
Douglas Tucker, Mayor of Fillmore


To the Editor:
What a wonderful place to live
This morning I was driving to work when I noticed that a car had pulled off to the side of the road and a woman got out of her car and started to run toward a gentleman than had fallen on the bike path along Old Telegraph road. I pulled over as well and asked what had happened. She stated that the gentleman had fallen and was bleeding from his hands from the fall. We contacted the Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department who immediately dispatched assistance to the scene. I kept thinking to myself what a selfless act to see a person in need and to stop everything and come to the aide of the gentlemen. To my surprise while this was happening another lady stopped and also came to the aid the gentlemen. With the three of us there, I knew that this individual would be safe until the Volunteer Fire Department could arrive.
With this said, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to these two ladies for taking the time to stop and take a moment out of their day to come to the aide of someone in need. This is just one example of why Fillmore is truly the last BEST small town in California.
Thank you again
Douglas Tucker, Mayor City of Fillmore


To the Editor:
Happy New Year Fillmore!!
I have fallen behind in updating you all about the Chevron superfund site, so with out further ado.
In November the community scoping meeting had a great turn out of near by residents adjacent to the superfund site. The city had Rincon Consultants Inc run the scoping meeting to get information and feed back from the community. Long and short is that most of the near by neighbors present requested that nothing be built there and that a multi use trail idea not be part of any plan that connects the Chevron superfund site to the residences on 3rd or 2nd streets. One idea that was requested was the change of the foot bridge and 2nd access point to the site be off Santa Clara street and not Sespe Ave as not to impact near by neighbors. The ideas of a solar farm were talked over and will be looked into.
The December R&R meeting had a Chevron employee who has worked on the development of a solar farm in Bakersfield give a presentation. Chevron is looking into the solar farm idea but will still need to see if it will make them the money they want.
The group is still waiting to hear what the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic substance and Disease Registry) report says. ATSDR is completing a health consultation evaluating potential exposure of Fillmore community members to dust in the air during recent clean-up activities at the superfund site and possible direct contact with soils at the site in the future. In an email I received forwarded from ATSDR their comments to the City are that: 1) they(ATSDR) want to protect the health of Fillmore community 2) they belive that site –related odors could be a concern if future work disturbs petroleum-contaminated soil from historical refining operations 3)they are concerned that the proposed project could impact air quality as a result of construction activity and earth moving operations and would need to mitigate using techniques used as they did during clean up 4) it is recommended that special consideration in the EIR to the maintenance of the caps covering the contaminated soil that was excavated during the PCPL(Chevron superfund site) clean up process. 5) Deed restrictions will limit future land use at the site to commercial & recreational. The Remedial Investigation indicates that residences, hospitals, daycare centers and schools will not be built on the site, and that plants for human consumption will not be grown on the site.
I hope this gets you updated and thinking about our City’s future in the New Year.
Thank you,
Kathy Pace

Letters to the Editor
December 18, 2014

To the Editor:
Today is 2014 where preschools teach children the names of objects, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, some begin to recognize written words and a child entering kindergarten is expected to start reading. But unfortunately many children do not attend preschool. According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) quote; "(C)oncerns about the future trajectories of young children of immigrants, especially during the transition between pre-kindergarten and elementary school, a period critical to a child's development and academic preparation. Any disparities in school readiness may carry through the rest of K-12 education, lowering the educational and socioeconomic attainment of the growing number of children from immigrant families. For example, Dual Language Learners from Spanish-speaking households enter kindergarten with substantially lower literacy skills than those of children from English-speaking households, and the gap between the two groups improves only slightly by the end of the third grade. In particular, children from Mexican immigrant families score significantly below national norms" end quote.
During a previous FUSD Board Meeting Supt. Dr. Nishino and Asst. Supt. Michael Johnson stated FUSD had "many students entering the 4th grade lacking academic English skills" to comprehend the text books.
The Education Testing Service Policy Report assessed the Dept. of Education's National Adult Literacy Survey found, quote; "Those who began speaking English before they were six years old scored nearly 80 points higher, while those who first studied English between 7 to 13 years old were (at) 60 points" end quote.
School is in session 190 days a year, a little more than half. With class breaks, children are exposed to maybe four hours of instruction in English where teachers do not talk constantly. Much of the English heard is from kids their own age; not the adult level needed to attain the academic English Nashino and Johnson spoke of. The idiolect of a child before entering kindergarten is important to their success throughout their education; particularly after 3rd grade when knowing academic English is required to understand science, history, social studies texts. Fourth grade is a watershed year; studies show that a child not reading proficiently in the 4th grade has a 78% chance of not catching up.
Years ago listening to radios, TV or going out in public you heard adults speak English, even when another language was spoken in the home. Today we have Spanish TV and radio channels. Fillmore has neighborhoods where English is hardly heard. A child watching a movie in English hears as much, if not more, adult English than a day in school. Many immigrant parents think their child's rudimentary English is proficient, when it is not.
The ideology that the immigrant families need to be protected and not told their child should start school knowing English is a real disservice to those families.
We have campaigns telling people to eat vegetables, or talk to your child from the day they are born. But not one campaign telling immigrant families the importance of learning English to give their children a better chance at a successful education.
Jean McLeod


To the Editor:
If the Senior Center is dismissed as simply a building, a brick and mortar “facility” with income potential, then all sense of Community is lost.
With the recent announcement by the City of Fillmore to “take over” (Their choice of words) the Fillmore Senior Center, and the dialogue that has followed, I am compelled to speak to another aspect of the discussion. This aspect is the Healing Powers of the Arts in an Aging Population.
I became involved at the non profit Fillmore Senior Center Incorporated as a teacher of the Art of Water Color in 2008 at the invitation of Marie Wren and Mark Ortega. They, with the Board of Directors, graciously stepped up and began to take the Center into a new, productive and Community minded direction following a period of what appeared to be a fragmented and ineffective existing management structure. Their vision was generated, and maintained by subsequent Boards of Directors, through a belief in the value of providing a viable and stimulating gathering place for our adult population through art classes and other interactive programs. The non profit, Fillmore Senior Center Incorporated (Corporation) is focused on the people served at the Center, and, has developed the physical space into a welcoming environment!!
To my point, recent and powerful research supports the Healing Powers of the Arts in an Aging Population! I am privileged to have seen the arts in action creating a positive environment for healing. This is true for all ages. If the Senior Center is dismissed as simply a building, a brick and mortar facility with income potential, then all sense of Community is lost!
In the years that I have taught art at the Fillmore Senior Center Incorporated, I have not seen a council member nor any city personnel visit on site to observe the dynamic nature of the programs available there. Volunteers and other personnel are individually invested in the Center as an integral part of Fillmore. Because I am teaching on site only once a week, is it possible that I have just missed such visits?
There is yet to be adequate, open and transparent dialogue involving the City of
Fillmore, the non profit Fillmore Senior Center Incorporated, and public input as the City of Fillmore seems to be moving forward with its intent not to renew the non profit’s lease in 2015, which at this time, appears to be a giant step backwards!
Wana Klasen
Fillmore Resident
Retired Registered Nurse, Artist, Art Teacher


To the Editor:
Dear Members of the Fillmore Community,
I am writing to give you an update on the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry’s (ATSDR’s) work at the Pacific Coast Pipeline Site. ATSDR’s goal is to protect the health of the people of Fillmore. To do this, ATSDR is investigating the possibility that contact with soil from the site could contribute to human health effects.
ATSDR Pacific Coast Pipeline Health Consultation (draft for public comment) is still going through our agency's scientific review process. While this review process takes longer than we’d like, we look forward to finalizing the draft and making it available to you and other members of the Fillmore community in early 2015. Thank you for your patience.
In addition, separate from our Health Consultation report, but in keeping with our goal of protecting the health of the Fillmore community, ATSDR provided comments to the City of Fillmore on the Fillmore Works Specific Plan Initial Study and Notice of Preparation of an environmental impact review. You can find our comments attached.
If you have any questions about ATSDR's work, please feel free to contact me by email or at 415.947.4318.
Jamie Rayman
Health Educator, Region 9 (Pacific Southwest)
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Letters to the Editor
December 11, 2014

To the editor:
In response to Tim Imhoff's letter in the Nov 27
Gazette issue: He considers it a problem that a foreign language is spoken in many Fillmore homes. He also comments on parents sending children to kindergarten when the child can't speak English.
Perhaps Tim has forgotten about the many waves of immigrants who arrived in this country over the past two hundred years speaking languages other than English. My grandparents immigrated from Poland, and didn't speak English when they arrived here. My mother, who was born in the United States, started kindergarten speaking only Polish. Should her parents have kept her home until she somehow picked up English on the street?
Let's have some tolerance for our Hispanic neighbors, and treat them as we would want to be treated.
Teresa Norris


To the Editor:
We would like to thank the Fillmore Women’s Service Club for their continued support of the arts programs at Fillmore High School. Their generous donation to the upcoming April Arts show will allow us to continue putting on this event. On behalf of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Fillmore High School, thank you!
Rosalind Mitzenmacher
Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Chair
Fillmore High School

Letters to the Editor
December 4

To the Editor:
Was anyone else flabbergasted to read that the City of Fillmore will take over the operation of the Senior Center? The City with a vote of the City Council decided not renew the contract with Fillmore Senior Center Inc., a non-profit group of volunteers. Why does the City think it can run the Center better then this group? This is a dedicated group of seniors who brought the Center back to a vibrant busy gathering place for seniors.
The City did a poor job of running the Center. Why do they think they can do a better job now? Who at the City will oversee the Center? We don’t know the reasons for the City takeover because the Council made this decision in closed session. Supposedly this is legal but is it right? There was no public input. My guess is you (City and City Council members) have already started hearing why this was a poor decision. So much for transparency in our City government.
Cindy Blatt
Fillmore, CA


To the Editor:
This comment is in response to Mr. Tim Imhoff's letter to the editor last week:
Mr. Imhoff,
It pleases me to know that there is someone in town so vastly informed and experienced in the Mexican culture.
I must say, though, I am very disappointed that you did not take the opportunity to run for the FUSD Board or Fillmore City Council.
I hope to meet you one of these days so that I might become as enlightened as you obviously are about my Mexican culture and the rest of the world.
Most impressed,
Norma Pérez-Sandford

Letters to the Editor
November 27, 2014

To the Editor:
Regarding the recent Fillmore school board elections, which were thoroughly covered in these pages, it seems to me that none of the candidates proposed new methods of improving test scores and graduation rates. We're tired of hackneyed plans that include hiring “better” teachers and throwing more money at the schools. No one seems to be interested in confronting the “elephant in the room”: the fact that the students spend the vast majority of their lives outside of the classroom and that this is where they get the vast majority of their education.
Problem #1 A foreign language is predominantly spoken at many Fillmore homes. This means very few books, magazines or TV programming in our national language, let alone discussions that can expand vocabularies and introduce ideas that are pertinent to life in America. Sending a kid to kindergarten when he or she can’t speak English? Really?
Problem #2: Home cultures that foster a lack of assimilation into American society with its concept of upward mobility through education. The culture that's imported from most third-world countries doesn't emphasize class mobility, personal responsibility or pursuit of excellence. I’d like to know how many kids have parents that are doctors, engineers, accountants or other professionals. Any?
Problem #3: Parental role modeling that is linked to the foreign model of a huge subclass of virtual peasants being overseen by a powerful central government. The theme that parents are foreigners (in spirit, if not by citizenship) living in a foreign country instead of being fledgling Americans who are adopting the ways of their new country.
Problem #4: The creation of a Fillmore society in which an immigrant can live very comfortably without dealing with American ways. Ballots are written in foreign languages even though competence in spoken and written English is required for citizenship. It's been made very easy for families to live their lives without knowing a word of English and for all intents and purposes to live a Latin American lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of American wealth, culture, education and a welfare society.
Basically, we can't have a school district with foreign language-speaking, poorly educated families with little interest in assimilation into the American way of life and then expect to have their children excel academically and prosper economically. Given the environments most of these kids are coming from, how can we expect more than bottom test scores and few high school graduates? Happy talk from prospective politicians and school board members can’t change the realities of the students’ world outside of school. The solution is going to be hugely difficult, but failing to address the cause of the problem isn't a good way to get started with fixing it.
Tim Imhoff

Letters to the Editor
November 20, 2014

To the Editor:
Hi Fillmore!
By the time you get this the scoping meeting regarding the Fillmore Works specific plan (AKA Superfund business& industrial park) will have passed. You may have missed the notice of preparation invitation but you received it via this paper a few weeks ago. I am in hopes that many people came out to give ideas and feed back on the project. Just today I received the December National Geographic and one of the articles in it is about…you guessed it! Superfund sites (p.129). We have one, so what to do with it now? I am still not sure putting people to work on top of it is the best idea we could come up with and what we want to be known for. If you would still like to give feed back send your ideas to Kevin McSweeney at city hall so they can be documented and researched. I am told there will be work shops in the future that the public can attend regarding all the. Thanks for your time once again,
Kathy Pace

Letters to the Editor
November 6, 2014

To the Editor:
On October 6, 2014, the Fillmore Historical Museum received a very generous donation from the Fillmore Lions Club. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the members of the Historical Museum we would like to thank them for their continuing support of the Museum and its programs. The Museum exists and has continued to operate because of the farsighted support of many organizations and members of the community who give of their time and money. We thank the Lions for their recent gift and invite all members of our community to visit the Museum. We are at 340 Main St. in the Rancho Sespe Bunkhouse next door to the 1887 Southern Pacific Depot. We invite groups for tours or individuals who just want to wander through and learn about the history of Fillmore, Piru, Bardsdale and Sespe.
Thank You
Martha Gentry
President, Fillmore Historical Museum

Letters to the Editor
October 30, 2014

To the Editor:
The Rotary Club of Fillmore and Fillmore FFA Boosters would like to thank the community for coming out to support the Saturday, October 18th Casino Night. The proceeds raised will go towards supporting our local youth. We would like to acknowledge our "High Roller" sponsors: Quality Ag, Harrison's Industries, KLS, Aleshire & Wynder, and Beylik Farms. Our table sponsors: Water Art Design, Valley Tractor, Richardson Ranches, Ventura County Deputy Sheriff's Association, Titan Tactical, RMP services, Otto & Sons Nursery, Ag Rx, Agurie Financial-Insurance, Keith & Sandy Gurrola, W. L. Morris, Farm Credit West, Fillmore Rentals, Murphey Pump & Well, Palmer Ranches, Jan Marholin, and Edward Jones. Thank you to those business and individuals who donated to the silent auction: Dave & Diane Wareham, Ritter Brothers & Driscoles Berries, Joe & Ruth Ricards, Old Fashion Country Butcher, Otto & Sons Nursery, Shooters Paradise, Oak Tree Gun Club, Scott and Laura Beylik, Garmon's, Valley Tractor, Elkins Ranch Golf Course, Margaret's Cocina, Starbucks, Adrian Garcia, Chevron, Ventura County Fire Fighters, Wayne Noblett, State Farm, Vallarta, La Cabanna, Genisis Hair Design, Mimstar. Cindy Blatt, Adrian Palazurlos, and Bobbie Rodrick. We also thank our guest dealers: Joe Aguirre, Terri Aguirre, Dave Wareham, Brian Richmond, Manual Minarjes, Tim Gurrola, Laura Beylik, RJ Stump, Bob Godiaz, Frank Carrillo, Clark Johnson, Kyle Wilson, Nettie Farrar, and Bill Herrera. Also a special thank you to Laura and Rigo Landeros for the preparation of the evenings food and to any one we may have missed. We hope to see everyone at next years Casino Night having fun while continuing to support our Fillmore Youth.
Scott Beylik, Fillmore FFA Boosters, president Sean Morris, Rotary Club of Fillmore, president

Letters to the Editor
October 23, 2014

To the Editor:
I’ll be endorsing Lucy Rangel for Fillmore Unified School District Board. Lucy has given a lifetime of service to Fillmore as an elementary school teacher. She has served on the School Board for one term, under less than optimal conditions. With the recent hiring of the new Superintendent and with new leadership I believe a second term in office is warranted for Lucy. She has intuitional knowledge which will now be valued; she has spent her life’s work educating kids. She truly cares about Fillmore Unified School District. For these reasons and others, she will get my vote and support.
Steve Conaway

To the Editor:
Dear Fillmore / Piru Citizens,
I would like to take this opportunity to make it known that the Carrillo and Bobby McLain families wholeheartedly endorse Lucy Rangel for FUSD Board of Education, and hope you will as well.
Throughout the last four years I have personally witnessed Lucy fight relentlessly for our kids. She has proven that her main concern is, and will continue to be, what is best for the students of FUSD.
Despite the many laws and regulations she must adhere to, Lucy never takes the easy way out. Although she is only one vote of the many on the board, I have watched her continually fight to make sure every voice and concern is heard.
My dad, Hank Carrillo, served proudly on the FUSD Board of Education for eighteen years and Lucy emanates the same integrity and moral character that he did serving our schools. I know if he were here he would be writing this letter himself.
Lucy is a woman who loves this community and our schools and we would be lucky to have her on our School Board for the next four years.
Lori McLain

To the Editor and the General Public:
Recent publications and social networking have been disappointing to many; thus, I have been encouraged by individuals who know me to respond and clarify what I am about. I have no intention of bashing or comparing myself to other candidates. My focus is on communicating what I am about. It is unfortunate that some have decided to judge my performance as a board member without taking the time to actually attend meetings to know what I stand for.
My passion for providing the best education for our children has never left me. If reelected to serve a second term, I will continue to advocate for our children and grandchildren. I have spent a lifetime working hard to improve the education we provide through our public schools, a place where my entire family has received an excellent education. My focus will not change; and I will continue on the path to best serve the children attending our local schools.
Thank you to those who have supported me in the past when we have faced difficult times, to those who speak out on passionate subjects and point out things we can improve on, and finally, to those who support moving forward to make FUSD a place we can all be proud of.
In closing I want my community to understand that I do listen and I do care. I hope that those of you who know me will remember what I stand for, and what I have fought for. I have worked hard for what is best for our students and staff; and I have personally struggled with past decisions as I am only one vote. My values and beliefs have not changed because I hold a seat on the Board. I have been optimistic about Fillmore’s future once our board finally reached majority decisions to make positive changes and move forward.
Thank you and I hope to be able to continue to serve the most important piece of our future, our children.
Lucy Rangel, Board Member

To the Editor,
Good morning Fillmore,
The fall has come and now we the neighbors get a break from all the disruptions that the Chevron superfund site throws at us. As you may have read in the V.C. star it’s all cleaned up and things are great! Yah right. Well now the big issue is what to do with this superfund site. After talking with many people I have learned many things. Chevron is not forth coming in there information many times, EPA with holds some information, some council members ignore your meeting request or are willing to bully you into there way of thinking , government officials know what is going on but have little to help and some people really think this is a good idea.
Why do I care what Chevron does on their property. First as a resident adjacent (about 300 ft) to the property I would like not to have building for the next 20 years behind me, yes it may take them up to 20 years to complete according to the specific plan. I do not want a bike path that leads form their site on to 3rd St which is currently a dead end street, I do not want buildings up to 60 feet tall looking over me into my neighbors house and, I do not want Fillmore to be known as a community with a superfund site who thinks the risk of people working on the site to get more money for our community is more important than the health of those workers or the health of the community. I do not want Fillmore to go into this plan knowing( and they do) there may be legal problems later and hoping that our one attorney will be able to match Chevrons Law firm I’m guessing they have some where in law suits that could cost our community money we could use for the residents of this community. The list could go on and on but I will spare you my boring opinions. Now I am wondering what you want.
The date for the Scoping meeting and Notice of Preparation is currently set for November 18th in the senior center at 6p.m.(subject to change) This is where Chevron will tell the community there plans and the council and planning commission my or may not be present. It is a meeting that you the community may let Chevron know what you think of their plan. I am told there will be other opportunities for the community to do this as well. I hope if you have an opinion on this you will come to the meeting or you can take a flash drive to the planning department ant time you want and have them down load you the specific plan submitted. It is very interesting to read and see what has not been discussed with neighbors and their opinions or concerns on some of the plans ideas.
The remediation and redevelopment meeting for this month has been changed to Monday October 27th 5:30 @ senior center.
Thank you again for your time,
Kathy Pace

Letters to the Editor
October 16, 2014

To the Editor:
Fillmore Voters, The School Administration has changed and so too must the existing Board. The three incumbents (though Prado doesn't want to admit he is an incumbent) have done a lousy job.
The test scores at just about every grade level are among the lowest (if not the lowest) in Ventura County and have been for a long time. Whose fault is that? It's said that you can't fire the "team" but you can sure fire the "coaches". And these three incumbents running for re-election must go.
Sean Morris, Michael Saviers and Scott Beylik represent the new "blood" and this school district Board sure needs that!
Remember too, the three incumbents (including Prado) didn't do a "darn thing" when Fillmore High English teacher, Ms. Fitzpatrick, decided in class to teach her students that stepping on the American Flag was an OK thing to do. Disgraceful doesn't begin to say how disrespectful this "lesson" was.
All 5 members, including those 3 incumbents, wanting us to re-elect them, didn't do a thing. When I spoke before them they just sat there "like bumps on a log". Yep, their time is up, they have got to go!
Yes, it really is a time for a change! Morris, Saviers and Beylik have my vote and I hope your vote too.
Charles Richardson
Fillmore voter

To the Editor:
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! When Carrie moved to Fillmore 4 years ago, she didn’t just move to Fillmore, no, she jumped right in, head first! She had a strong desire to get involved in her new community. She secured a position on the Film Commission, one she currently holds today as the Chairperson.
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! I support Carrie’s goals for Fillmore: attract more businesses; establish a relationship between the City and the School District; provide opportunities for our youth; economic recovery and, most important, public safety.
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! Carrie has 20 plus years working at the local county level of government. She has the knowledge of how things run and the experience of how to get things done. She can successfully maneuver her way thru government regulations.
One of the freedoms of our great country is the freedom to vote. Whether it’s absentee or at your precinct, please, join me and vote! Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council!
Sheila (McKendry) Duckett
Life-long Fillmore resident

Letters to the Editor
October 2, 2014

To the Editor:
Well the update from the last meeting is that Chevron showed some nice pictures of what the enormous hill adjacent to neighbors would look like with plants on it, but they forgot to add the big building that would be on top of the plants and hill. It was a nice try, but the hill needs to go. They also went over the clean up they recently did and how the contaminated dirt was not bad enough to be sent off in the red bins like last time but was loaded into regular trucks with tarps on top. I later told them, I hope they can keep the contaminated dirt off the road ways better than they did out of Pole Creek. Speaking of the clean up, what a stink!! Now you all know what I am talking about when I say they smell bad. People could smell it all the way down to the high school. The post cards that were sent out by the EPA were a nice thought but failed to mention that we may smell some thing along with the noise and dust you may see, so don’t freak out. Poor kids at the school adjacent to the site had to be kept in for some of the morning due to the odor.
The thing that really gets me today is that the Chevron rep went to a City Planning meeting knowing that they had found something days before of concern and was advised from the EPA not to report it until a plan could be made. Are you kidding me? The EPA that is supposed to have our well being in mind told them not to report it? What else have they not reported? I know they did not report the pole creek issue at the Thursday night senior center meeting until I said some thing. Then they did acknowledge it had happened.
It was nice of someone ( Chevron?) to put in the paper the latest update on the ATSDRS report that will help us all rest at ease that our health is safe. I am going to take a stab in the dark on this, but I think that it will state just that. Other wise it may not have been reported to us.
I have mentioned how I and other neighbors have felt that Chevron have deceived us and now it is sad for me to think they maybe doing it to our city officials as well.
My fear is that some are thinking that Chevron will help our town; I feel that they will bring only problems and we will be strapped with a superfund site if we annex them into our city.
I was told that you catch more bees with honey than vinegar and so here goes……Chevron thank you so much for the clean up, would you now please give the near by neighbors, school children and teachers some peace from all this noise, dust, and smell. Please go tell your company officials that this community cannot support this project from lack of funds (we are a poor community) lack of water (we are in a drought) and lack of support form those who will be impacted by the most. Now let’s see what happens with that honey. 
There will not be a meeting this month since we are waiting for the ATSDRS report findings to come out and to be reported on.
If you do wish to give ideas as to what YOU would like over on the superfund site such as open space (what it currently zoned for), solar farm, Business Park and how you envision them to look like send the ideas to Kevin McSweeney in City Hall so they can be documented. Also if there are reports you would like to see done to see if this is a good idea or envormental concerns send those to him as well so they can be added to the scoping meeting documents. The hope is to have the scoping meeting in November. I hope any one who has an opinion comes and voices it.
Thank you,
Kathy Pace


To the Editor:
Thank you to the Fillmore Unified Teachers’ Association for sponsoring the Fillmore Unified School Board Candidates Forum held Wednesday, September 24th at the Fillmore Middle School library. I offer special thanks to Sandra Butts and Janey Munoz for organizing the forum. It is unfortunate that it was not better attended. In his gentle, inimitable style, Scott Lee did an excellent job moderating. Each of the six candidates obviously consider the education of our young people to be of prime importance and expressed good ideas for accomplishing this goal. I must applaud Board member Dave Wilde’s candor about his frustrations with the preceding administration.
After careful consideration for what would be best for our District and the education of our students, I have decided to endorse Scott Beylik, Sean Morris and Lucy Rangel. Scott, Sean, and Lucy come from different backgrounds which together represents a rich life experience on which to base decisions. Scott and Sean are businessmen who have expertise in prioritizing funding. Lucy is a former teacher who has a good understanding of curriculum. I believe each is honest, hard-working and possess excellent communication skills. I am sure that these candidates could work well and respectfully with each other.
Mary Ford


To the Editor:
The city of Fillmore is indeed fortunate to have a wonderfully talented woman, Carrie Broggie, running for election to its city council. Carrie is a longtime colleague of mine having joined the district attorney’s office in 1993 as a legal management assistant. She has been given increasingly responsible and difficult assignments since that time and consistently exceeded expectations. Her quick grasp of complex matters, ability to reduce them to easily understood concepts, her strong people skills and work ethic made her a vital and highly respected member of my management team. She continues to excel in this position under current District Attorney Greg Totten.
Carrie’s expertise is broad and includes having helped handle fiscal issues, legislation, employment matters and relationships with other agencies and officials to mention just a few. Most importantly, Carrie is a person of unquestioned integrity whose word is her bond. She possesses the courage of her convictions and, a sometimes elusive quality in public life, the ability to put personal interest behind what is best for the public.
I wholeheartedly recommend Carrie for election to the council. She will bring not only needed wisdom and dignity to the position but humility and grace.
Respectfully submitted,
Michael Bradbury