Letters to the Editor
July 25, 2018

Being familiar with your views on humanity and politics, I generally give your “editorials,” at best, a swift glance before moving on to local news. But your cry for help of July 18, 2018, was so desperate and toxic that it cannot go without acknowledgment. I will leave aside your usual tirade against Democrats and liberals.
We already know that you will assume whatever posture necessary to defend authoritarianism, and in the current president you have realized your dream of a nascent “strong man.” Someone who will decide who is worthy and who is “other.” Someone to determine the rules, lay them down without pity, and enforce them without compassion. Like a very nasty Daddy. You will even give him a pass when your brain cries desperately for you to be “taken aback.” Nope. You will take this president’s “word for it” even though he is a consistent and notorious liar.
You dismiss fully half of this country’s and this city’s population that disagree with you, and you do it in the most defensive, dismissive, judgmental and, yes, even hateful way. Who are you to determine what “normal traditional citizens” believe? How would you know? Who are you to determine that human sex identification issues belong to a “sub-species?” What gives you the right?
The answer is that you are afraid of anything that doesn’t reflect your personal views, biases, and treasured sense of impending doom. Of “liberals.” Of anyone who does not reinforce your cocoon. I know perfectly well that there is no changing your views. For some reason, you have to think as you do. It makes you feel safe or superior or righteous. But, still, your cry for help from a threatened world is unmistakable. I abhor your views, but I acknowledge and am sorry for your obvious pain.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Fillmore Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations that made The Sespe Creek Car & Bike Show 2018, a wonderful event that keeps a tradition that has been established for 32 years & continues to grow. Thank You, Silver Sponsor: William L. Morris Chevrolet – Bill & Grant Morris Community Sponsors: Diamond Realty Theresa & Henry Robledo, Aguirre Financial & Insurance, El Pescador Mexican Restaurant, Ay Chihuahua Restaurant, Vallarta Restaurant,
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