Letters to the Editor
June 28, 2018

To the Editor:
What is going on with our town and these fireworks?? Every evening for the past 3 weeks. Explosions!!! It started as one or two. Now it has mushroomed into many more.
We are traumatizing the most vulnerable members of our community. The anguish it causes is heartbreaking. Is this the kind of people we have become??
I am in total favor of celebrating our great country’s Independence Day, 4th of July. That is fireworks day. Set off as many as your heart or pocketbook desires. I don’t particularly even distinguish between what is legal or not for July 4th. However, no fireworks are legal on ANY day other than July 4th.
We need to demand more from our city leaders. Ordinances the police can act on. Tools the police can use to apprehend and cite there bullies that terrorize and victimize the helpless members of our families.
Systems are available that can pinpoint exactly where these explosions are taking place. An ordinance that would allow the police to cite a property owner and not just the perpetrator would go a long way in discouraging this behavior. Also a reward fund to pay good citizens for helping police identify the culprits and leads to citations. Any costs to the city for implementing these measures could be paid for by a tax on every fireworks booth permit.
I challenge the good people of Fillmore to stand up and do the right thing. Protect the weak and voiceless of our community. We are better than this.
David Andersen,