Letters to the Editor
May 31, 2018

To the Editor:
June 5th is rapidly approaching when the residents will select the next assembly of politicians that will be chosen to control their very lives for the immediate future. An eminent psychologist once identified one symptom of insanity as continuing to do the same over and over, expecting to realize a different result. The unfortunate truth is that it is not the corrupt politicians who are at fault for Californian’s dismal economy and excessive taxes but the ignorant voters who fall prey to the false media and financial proponents of discord and upheaval within our governing bodies and the population.
California’s income tax is among the top five in the nation. Gas prices are the highest in the nation due to the excessive tax included in the price per gallon. The tax on sales and property are subverted to the personal whims of the legislative bodies and are seldom spent for the purposes identified by incumbent politicians. Our schools, in far too many cases attempt to separate the authority of the family. Students have among the lowest educational scores in the nation. The citizens are subjected to an increasingly dangerous environment, greatly contributed to by the governing authorities protecting both those who are illegally residing in the state and/or convicted felons. Thankfully many cities and areas are voting to refuse to abide by the unconstitutional law instituted by California’s politicians called SB 54.
For this year, 2018, the hypocrites who were voted into state offices have changed the rules governing the Primary election in an attempt to limit informed voter’s the opportunity to choose a new and better path for the State of California. According to information provided on page 32 of the Voters Guide, only the top two candidates that receive votes in the Primary will appear on the General election ballot, even though they may be from the same party now corrupting Sacramento. The liberal media, aligned with and directed by a group intent on eliminating the sovereign and independent status of America, is now flooding the airways with the lying rhetoric of candidates who support their agenda. It is the purpose of these degenerates to impose international law on our citizens of the United States and to that end they are using California to oppose the federal government that has always had the constitutional authority to protect our borders from entry by those dedicated to our destruction. All international and political news has been owned, closely monitored, edited and twisted to indicate by every major media network, distrust in the federal governing authorities and incite, as the Bible warned, ethnic division and upheaval.
Laws formulated by legislative processes are unable to overcome evil, deception and/or stupidity. Those with evil in their hearts will commit immoral atrocities with sticks or stones if guns are unavailable. The reason Obama and Diane Feinstein oppose gun rights for private citizens is to remove citizen’s ability to protect our freedom. She continues to voice approval of Obamacare for the public although she has refused the same mandate for herself and affiliates. Gavin Newsome openly opposes the authority of Biblical rules of conduct and although he states he wants change for California the only change would be the name on the door of the governor’s office. He supports bigger government, more taxes and even more regulation of guns. The financial conglomerates who are now supporting the misleading ads on the media are the same ones who supported Obama’s previous administration that made war on private citizen’s rights and remained silent when he approved the sale of weapons to the cartels; and gave billions of dollars to the Iranian establishment that continues to voice ‘Destruction to America’.
For evil to persist just continue to vote for those promoted by the perverse media agencies. Candidates who have joyfully accepted the endorsements of Governor Brown or Kamala Harris should be perceived with the utmost suspicion or we will have more representatives such as Maxine Waters and Julia Bromley. Take care what you vote for, you may very well find you are subject to governance you are unable to abide.
Most sincerely,
S. Mason