Letters to the Editor
July 3, 2018

To the Editor:
Have you ever wondered how the West Coast of the U.S., most notably California, has become so corrupted and faltering in its current condition? It isn’t the water or the smog. It is not ultimately the perverse politicians, university professors or in honesty the residents confused by all the lying rhetoric and false assumptions promoted by their media. The people are being indoctrinated by the institutions of communication such as newspapers and primarily ABC, CBS and NBC, all owned by and controlled by those making an all out attack on the Constitution of America. It is their agenda to eliminate the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness contained in this document.
As long as our United States remains an independent and sovereign nation they find themselves unable to bring about the global governance hoped for and announced by previous government officials including even former President George H. Walker Bush. There were many before him but it has become more evident through the most recent deceitful administrations.
God’s documented Word explains that people cannot believe what they have not heard and they cannot hear the good news unless there is someone to announce it. Last week there were three times our President spoke publicly to people in three different States and once to reporters who gathered on the tarmac around Air Force One. Not one major network carried his hopeful words meant to bring some further healing to the nation. Only Fox News had the dignity and integrity to communicate his words live to the public. Instead the airways were filled with the diatribe of a young declared socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, promoting her agenda to rip apart America by introducing a Socialist form of government which has consistently failed historically and is currently devastating the countries of Venezuela and Sweden. How much longer will we be able to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY?
- Stan Mason,