Letters to the Editor
July 18, 2018

To the Editor:
Regarding S. Mason’s July 5th Letter to the Editor.
To: S. Mason.
While you attempt to come off innocent, your comments convey and support racism and are not informative.
You talk all that papas about news media, or fake media, the constitution, elections, politicians, excessive taxes, school system....
You never mention the fraudulent acts surrounding the Russian collusion investigation and trumps campaign, or how about the heighten nuclear crisis in Asia?, what about the immigration issues?, or the recent government shutdown?, and the White House response to the Parkland student shooting?
We have a president so ill-informed about the nature of presidency, he’s so openly deceptive, so self-destructive, and so shameless in his abusive attacks on anyone against him it’s sad your blindness gets the best of you.
Trump is a pathological liar. Trumps behavior is malicious in nature and has caused a major increase in hate crimes across the US and beyond. Families torn apart literally. And immigrant children as young as the age of 3 left alone to act as their own attorney in immigration court proceedings.
And your upset that no major network to televised / covered trumps publicly message about Air Force one? And instead you attack a women socialist? […]
How can we celebrate Independence Day when the current president constantly opposes our judicial system, the constitution and our nation!!?!
This is what America has come to?
Abe Wilson,