Letters to the Editor
July 11, 2018

To the Editor:
This past week end has to the be worst, in terms of the temperature the City of Fillmore has lived through.
On July 6, our Mayor Manuel Minjares posted cooling centers our City could use and stay safe and comfortable. That by itself was an outstanding leadership event.
Thank You Mayor.
It was most certainly needed. The El Dorado Mobil home park had a major power outage when the main electrical power station in the park blew up.
The power went off line at 6:45 P.M. Friday and was not restored until 7:40 P.M. Saturday. Electrical crews had to remove and then install a new power station generating unit. I can share that the heat was near unbearable.
The City of Fillmore can be very proud that we have the finest of emergency services, Early Saturday morning a Fillmore (Ventura County) Sheriff came to my door to check on our welfare and planning to deal with the extreme heat. It was a very welcome happening. The Sheriff went door to door checking on our residents to insure they were aware of the cooling stations and other needs they could count on. They more over stayed in the park to insure all was safe and as well as could be expected. Although this is now a family park we have more seniors than families many needing special attention. They got it!
Additionally our Fillmore Fire Department was in the park with their rescue equipment and specialists, further giving us the knowledge we have the needed support should it be necessary.
There are not enough words to properly commend these outstanding emergency/actions services. Thank you is inadequate , non-the less THANK YOU!!
Raymond S Brown Sr.