Letters to the Editor
May 24, 2018

To the Editor:
In the last month I have seen three large, abandoned television sets dumped on the side of the road in town and up on Seventh Street, west of Fillmore. I recently found a business, PC Recycle, who will come to your home and haul E-Waste away, no charge. The gentleman’s name is Robert Barrett and his number is 805-402-6864. If you have any televisions or computers you need to recycle, give him a call, or if you see any electronics dumped on the side of the road, make a call and he will come take it away.
Wanda Castel de Oro


To the Editor:
California’s Primary Election day, June 5th is rapidly approaching. The election process has been subverted by the unfortunate majority of politicians now in control of the State. Entirely due to the possibility that voters might see through the corrupt media and false advertising purchased by the constituents of the candidates for office, the current administration in California has rigged the primary to hopefully assure that only their candidates appear on the General election ballot. California’s socialist leaning administration is only interested in the continuance of deceptive politicians demeaning the Federal government and driving residents into further poverty, subservience to laws in conflict with the U.S. Constitution as well as the duly elected President. Residing in the fear of the public sentiment rising further up against sanctuary policies as several cities and areas are voting against, these self-righteous imbeciles have vividly portrayed their open hostility to moral values, family values and most importantly biblical restraints or principles.
By dictionary terms legislation is the process of governing by rules of law and the forming of such by governing bodies. The operative words in this definition are ‘governing bodies’. When the governing administration is controlled by evil influences the laws they institute are filled with hypocrisy and evil intentions. It is impossible to legislate against evil, deception and/or stupidity.
As an example of the hypocrisy fostered by evil and deception, Gavin Newsom the current Democratic Lieutenant Governor states he is for ‘change’. The only change he hopes for is the name on the door below Governor. He refused to endorse and accept the voluntary maximum expenditure limit set for candidates for the Governor’s office. He refused the opportunity to post a statement of his intentions in the voters guide but highly supported the limit of two candidates for Governor on the General election ballot which no longer will afford the voters the opportunity to choose an opposition candidate should the primary top two candidates receiving votes be from the same party. His statements to the public media outlets which are unceasingly communicated indicate no change from the current administration of deception. Openly he resists protecting our borders from ‘illegal’ entries. In other statements he reflects his opposition to the morality of biblical values. He has no stated interest in protecting the lives of legal citizens.
Both Mr. Newsom and Xavier Becerra, the candidate for Attorney General have readily accepted the endorsements of Governor Jerry Brown as well as Senator Kamala Harris which should cause any thinking person to consider casting their vote for any other candidate.
At the top of page 32 in the Official Voter Information Guide you will find the 2 candidate rule for the 2018 General election. There are 27 candidates for Governor which thins out the populace vote. There are only five Republican candidates. There are eleven Democratic and eleven listed as non-partisan or otherwise. Nearly all accepted the voluntary spending limit set for candidates running for Governor.
There are 32 candidates for U.S. Senator and Deane Feinstein is among them. Cast your vote wisely as she has for too long identified herself as a part of the establishment known in Washington as the ‘Deep State’. Primarily this is the group who hope to take down America’s status as a sovereign nation and cause it to become subservient to an international court of law and One World Government. That is the most obvious reason she is for removing firearms from the law abiding citizens, so they are unable to defend themselves. She also continues to voice her approval fro Obamacare which has proved to be a massive failure.
S. Mason