Congratulations to the Fillmore HS winners in the AVID Write-Off contest for Region VIII! In Ventura County, there were over 200 submissions in the competition and Fillmore students placed in three grade level categories – an excellent showing for our school within Ventura County!
Winners for Fillmore HS were Elaina Olague (12th grade) who placed 2nd of all 12th graders who entered; Alejandra Castaneda who placed 3rd among all 11th graders; Michael Borahona who won Honorable Mention in the10th grade category, and Ashley Pech who placed 3rd among all 9th graders.
The AVID program stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination” and is a program offered in most states to develop students’ awareness of college opportunities during these important years. Fillmore HS offers AVID courses at all grade levels, and by 12th grade, we proudly have a 100% rate of college acceptances! This incredible program is taught during the day as an elective course by Paul Fitzgerald (9th and 10th grade AVID) and by Erin Moriarty (11th and 12th grade AVID). Erin also serves as the Fillmore HS AVID coordinator, representing our school in AVID Region VIII activities.



As in any high school in America, we are entering a stressful period of time at Fillmore HS for our AP students. This year at FHS there are 90 students in AP (Advanced Placement) classes who are taking approximately 150 AP exams through the College Board over the two week period. Some of these students are taking more than one AP class and consequently are also taking more than one exam.
AP exams in the subjects of biology, calculus, English literature (12th grade), English language (11th grade), U.S. history, U.S. government, European history, Spanish language, Spanish literature, and macro economics will be given.
These college-bound courses are full year classes with summer readings or projects required as a pre-requisite to admission into the course in the Fall. Requirements are very stringent since these classes can count for college credit if the student scores high enough on the exam. The scale range is from 1 to 5, with a 3 being required as a minimum score to pass. (College and universities usually only award college credit for a score of 5 on an AP exam.)
Because of the nature of these very specialized courses, AP teachers are required to attend AP training and workshops in order to be eligible to teach AP. This year the College Board required every AP program in the nation (and international programs as well) to submit a course outline and syllabus for each separate AP course that is being taught at each high school. This syllabus was then audited by College Board professors who approved or rejected the course outline and syllabus,
and the submitting high school was notified whether the courses met the standard approved by the audit.
At Fillmore High School, all AP courses were submitted and approved as meeting the standards set out by the College Board for AP courses. Many thanks goes to the excellent AP teachers on our faculty: Nichia Huxtable – AP Biology; Matt Dollar – AP English Lit; Gina Watson – AP English Lang; Shelbi Mayo – AP Calculus; Lourdes Juarez – AP Spanish Lang and Spanish Lit; Debbie Hoffman – AP Macro Economics; Norm Andersen – AP U.S. History; Darby Schieferle – AP U.S. Government; and Cinda Francis – AP European History.



The sun was shinning bright, the birds were singing, and the flowers were in full bloom. It was a perfect day for a walk around the neighborhood! The Klittich Family invited the San Cayetano Kindergarteners to take a walking tour of their beautiful garden. Mrs. Klittich guided the students thought her vegetable and flower gardens giving bits of information about growing plants along the way. She
also led students through the chicken house! Kindergarteners got to hold chickens, pet rabbits, and hunt for eggs. Thank-you Klittich family for once again sharing your fantastic garden with San Cayetano Kindergarten!



A former student of Fillmore HS, Marcela Becerra, who participated in FHS cross country, track and soccer, has been recognized by Head Coach Sergio Segura from Holy Names University in Oakland, CA where she is currently working as an assistant cross country coach and finishing her masters degree.
She was honored after the NAIA Region II Championships at Woodward Park on November 3, 2007 for her coaching efforts by Coach Segura. The Hawks team finished 11th overall in the competition, and Coach Segura wrote an article praising Marcela’s coaching of the team. It is with great pride that Fillmore HS keeps up with our former students and their career accomplishments!


Picture left to right: 5th Grade Teacher – Ms. Cornejo, 5th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Silva, students: Gildardo Sandoval, Victor Prado, Kathy Castañeda, Shyann Villanueva, Anissa Ortega, Principal Richard Durborow, El Pescador owner Chuy Ortiz.
Picture left to right: 5th Grade Teacher – Ms. Cornejo, 5th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Silva, students: Gildardo Sandoval, Victor Prado, Kathy Castañeda, Shyann Villanueva, Anissa Ortega, Principal Richard Durborow, El Pescador owner Chuy Ortiz.
Enlarge Photo
Richard Durborow
Richard Durborow
Principal, Piru Elementary School

Piru Elementary 5th grade students just returned from an exciting 4 day/3 night outdoor education camping trip at Rancho Alegre. The students were all smiles as they described their camp experiences.
The Outdoor School facilitates the development of community and environmental stewardship in students through a direct experience with nature. The Camp broadens students’ horizons by inspiring a sense of wonder and curiosity about our local and global environment. Rancho Alegre is located across from Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara County.
Piru students gained valuable knowledge about botany, geology, wildlife, astronomy, and the Chumash culture. Our students made new friends, acquired new skills of teamwork and cooperation, and developed a new understanding about their responsibility for the natural environment.
Special thanks, for all their efforts, go to El Pescador, Maria Villa (The Friends of Piru), Dewey Thompson, Fillmore Rentals, William L. Morris, La Verne Nursery, Mrs. Silva (5th grade teacher), Ms. Cornejo (5th grade teacher), and Susan Jolley (Literacy Coach).
We would also like to thank the following supporters for their assistance in making our 5th Grade Camping Field Trip possible: Maria Villa – President; Friends of Piru – PTA Group; Dewey Thompson Fillmore Rentals; William L. Morris; La Verne Nursery.
Our 4th grade students are excited about going to camp next year! If you want to find out more about attending the Outdoor School just give us a call. We have many pictures and stories we would be happy to share with you.