Fillmore High School Visual and Performing Arts Show

Fillmore High School Visual and Performing Arts Department will be celebrating student artists and performers at our 11th annual Arts show. The exhibit, sale and performance will be held in the Veterans Memorial Building on Second Street. There will be drawings, paintings, ceramics, photos and wood projects to view and for purchase. The Fillmore High School Band and the Fillmore High School Percussion Ensemble will be performing. The drama department will also be performing as well as selling DVD's from this seasons hit "Trouble in Dustville". Fillmore High School Fashion Club will be selling tie-dyed t-shirts at the event. The show is patterned after a real life art opening. Not only is the art of high school students showcased, but also students “run” the whole event. They plan and organize it, design the invitations and flyers, mat artwork and “hang” the show. They act as hosts and hostesses on the evening of the event, handle sales, answer questions, and cleanup. The public is invited to attend "Art Hysteria" on April 14th from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p. m.