Pictured (l-r) Filmore Fire Chief Rigo Landeros, Fillmore Fire Captain Patrick Maynard, Oxnard Firefighter Alex Hamilton.
Pictured (l-r) Filmore Fire Chief Rigo Landeros, Fillmore Fire Captain Patrick Maynard, Oxnard Firefighter Alex Hamilton.
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State Route 126 hosts upwards of 100,000 vehicles per day resulting in several fatal traffic collisions each year. City of Fillmore Firefighters are faced with the constant challenge of responding to major traffic collisions and providing citizens top-notch service with aging equipment.

The California Office of Traffic Safety has awarded the City of Fillmore Fire Department a grant in the amount of $10,889.00 to purchase additional heavy rescue tools and vehicle stabilization equipment to be used for traffic collision responses.

“As firefighters, it is imperative we reach traffic accident victims as quickly as possible” said Fillmore Fire Chief Rigo Landeros. “This new and improved equipment will add to both the safety of the victim and the firefighters working. Another added benefit is the increased efficiency of which the rescue is performed.”
The grant package received is part of a State of California Office of Traffic Safety grant made available to all California fire agencies. In 2008, City of Oxnard Fire Department Firefighter Alex Hamilton began orchestrating local agency efforts by compiling the regional application, representing all Ventura County Agencies. Each local entity was responsible for submitting a list of their needs as well as justification supporting those requests. Following a competitive review of applicants, Ventura County was selected to receive upwards of $182,000 in grant funding.

Grant funding comprises approximately 5% of the City of Fillmore Fire Departments annual operating budget making it instrumental in the ongoing fiscal health an stability of the organization.


Ventura County Sheriff's Department
Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Search Warrant
300 Block Clay St.
100 Block Main St.
100 Block Main St.
500 Block Main St.
Theft Other
500 Block Central Ave.
Central Ave. / Santa Clara St.
Threats – Verbal/Written
700 Block 4th St.
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The Piru Charter School petitioners feel that education reform is the civil rights issue of our time. A good education is inextricably linked to our rights as American citizens. We are disappointed that Ventura County Board members have not supported our vision of quality school choice. Their denial of our petition is in clear opposition to the intent of the Charter Schools Act and the vision of educational reform recently outlined by the Governor of California and the President of United States. Quality education is a fundamental right and if given a chance charter schools can play an important part in erasing the “achievement gap” that exists in many “low performing” schools including Piru Elementary.

It is fundamentally unfair that Americans’ educational opportunities are so heavily influenced by dysfunctional school districts like Fillmore Unified School District where because of poor leadership and a reluctance to implement educational reform strategies each of their four elementary schools and their only middle school find themselves currently identified as a “low performing” school by the California Department of Education.

The Ventura County Board of Education had an opportunity to support Piru Charter School and make a clear choice to promote educational reform in Ventura County now and for generations to come. Many families and students will be disappointed as they learn that their wishes for quality school choice were ignored. To these parents we suggest you hold the Ventura County School Board members who voted against the charter petition accountable at the polls during the next election. As parents and voters you deserve more than “business as usual” from your elected officials.

Piru Charter School petitioners will appeal this CONTINUED »

Chief Tim Hagel addresses the fi rst Sheriffs Explorer’s meeting for Fillmore.
Chief Tim Hagel addresses the fi rst Sheriffs Explorer’s meeting for Fillmore.
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The Fillmore Police Department has organized the first explorer program in many years. On January 21, 2010, at 6:30 pm., the Santa Clara Valley Explorer Advisors had their first meeting with the explorer candidates.

The advisors are Deputy Leo Vazquez, Deputy Gabe Gonzales, Deputy Daniel Ozuna, Deputy Nora Sanchez and Cadet Leanne Thompson. Youths residing in the Fillmore and Piru areas were asked to sign-up if they were interested in becoming involved in the program. There were a total of 23 candidates and their parents that attended the meeting.

Fillmore Police Chief Tim Hagel, Sergeant Dave Wareham, Fillmore High School Counselor Isela Larin, Jermaine Bell from Boy Scouts of America, and Ventura Explorer Rockwell Ellis also attended. Deputy Gonzales gave a presentation about the program and what is expected of each individual. The purpose of the explorer program is to train young men and women of today for a future in the law enforcement field and to develop an interest in law enforcement.

The explorers will learn the mission of the department and the duties of deputies, build self-confidence and discipline, learn how to handle emergency situations, learn about the community and public relations, and develop leadership qualities. They will receive training in different areas of police work and will perform a variety of tasks under the direction of the Sheriff’s Department.

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Jorge Hernandez has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for causing a collision that killed two local disc jockeys in September 2009.

Hernandez, 24, was driving under the influence of alcohol on the wrong side of Highway 118 near Rose Avenue at 5:36 a.m.

Killed were David Garcia, 33, formerly of Fillmore, and Alex Estrada, 33, of Ventura. Garcia’s wife, Sonia, 26, was critically injured and remained in a coma for a month.

The two popular disc jockeys had attended and just left a Relay for Life cancer walk in Fillmore, when the collision occurred.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, had no criminal record and accepted responsibility early, which Ventura County Superior Court Judge Edward Brodie took into account in sentencing. Hernandez was also ordered to pay $500,000 in restitution.

Hernandez has two children, a 3-year old and a baby, who was born when he was in jail.

Public Works Director Bert Rapp explained to city council that Two Rivers Park will need sod to replace the failed hydroseed.
Public Works Director Bert Rapp explained to city council that Two Rivers Park will need sod to replace the failed hydroseed.

Two Rivers Sod
“This is not an easy item,” said Public Works Director Bert Rapp on Tuesday night, asking council to approve the installation of sod at Two Rivers Park, where hydroseeding has failed. The grass, hydroseeded in September 2009 (10 acres), is not growing as anticipated.

“It has not grown as it should have grown,” stated Rapp, citing improper care by the contractor after seeding.
Negotiations have been going on with the contractor to rectify the problem “on his nickel” according to Rapp. This approach yields the Change Order price of $156,000 to upgrade to sod.

He made it clear that the contractor was “absorbing [the] pain of the problem” financially. The contractor will pay $3,000 per day after April 15th if the sod is not “mowable” at one inch. Motion for sod passed 3-0.

Two Boys & Girls Club sites close
Interim Chief Professional Officer Sheila Tate began Tuesday’s council meeting by announcing the closing of three Boys & Girls Club sites, two in Fillmore. As of January 31st the North Fillmore and Rancho Sespe Clubhouses will close due to financial pressures. Tate said the organization is consolidating and reorganizing, and hopes the closings will be temporary. Displaced members are encouraged to attend the First Street Boys & Girls Club.

Tate thanked Santa Clara Valley Disposal, Big Brothers and Sisters, American Girl Scouts and the Fillmore School District for their involvement in helping the Club. She also announced that actor/activist Martin Sheen will be the keynote speaker at the Breakfast of Champions on Feb. 26. Anyone with questions or suggestion can contact Tate at 805-525-7910.

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February 1st

Monday, February 1 will be the Fillmore Lions Student Speaker contest. So now is the last chance t( enter and win $75 for winning and $25 for entering. The topic is "UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE-HOW WILL IT AFFECT US?" The outcome of this debate will affect all of us for years to come.

The winner of the Fillmore contest Feb. 1 will move on and compete for $21,325 in prize money and scholarships. Call Bill Edmonds at 524-4839 or see Mr. Josh Overton at the high school. All high school age youth who reside within the Fillmore High School District boundaries are eligible to compete. This includes home taught students as well as Fillmore residents who attend other high schools. This also includes foreign exchange students.

Students who wish to enter may contact Bill Edmonds at 524-4839 or Josh Overton at the Fillmore High School drama room. Edmonds emphasized that this public speaking competition will be very worthwhile to the students and interesting to their parents and to the community. Public speaking competition will also look very good on college applications and resumes.

Time is drawing short and students should start at once. It takes time to develop and practice a good speech. Act now. The contest will take place Monday, Feb. 1 beginning at 7:00pm at the Scout House at the end of Sespe.


The Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Clara Valley has been working on a reorganization and revitalization strategy the last 3 months that has brought needed change and enhanced communication and partnerships throughout both communities of Fillmore and Santa Paula. In order to strengthen service delivery and to ensure stability, the Board has decided to temporarily suspend services at 3 sites effective January 31, 2010 and will continue operations at 2 sites in Fillmore and Santa Paula.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Clara Valley are encouraging parents to send their children to the Clubhouses that will remain open: FILLMORE - Fillmore Clubhouse, 565 First St., 524-0456. SANTA PAULA - Las Piedras Clubhouse, 431 13th St., 933-3676.

In order to cut expenses, the Santa Paula Clubhouse at 1400 Harvard Blvd. will be closed temporarily. This will also make room for a renovation project that has been funded through grants and collaboration with the City of Santa Paula. Construction includes a rebuild of the public restrooms on the outside of the building, a remodel and enlargement of the entry to the Clubhouse, updated wiring, and installation of heating and air conditioning.

The 2 other closures at Rancho Sespe, CONTINUED »

The Los Padres National Forest mountains above Fillmore received a blanket of snow last week.
The Los Padres National Forest mountains above Fillmore received a blanket of snow last week.
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