Local residents are invited and encouraged to join Ventura County Public Health to go smoke free on Friday, May 31st
Ventura County Department of Public Health
Ventura County Department of Public Health

Every year, on May 31, World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed, encouraging 24-hour abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption.

On May 31, Ventura County Public Health (VCPH) is inviting the community to join the effort to go tobacco free by sharing the smoke-free message with friends, family, classmates, co-workers and community members.

Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths annually, including nearly 42,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. Additionally, more than 16 million Americans are living with a tobacco-related diseases. While traditional smoking may be on the decline, e-cigarettes are on a rapid incline, especially among youth.

The goal of VCPH is to reduce tobacco use and tobacco-related illnesses and deaths, and influence social norms towards a tobacco-free County.

“Our mission is to protect the public’s health by building leadership skills among adult and youth leaders, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and educating the public about the benefits and resources available to achieve tobacco-free living”, explains Selfa Saucedo, MPH, Director of Health Education at Ventura County Public Health. “Our vision is to be one of the healthiest counties in the nation and this educational outreach campaign is designed to help amplify the message to the community, especially our vulnerable youth.”


The use of e-cigarettes among youth has dramatically increased. Today, more high school students use e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes is higher among high school students than adults.

As of 2018, three out of five eleventh graders had tried vaping in Ventura County.

A 2018 survey* shows a 60 percent jump in eleventh graders now admitting to using these products in Ventura County.

Middle schoolers are proving most vulnerable as use has increased by 49 percent in one year.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that convert nicotine, additives and chemicals into vapor, and this vapor is thought to be safer to inhale. This is misleading because the cloud emitted is not vapor but an aerosol (a gas containing ultra-fine particles) that contain varying levels of toxicants and heavy metals. “Besides the large aerosol clouds that can be made with e-cigarettes/vape pens, the 15,500 e-juice flavor options are a marketing strategy to lure new, young customers, said Saucedo. “It's no coincidence that flavorings in tobacco products add to their appeal.”

The VCPH Tobacco Policy is a program within the Community Health Equity and Promotion unit of Ventura County Public Health. It is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive tobacco control plan for Ventura County.

Funds for the program have been made available through passage of the 1988 Tobacco Tax Initiative or Proposition 99 as well as the 2016 Tobacco Tax Increase or Proposition 56. The comprehensive tobacco control plan follows state guidelines and addresses the following three state mandated priorities:

Reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke;

Reduce youth access to tobacco; and

Promote Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing (Apartments)

Build a diverse coalition to address tobacco issues in Ventura County

“Education is the key to increase awareness of the harms of tobacco use, secondhand smoke and engage the community to become involved in tobacco control issues in their communities”, said Saucedo. “The public is invited to join a variety of programs that educate and engage the public on the dangers of tobacco use, secondhand smoke exposure and preventing youth access of tobacco products in a retail setting.”

Community members are encouraged to volunteer -- visit SmokeFreeVC.org for more information and educational links. Or connect on Facebook at Ventura County Action on Smoking & Health.

You can also contact the Ventura County Public Health, Tobacco Policy Program to get more information on county, city or state of California laws regarding tobacco products or secondhand smoke by calling 805-981-6656 or if you are ready to quit smoking and need help, call 805-201-STOP (7867).

Source: The latest California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) from 2018


2018-19 FHS Outstanding Swimmer of the Season & Citrus Coast League MVP Katrionna Furness, with Coaches Mike and Cindy Blatt.
2018-19 FHS Outstanding Swimmer of the Season & Citrus Coast League MVP Katrionna Furness, with Coaches Mike and Cindy Blatt.
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This past Saturday, May 18th, at the Fillmore Equestrian Center, Simoore Grange hosted the first Annual Citrus Club Livestock Show. It was attended by local youth of all ages who are planning on taking their livestock to the Ventura County Fair this August to practice as well get feedback on their animals. Pictured above is Kodi Sieben of Fillmore FFA who was named Steer Senior Showmanship Winner. Photos courtesy Taylor Lindsay.
This past Saturday, May 18th, at the Fillmore Equestrian Center, Simoore Grange hosted the first Annual Citrus Club Livestock Show. It was attended by local youth of all ages who are planning on taking their livestock to the Ventura County Fair this August to practice as well get feedback on their animals. Pictured above is Kodi Sieben of Fillmore FFA who was named Steer Senior Showmanship Winner. Photos courtesy Taylor Lindsay.
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By Dawn Lindsay & Amber McCalister

Simoore Grange is a local community youth organization that is under the umbrella of The National Grange of the Order of Patrons and Husbandry, which is a fraternal organization in the United States that encourages families to band together to promote the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture. This organization is of interest to all who are growers, processors, and consumers of agricultural products. The Grange Youth Fair Program is a sanctioned body of The National Grange, made up of young people from the age of 5 through 19 years old. Since 1873, the mission of the California State Grange has been to serve, steward, and teach the virtues of the land to our children and community. They maintain their commitment to grassroots advocacy, supporting farmland preservation, farm development, community service, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and the consumer’s role in the food production system.

The local Simoore Grange club is a non-profit organization that serves youth and families in Ventura County. The members of Simoore Grange are a unique brand of today’s youth. For several months (up to 11 months for cattle!), they feed, clean up after, train, and groom their market animals in preparation for the Ventura County Fair in August. They spend hours each week with their animals. The animals are their priority right along-side school, homework, chores, sports, church, and family. Their expenses while raising a project animal include the cost of the animal, feed, bedding, grooming materials, show fees, and sometimes medical expenses. They also prepare for the Ventura County Fair by participating in several practice shows throughout the spring and summer months.

This past Saturday, May 18th, the Simoore Grange organization hosted the first annual Citrus Classic Livestock Show at the home of Michael & Amber McCalister of Santa Paula. This show allowed local youth, who are planning to take their market goats, lambs, and cattle to the Ventura County Fair, an opportunity to practice their showmanship skills, as well as gain valuable feedback about the marketability of their animal from the knowledgeable and experienced judge, Clemente Ayon from Santa Maria. Belt buckles for 1st place in Senior, Junior, and Novice Showmanship were awarded, as well as a buckle for the Grand Market Champion. The award for the Reserve Champion goat and lamb were Pro Cool Blankets and the cattle was a leather show halter.

The Citrus Classic winners for Showmanship were: Brooke Allen, Sespe 4H (Senior Goat), Joseph Deniz, South West 4H (Junior Goat), Brett Bowman, Santa Rosa Valley 4H (Novice Goat), Kaitlyn Prado, Briggs 4H (Senior Lamb), Breonna Alvarez, Briggs 4H (Junior Lamb), Jayleen Arballo, Briggs 4H (Novice Lamb), Kodi Sieben, Fillmore FFA (Senior Steer), Amber Watkins, Simoore Grange (Junior Steer), and Jadyn Pinneo, Mira Monte 4H (Novice Steer).

The Citrus Classic winners for Market were: Joseph Deniz, South West 4H (Market Champion and Reserve Market Champion Goat), Kaitlyn Prado, Briggs 4H (Market Champion Lamb), Jayleen Arballo, Briggs 4H (Reserve Market Champion Lamb), Tyler Evans, Simoore Grange (Market Champion Steer), and Ashley Watkins, Simoore Grange (Reserve Market Champion Steer).

This show, and others like it, is not possible without the generous support of local sponsors. The members of Simoore Grange and organizers of the Citrus Classic Livestock Show would like to express their gratitude to the following sponsors: Iwasiuk Ranch, RaboBank, Sharpe Plumbing, Evans Excavating, Warwar Medical Group, Ojai Valley Feed, Stagecoach Market, Haley Ranch and American Hay. We would also like to thank our sponsors from the Topa Creek Ranch Show (held in April) who were: LBL Equipment Repair, MO Town Fitness, Wachter Hay & Grain and Bill & Dawn Lindsay.

There is one more Livestock show coming up on Saturday, June 22, 2019, the Amber Leon Memorial Show. It is free to the public to view, and is open to any youth in Grange, 4H, FFA, or Independent raising market goats, lamb, and/or cattle. It will take place at the Fillmore Equestrian Center, located at 308 Chamberlain Road in Fillmore, CA. Buckles will be awarded for 1st place in Senior, Junior, Novice Showmanship, and Market Champion, and the Reserve Champion will receive a leather show halter (cattle) and Pro Cool blankets (goats & lambs). Goats sign in/weigh in at 3:00pm for a 4:00pm show; lambs sign in/weigh in at 4:00pm (show starts after goats finish); and cattle sign in/weigh in at 5:00pm (show starts after lambs finish). There is a $25 entry fee for the first animal, and a $15 entry fee for any additional animals.

If you have any questions, would like to get involved with the Simoore Grange club, and/or if you are interested in providing a tax-deductible sponsorship for a future show, please contact Joe Long (805-317-1854) or Dawn Lindsay (805-625-1143).

1) Goat Market Champion - Joseph Deniz, South West 4H

2) Lamb Market Champion - Kaitlyn Prado, Briggs 4H

3) Steer Market Champion - Tyler Evans, Simoore Grange

4) Steer Senior Showmanship Winner – Kodi Sieben, Fillmore FFA



Dear Community of Fillmore,

In 1991 Mrs. Raelene Chaney co-founded what was once Grad Nite Live. The purpose of Grad Nite Live is to have the students in our community celebrate a safe and sane graduation. This non-profit organization ran for over 26 years, it was not until Mrs. Chaney’s health took a turn that she could no longer run the non-profit.

At this time the nonprofit folded, students in our community for two years did not have the opportunity to participate in Grad Nite Live. Within the last two years Fillmore Safe Graduation, a nonprofit organization was re-established for the students in our community to celebrate one last evening together as a class before they venture off.

The goal of this organization is to bring back what Mrs. Chaney started years ago; the boat cruise. The class of 2020 will be the first class to have this opportunity in years.

In order for us to make that happen we need the help of our community. A large deposit is required to make this happen and unfortunately we don’t have the funds at this time. We are asking for the support of our amazing community to help us offer this opportunity to our students.

Please help us make this happen for the graduating class of 2020. For more information you may contact Jennie Andrade @ (805) 340-3601 or Alicia Hicks @ (805) 824-9962.

Fillmore Safe Graduation


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Photos by Bob Crum.
Photos by Bob Crum.
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The Bardsdale Cemetery will hold it Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 27th at 11AM.

The Ceremony will start with a fly-over by the 805th Navion Squadron.

The featured speaker this year is Captain Douglas W. King, Civil Engineer Corps, Chief Staff Officer Naval Base Ventura County. Capt. King is a Seabee Combat Warfares Specialist, Warranted Contracting Officer and Acquisition Professional Community member. He has been awarded the Navy Meritorious Service Medal (four awards), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), Navy Achievement Medal and other awards. He is married and has 3 daughters.

The Reverend Bob Hammond of St. Stephens Anglican Church will give the Memorial Service and special music will be provided by the Bardsdale Methodist Church Choir and Cub Scout Troop 3400.

Also assisting in the ceremony will be VFW Post 9637, Boy Scout Troop 406, Cub Scout Troop 3400 and Bob Thompson. The Boy Scouts will put out the flags on Friday, May24th and they will be picked up by the Bardsdale 4H on Tuesday, May 28th.

A special thank you to Garcia Mortuary for furnishing the doves to conclude the service and to the P.E.O. for furnishing cookies.

The Board of Trustees of the Cemetery District: Gabe Asenas, President, Lynda Edmonds, Secretary, Rita Rudkin, and Kathryn Wren Gavlak would like to invite the community to this special event.


On Friday, May 17th, at around 1:30 a.m., a crash was reported on Telegraph Road at Claremont Way in Ventura. When police arrived on scene they found a vehicle had crashed into the traffic signal pole with five occupants inside. Fifteen year old Cecilio Ortiz Garcia, Jr., who was sitting in front right seat of the vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene. The 21-year-old male driver was taken to the VCMC in critical condition, and the three other 15-year–old male passengers were also taken to the hospital in serious condition. All five were from Fillmore. No other cars were involved in the crash. Police say alcohol and speed were contributing factors.