See What the School Board Saw: Reductions List April 26 2011

At the April 26, 2011 Board meeting Superintendent Jeff Sweeney provided on paper the Mission, Vision and Goals for the District. It should be noted that all of this information is laid out in Board policies that are available to every member of the public at any time through the Districts website. Keep in mind that many of the policies have been updated recently and you would need to confirm with the District that the policy online is the most up to date version.

The Vision is what the District “looks like” when the Mission has been successful. A Vision is the ultimate goal that all actions are working towards. When the District is exactly the way described in the Vision, it means the Mission has been wholly successful.

Rooted in tradition and committed to excellence, FUSD works collaboratively with parents and the community to empower students to succeed in an ever-changing world.

The Mission of an organization, company or school district is the underlying intention for all actions it takes as it works towards its Vision.

To ensure that each students will develop the skills and attitudes essential for success in school and in a diverse society, we are committed to:

-All students learning
-A competent and caring staff participating in decision-making
-Parents as partners
-Effective management of resources
-A safe, healthy and inviting environment
-Excellence in all we do

GOALS for 2010-2011 as laid out by the Board:

To improve the achievement of all students it the goal of all staff, parents, community members and board members within FUSD.
-Special focus will increase the academic achievement of English language learners.

In order to do this we will:
-Provide the highest quality staff for the students in the school district

-Special emphasis will be placed on the salary parity, positive, collaborative workplace environments, retaining quality staff, hiring highly qualified teachers and helping all staff improve and grow professionally through performance evaluation.

-Review and improve District and school discipline plans and procedures to increase the attendance of all students.

-Increase parent outreach, parent involvement, and parent education opportunities.

-Improve communication within the school district and with parents and community partners.

-Maintain clean, orderly and safe facilities for students and staff.

-Evaluate all facets of the instructional program, including the use of technology as an instructional tool, to ensure all curriculum is research-based and effectively implemented.

Do you think the District has met any of its goals? Which ones? Which ones has it failed to meet?

Assistant Superintendent, Director of Business Services Michael Bush, presented the following list to the Board and those in attendance. It is based on recommendations from the Superintendent.
All positions related to the items on this list have been noticed. See notes below the list regarding direction given by the Board that resulted in a few items being moved on the list and which should result in notices being rescinded.

Group A: Superintendent recommends cutting even if no reductions in budget required.
Group B: Superintendent recommends cutting if State reduction is $349 per pupil
Group C: Superintendent recommends cutting if State reduction is $620 per pupil
Group D: Superintendent recommends these items are “untouchable”. *I added the Group D designation for ease of reporting, this list was presented but with no Group designation.

(A note on the formatting, I am unable to make nice columns on the blog, so the top line tells you the 4 bits of info for each item, Expense, Savings, Group and # of Students impacted. The info you see for each "expense" is in that order following the item, sorry it is a bit confusing)

Expense Savings Group # of students impacted
Two FHS Teachers $ 155,374 A 988
(- Due to declining enrollment)
Director of Special Projects 70,330 A NA
FHS Asst. Principal 44,781 A 988
(Becomes part-time Dean)
FHS Health Clerk 31,334 A 988
5 Additional Furlough Days 550,000 B 0
Mechanic 77,145 B NA
Align Funding of Facility Mngment 64,548 B NA
Adjusted Site Budgets 31,000 B 3764
One Cabinet Position 150,000 C NA
Raise grades 4-5 by two 117,200 C NA
Raise secondary class size by one 117,000 C 1787
One Educational Services Coord. 100,000 C 3764
General Fund Support of Libraries* 86,653 C 3764
Elementary Music Teacher* 85,782 C 200
Counselor 83,796 C 799
One Cabinet Secretary 80,000 C NA
One Groundsman 64,216 C NA
One Custodian 60,000 C NA
Grade 4-5 Class Size Relief 46,880 C NA
Athletic Director/Clerk 45,487 C NA
Site Administration 807,396 D 3764
Class Size Reduction 580,890 D 1207
2 Vice Principals 235,133 D 1787
Raise Secondary Class Size by 2** 117,200 D 1787
Special Ed Coordinator 114,568 D 3764
Zangle Support 80,923 D NA
Data Specialist 79,059 D NA

Total District Reductions: $4,076,696

*Denotes item moved to Group D by Board on April 26th. Presumably positions affected that have been noticed will be reinstated.
**Denotes item moved from Group D to Group C
Note: Board agreed with all Group D, so all notices attached to those cuts will presumably be rescinded. Mr. Sweeney indicated this on April 26.