I Want to Hear From You, teachers, staff, parents, students, residents.
What do you think about the State budget and higher taxes to ensure education funding?

So who was at the Rally? How did it go? How many were there?
Have you seen & read Mr. Hood's letter to the editor? Here's an excerpt:
"California Teachers Association campaigns for the law makers who will support union salaries and state worker’s pensions. The unions got the budgets and pensions they wanted, but because members have been so mis-educated by the totalitarian left, the inevitable realities of hating our own American capitalist system, and therefore being ignorant of profit and loss, are coming home to roost. Now that we have helped bankrupt the state, we evidently feel it is ethical to shakedown the taxpayers, as the world evidently owes us a living. But should we hold our breath and stomp our feet if we don’t get a raise in our allowance?"
Read the rest of his letter here: http://www.fillmoregazette.com/letters

And check out this piece that was sent to me by a Fillmore area resident, it examines this same issue, presents some suggestions for teachers Unions
"Debt the Teachers’ Unions Cause Us
The California Teachers Association is a major contributor to the Golden State’s fiscal woes."
By Larry Sand, May 10, 2011

"California’s chronic fiscal crisis should prompt a substantive debate about the limits of government and the folly of an expansive welfare state. Instead, leaders of the 325,000-member California Teachers Association are using the struggle to close the Golden State’s $15.4 billion budget deficit as an opportunity for some political street theater. The powerful National Education Association state affiliate is spending this week highlighting California’s “state of emergency,” with large rallies planned in Sacramento and around the state Friday to agitate for billions of dollars in higher taxes. "

Read the rest and then come back and comment : http://city-journal.org/2011/cjc0510ls.html

What are you up to this weekend? I am honored to have been invited to attend the Fillmore High School Prom tonight, I hope to get some great photos and will post a "review" here. Happy Weekend.