Are You Waking UP Yet?
FUSD is now in Program Improvment. The District. Any Questions?

Ok, so it's early in the school year. And there is a lot happening in FUSD. And in every District. But we're focused here. Even if you don't have kids in the District you should be paying attention because this is YOUR tax dollars being spent, the state of the schools affects property values, whether companies want to bring their headquarters here (Anyone need a job? )...

The numbers are right there, staring everyone in the face. Here is a link to the California Department of Educations records for FUSD...

This record shows that FUSD is now in Program Improvement year 1 (see my article in the gazette if you don't know what PI is or read about it online). Yes there are issues with NCLB and I join most folks in not being a fan of standardized testing BUT until all those educators figure out a feasible way to measure student learning, it's what we've got. And the numbers show that the way it's being done, doesn't cut it. We need to change things up. We are using OLD teaching methods and "analog" classrooms in a 3D world. Just because it's way you've done it for 30 years doesn't mean it is the "right" way. Here's the video I got that terminology (analog classroom vs. 3d) from.

We have to recognize that kids today simply live and operate in a world totally unlike that of their parents. We have to change the look, feel, culture and experience of the classroom.

Now specific to FUSD, when is the community going to demand accountability? I feel like I'm standing on a mountain top shouting all by myself. Folks are not comfortable going on the record (ie. letting me use their names in articles because they are afraid for their jobs in the District and cause they still have kids in the District... is that crazy? Not in FUSD.. it's a fact that they perceive this District as hostile to anyone who speaks out against anything going on, anyone who asks questions, or says" Hold on,, you can't do that".... ) Teachers and staff members who do speak out are reprimanded by colleagues. I am tired of it. Plain and simple. Enough is enough. The folks in charge (school board, superintendents office and ALL ASST. Superintendents) need to step up, have some guts, grow some.... oh you know... and do what is best for the kids. This does not mean we all will agree with what is done,, but going with business as usual is not working.

Last month I met with Dr. Nishino. He asked me Why I choose to take my son out of FUSD. HE WAS THE FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MEMBER OF FUSD TO ASK ME THAT QUESTION. The staff members present when I requested my sons enrollment papers back even handed me back my letter explaining why I was pulling him out. There is an environment of fear and of "my way or the highway." Do you know how many students leave FUSD every year? And that means $$$$ lost for FUSD... ask YOUR school board what THEY are doing (they can't wait for others any longer) to bring those families back. I hope that the interim folks being brought in are ready and wiling to rock the boat a bit. To show folks that they need to adapt or get left behind, because you know what? The kids are being left behind...

I have recently attended a school board meeting in a nearby district. Wow ! can I just tell you.. what a true world of difference. Just the agenda itself had more information about the resolutions being passed so folks know what is actually being proposed. Either a school board has an interest in communicating with the community or they don't...

HELLO RESIDENTS OF FILLMORE, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION. THESE STUDENTS ARE YOUR FUTURE. ARE YOU WILLING TO ALLOW THE SAME FOLKS YEAR AFTER YEAR TO FAIL THEM ????? THINK ABOUT IT. The middle school has not met state targets for eleven years, and there are school board members still sitting on the Board. I mean really, does that make any sense?

Ask the school board about the NEW school in FUSD. Heritage Valley IndependEnt Studies. ASK ABOUT IT. Has a school board member been paid as a substitute teacher? Isn't there some policy about school board members being employed by the Distsrict? WHAT IS THE DISTRICT DOING ABOUT "AR"? REMEMBER ALL THE PARENTS WHO SPOKE OUT LAST YEAR? HAVE THEY RECEIVED A RESPONSE? DO YOU WANT THE SAME SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS WHO HAVE SAT BEHIND THE DESK WHILE FUSD MOVED INTO PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT CHOOSING THE NEXT PERMANENT SUPERINTENDENT? REALLY, THINK ABOUT IT. YOU CAN INVESTIGATE. I'll be at the next Board meeting, where will you be on Tuesday night?


Slightly a different topic, (and this is likely to [!@#$] some people off) and this is for Districts across the Nation not just FUSD, since when is it the role of a school District to provide jobs? This is not a cash cow, this is a public school.

Here is a great story that you may have seen about a Superintendent who reduced his OWN pay by $800,000 over 3 years to benefit the District. WOW !