Santa Clara River Watershed Opening Reception & Live Animal Presentation

Submitted by mlf on Mon, 09/22/2008 - 2:11pm.
Saturday, October 18, 2008

South Coast Wildlands and Visual Journey’s, along with the Santa Clara River Trustee Council, invite you to come and learn more about one of California’s most diverse watersheds. Come take a journey through the Santa Clara River Watershed with a visual and educational exhibit designed to ignite passion and appreciation, and encourage the protection of the Santa Clara River Watershed. Also come out and meet some of the creatures that share the watershed with us. This exhibit and presentation will provide an opportunity for you and your community to learn about how your lives are entwined with the survival of a wild and healthy river.

Our Journey through the watershed begins with an overview of the natural history of the watershed.
Viewers will learn about one of Southern California’s last free flowing rivers, the Santa Clara River. The
exhibit explains what a watershed is and why they require protection. Emphasis is placed on the role of
this watershed in providing habitat for over 100 endangered, sensitive, or threatened species. Viewers are
also informed about regionally important wildlife movement corridors in the watershed.

Equipped with an understanding of the Santa Clara River ecosystem, viewers are then invited to see how
they can help protect the river’s watershed and the species that live there. Why care about wildlife and
habitat? Protecting the health and diversity of our natural lands in the watershed increases quality of life
for all residents, both human and animal. A healthy ecosystem that sustains wildlife lessens the
probability of wildlife conflicts. People can enjoy living next to wilderness without having nature move
into their homes. With information and action, homeowners can help ensure the safety of families, pets
and livestock. And residents can maintain the health and quality of our natural areas that we depend on
for recreation, education, tranquility, and inspiration for many years and generations to come. Come hear
how we can build a brighter future for people and wildlife together.

Location: Fillmore Library - 502 Second Street, Fillmore, CA 93015
Date: Exhibit on display October 16 through November 6th, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday October 18th 1:00 pm.