SACRAMENTO – George Runner has called upon California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to stop overcharging California consumers when they pay tax on their vehicle purchases.

Runner said, “It’s outrageous that the State of California expects private citizens to do things right that government is doing wrong.”

In a letter to DMV Director Jean Shiomoto, Runner writes: “I find it difficult to understand why your agency would knowingly continue to mischarge taxpayers when the Board of Equalization has developed an extremely accurate tool for determining tax rates at specific locations.”

The Board’s online tax rate lookup tool, launched in late 2013, enables taxpayers to find a sales tax rate for a specific address.

In his letter, Runner explains that DMV’s problem appears to stem from continued reliance on postal zip codes to determine tax rates. Since a single zip code can include areas with differing tax rates, zip codes are not a reliable way to determine tax.

Runner estimates that in his district alone more than 2.5 million Californians live in zip codes that have more than one tax rate.

Unlike most transactions, the tax rate for a vehicle sale is based on the location provided to DMV by the registered owner, not where the sale took place.

In response to Runner’s letter, DMV staff contacted Runner’s office indicating a desire to address Runner’s concerns but warning a solution could be years away.

Runner said, “I am happy to assist taxpayers overcharged by DMV in obtaining refunds, but they should not be overcharged in the first place. I don’t want to hear excuses. I want to see change.”

Runner says he will be pursuing additional outreach to taxpayers in his district to alert them to the possibility that they are paying too much tax.

Elected in November 2010, George Runner represents more than nine million Californians as a member of the State Board of Equalization. For more information, visit


August 20, 2014

Ms. Jean Shiomoto, Director
Department of Motor Vehicles
2415 First Avenue, MS F101
Sacramento, CA 95818-2606

Dear Director Shiomoto:

I believe it is important for my constituents to have complete confidence they are paying the correct amount of tax. During my service on the Board of Equalization I have received a number of calls from constituents informing me they have been charged an incorrect amount of tax on vehicle sales by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Sales and use tax rates vary widely across California and are subject to change over time. In addition to the statewide sales and use tax rate of 7.5 percent, there are many cities and counties that have voter approved local and district taxes. In the past, some retailers and the DMV have utilized zip codes to determine which tax rate to use. However, only using zip codes is not reliable in determining tax rates. Very few zip codes encompass entire municipalities, and zip codes are often split between cities and counties that employ different tax rates. When this occurs, a taxpayer living in one area of a zip code could pay a higher tax rate than another living in the same zip code.

Because more than 2.5 million taxpayers in my district live in these split zip codes, I requested the creation an online tool ( that would allow taxpayers to easily pinpoint a location and receive the sales and use tax rate used at a specific address. The site also shows the entire area where a particular tax rate applies. The webpage is accessible, easy-to-use and accurate. The public uses it, but unfortunately, the DMV refuses to do so.

Last December, BOE staff initiated discussions with DMV staff regarding your department switching to the BOE’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool to ensure accurate tax rates are being charged. However, after continued complaints from taxpayers, it is clear that DMV offices have failed to institute use of the BOE's tax rate lookup website to determine the correct amount of tax to charge. At my direction, both my office staff and BOE staff inquired further and were informed that DMV is not, and will not, be using the BOE GIS tool.

I find it difficult to understand why your agency would knowingly continue to mischarge taxpayers when the Board of Equalization has developed an extremely accurate tool for determining tax rates at specific locations. Use of this tool would cut down on refund requests from taxpayers, thereby saving time and money, and would instill confidence in taxpayers that state government is not collecting more tax than is required.

It is my hope that you will immediately direct your staff to begin using the BOE’s GIS tool. BOE management and IT staff are ready to assist the DMV with technical expertise, if necessary. If you would like to discuss the matter further, please feel free to contact me at 916-445-2181.


Second District

cc: Jerry Brown, Governor, State of California
Brian P. Kelly, Secretary, California State Transportation Agency
Cynthia Bridges, Executive Director, California State Board of Equalization
Andrew Conway, Chief, Registration Policy and Automation Branch, DMV



Sponsored by: Sen. George Runner (Ret.)
Member, California State Board of Equalization
Jerome E. Horton
Chairman, California State Board of Equalization

San Fernando Nonprofit Tax Seminar

• Sales and Use Tax for Nonprofit Organizations
• Employment Taxes and Nonprofit Organizations
• Property Tax Exemptions
• Compliance for Exempt Organizations
• Regulation of Charities

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (check-in starts at 8:30 a.m.)

San Fernando Regional Pool Facility
208 Park Avenue
San Fernando, CA 91340

To register for this event go to:
Note - CE Credit: Continuing Education Credit is given for enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax practitioners who qualify. You must stay all day to receive the four credits.



CAMARILLO, CA - Statement by Jeff Gorell, candidate for California's 26th Congressional District, regarding Julia Brownley and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's recent television attack ad:

"It is very disappointing that Julia Brownley and her allies are engaging in a negative, misleading, and deceitful television campaign. Her team is clearly worried and noticing the trend: voters are overwhelmingly supporting Jeff Gorell over Julia Brownley," stated Gorell.

Brownley's attack ad is nothing more than a deceptive attempt to distract voters from Jeff's service to our community as a criminal prosecutor, two-time war veteran, and adjunct professor at California Lutheran University for 10 years.

It is very disappointing that Julia Brownley and her supporters resort to partisan scare tactics in an effort to hold on to power. Her congressional seat is vulnerable and voters are increasingly turning to Jeff Gorell as the candidate they know and one they can trust.

Gorell continued, "Julia Brownley has a history of resorting to attack ads. Her campaign is run by her Washington, DC allies and history tells us that she will continue to attack Republicans and Democrats that get in her way. Sadly, this behavior is very typical of Congress and a major reason why it has become one of the most unpopular institutions in America."

Brownley is not telling voters the truth. It is becoming increasingly important to set the record straight and distinguish between myth and actual fact regarding Jeff Gorell.

Myths: Facts:
Jeff Gorell is a lobbyist Jeff Gorell was never a registered lobbyist. For a few years, he was a media and community relations professional. This lie is an attempt to distract voters from the fact that Jeff Gorell is an active Commander in the Navy Reserve, two-time veteran of the War in Afghanistan, respected state legislator, former Deputy District Attorney and teacher at California Lutheran University.

Contributions to Assemblyman Gorell influenced his votes This notion is offensive. Jeff is an independent legislator who's votes were always in the best interest of his district and of the State of California. Julia also took money from the insurance industry while in the Assembly. In her current campaign, almost 90% of her contributions have been from outside of the district, and almost $500,000 is from special interests, lobbyists, and PAC's.
Jeff Gorell voted against women Jeff supports access and freedom of choice in women's healthcare. Jeff has a strong record of being an advocate for women while in Sacramento; including advocating and supporting the largest investment in child care and preschool education in California history, voting for the the expansion of MediCal to cover pregnant women, and providing tax incentives to ensure more funding goes towards breast cancer research.
Jeff Gorell would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for preexisting conditions. Jeff has consistently stated that preexisting conditions SHOULD be covered. (See below)

Jeff Gorell, a California State Legislator, is candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 26th Congressional District. A Navy Commander in the Reserve and third-generation Navy war veteran, Gorell most recently served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in support of Marine Corps forces in Helmand Province.



CAMARILLO, CA - Statement by Jeff Gorell, candidate for California's 26th Congressional District, regarding Conejo Valley Unified School District's local school bond Measure I:

"I'm proud today to announce my endorsement of the Conejo Valley Unified School District's proposed Measure I this November. Measure I will provide much needed upgrades and improvements to local classrooms, facilities, technology, and campus safety. This is an appropriate measure to support our local schools, which are some of the most high performing in the state. I ask Conejo Valley voters to support this measure in November."

Gorell's support for Measure I is consistent with his longstanding policies on education including his support for additional K-12 funding and common sense reforms.



Sacramento, CA – Landmark legislation to protect the public from unwarranted government surveillance today passed out of the California Legislature, and now heads to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown for his signature. Assembly Bill 1327 by Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) protects the privacy rights of Californians by establishing basic restrictions on the government use of unmanned aerial systems, also known as “drones”.

“Over the next decade drone technology will become much more common in California’s airspace,” stated Assemblyman Jeff Gorell. “There are tremendous benefits that can be realized from these tools, but only if we first pass the legislation that will protect our civil and privacy rights from abuses of the technology. As the tech capitol of the nation, California should also lead in protecting our privacy from intrusions by new technology.”

AB 1327 addresses privacy concerns by implementing strict warrant requirements for law enforcement agencies looking to utilize the technology, except in specified situations. It also mandates any government agency to provide public notice when it intends to use drones, requires drone-collected images and data to be destroyed within1 year, and prohibits the weaponization of drones. AB 1327 also makes clear that local jurisdictions can adopt even stricter rules than what are prescribed in the bill.

Drones are already being used in agriculture outside of the United States, and additional proposed civilian uses of the technology include cargo transport, communications, filmmaking, security, forestry and geology. Government agencies are currently planning to use drones for firefighting, emergency management, weather analysis, environmental monitoring, and utilities. Private companies such as UPS and Amazon.Com have also begun exploring how they can utilize drones commercially.

AB 1327 has been endorsed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti; the Los Angeles Times; and the San Jose Mercury News.

Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30th to sign or veto this legislation.


Sacramento, CA – The California State Legislature today agreed to a compromise state water bond measure to appear on the November ballot. The $7.5 billion package will replace the $11.1 billion bond proposal that was previously agreed to. Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo), who serves as Vice-Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee and is a co-author of the new state water bond bill, SB 866, released the following statement commenting on the legislation:

“Providing reliable access to water during an extended drought is one of the most important issues Sacramento legislators will face this decade. The severity of our current water crisis has given us greater incentive to repair our state’s aging water infrastructure, but it has not been a speedy or easy process to reach today’s ultimate compromise.

It’s often said that the mark of a good compromise agreement is the fact that nobody is entirely happy with the end result. Nevertheless, this bipartisan agreement that I am proud to have co-authored will offer California’s voters a smaller and more focused water bond that better fits the state’s priorities.

The previous water bond measure was seen as too expensive and was criticized for the unrelated special interest earmarks. While some of these earmarks may be desirable to many people, such as $20 million to reduce animal habitat fragmentation in the Santa Monica mountains, their inclusion in the water bond would likely jeopardize its passage in November.

While I personally believe that the new water bond does not invest enough in water storage options, I’m happy that this bill includes money for groundwater storage and recycling projects that are important to Ventura County. The passage of this bill allows us to begin dealing with problems that should have been addressed a decade ago.”


Sacramento, CA – Responding to last week’s Congressional approval of a measure to grant an additional 1,000 immigration visas to Afghan interpreters who have worked with the U.S. military, California State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) today thanked the Senate and House for their bipartisanship, but reminded national legislators that we must do more to expedite the thousands of applications that have left many of our proud allies stranded among enemy terrorists still seeking to harm them.

“During both of my deployments to Afghanistan, I worked alongside Afghan nationals who bravely stood up to Taliban and Al Qaida subjugation, helping break the grip terrorist networks had upon Afghanistan,” stated Assemblyman Gorell. “These dedicated Afghanis risked their lives for our troops, and made it possible for us to complete our day-to-day missions. We must do what we can to protect our Afghan allies from terrorist retribution.”

Last year the state legislature approved Assembly Joint Resolution 22, a measure authored by Assemblyman Gorell calling upon the President and Congress to broaden and expedite immigration visas for Afghan nationals who risked their lives employed in support of United States troops in the War on Terror. The resolution pointed out that the federal Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009 allows for the issuance of up to 7,500 visas, however only about 1,000 of those had been issued, with a backlog of more than 5,000 applicants waiting to begin the process.

“Expanding the number of visas available to the Special Immigrant Visa program is important because there are still many people who have proven their friendship and deserve the opportunity to come to America,” added Gorell. “But it is even more important that the process be expedited.”

With the drawdown of coalition forces in Afghanistan, Taliban and other insurgents are deliberately targeting the Afghan nationals who’ve worked with American forces, attacking them and their families. The United Nations has reported last year that casualties resulting from the targeted killings of these civilians have increased significantly. In December of 2012, an interpreter in Jalalabad was heading home on leave when Taliban assailants attacked, killing his two brothers.

Assemblyman Gorell currently serves as a Commander and intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and has completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan.


SACRAMENTO – Board of Equalization Member George Runner will host a telephone townhall for California’s new car dealers on Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 a.m. The free event, co-hosted by the California New Car Dealers Association, will provide information on tax issues specific to the new car dealers industry, including interstate sales, rebates, warranty repair work and loaner vehicles.

“The auto industry generates billions of dollars in sales and hundreds of thousands of jobs for our state,” said Runner. “My goal is to help new car dealers understand California’s complicated tax laws. As their elected taxpayer advocate, I want to hear their concerns and answer their questions.”

Those wishing to participate may register online at or by calling 916-324-4970.

Individuals who pre-register will receive a telephone call at the start of the event inviting them to connect to the townhall. During the event, callers will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Elected in November 2010, George Runner represents more than nine million Californians as a member of the State Board of Equalization. For more information, visit


Camarillo, CA – Responding to recent announcements that Congress has failed to pass a plan dealing with the current immigration crisis, Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) today released the following statement:

“As a member of the California Assembly representing the district that includes Naval Base Ventura County, where hundreds of undocumented immigrant children are currently being housed, I believe that Washington must take immediate action in regards to the crisis along our border. There are few issues more important to my district and to the state of California than solving the immigration crisis.

Congress must pass legislation related to the necessary services and support required to contain the current influx of children and teenagers from Central America before leaving for their summer recess.

The President must outline a strategic plan that illustrates how we bring the current situation to resolution and end the use of military bases as temporary housing for those who have crossed into the United States. This use of military resources is not the intended primary function of these bases.

What we are seeing at the border is ultimately the failure of Congress and the President to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The President’s unilateral actions and mixed public messages on immigration have helped precipitate this mass migration of young people from Central and South America. Congress and the President must move forward with comprehensive immigration reform.

We need bipartisan solutions – now. Representatives in Washington – Republicans and Democrats alike – must put politics aside and take action on immigration. The world is using the back door because our front is locked.

Comprehensive immigration reform must secure the border, provide stricter worksite enforcement to cut down on illegal hiring, and provide legal status for current undocumented immigrants who pass a background check, pay fines and back taxes – ultimately becoming eligible for citizenship after a specific probationary period.”


CAMARILLO, CA - Statement by Jeff Gorell, candidate for California's 26th Congressional District, regarding use of foreign or fake military officer photographs in Congresswoman Julia Brownley's taxpayer-funded government mailers:

"It's been brought to my attention by concerned local veterans in the 26th Congressional District that Congresswoman Julia Brownley recently sent district voters a mass-mailing funded at taxpayer expense designed to imply that Brownley has the support of local military veterans."

"Sadly, the overtly political franking mailer proudly portrays an image - next to Brownley's photo - of an officer in uniform that is NOT a military uniform of any branch of the armed forces of the United States. The emblem in this photo appears to be that of the German Luftwaffe, a German military branch from the mid-1930's." (See below)

"The photograph is likely a purchased stock photo of a model in a costume contrived from various emblems to look like an official naval uniform. However it is clearly not an American Navy Uniform, or that of any U.S. military branch."

"This gaff is disrespectful to those who have worn the uniform of the United States."

"The misrepresentation and use of an image depicting a foreign or fake military service member is indicative of a fundamental lack of understanding of veterans and the military by Brownley, her staff, and her political advisors."

"This failure is common pattern and practice by Congresswoman Brownley. In 2013, she sent out an electronic mail piece stating that her father was a 'Marine in the U.S. Navy' which is not an accurate description of the service relationships. It's again symbolic of Julia's lack of understanding of the military." (See below)

"With the threat of imminent base closures and continued military actions developing around the globe, it is important that Ventura County residents are represented by someone who understands military service and veterans."

"This mail piece was sent at taxpayer expense, adding to the $308,196 Julia has spent on House mail as of March 31, 2014."

"Julia should apologize for using a photo of a foreign or fake military officer. She should also apologize for using taxpayer funds to send out such wasteful, useless mailers."

"America needs more real military veterans in service to our nation in Congress. I intend to be one of those after November."

Jeff Gorell, a California State Legislator, is candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 26th Congressional District. A Navy Commander in the Reserve and third-generation Navy war veteran, Gorell most recently served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in support of Marine Corps forces in Helmand Province.


Camarillo, CA – The office of Assemblyman Jeff Gorell is launching the “2014 Stuff the Bus” donation drive to help provide school supplies to students in need. Donations will be accepted at two Big Lots store locations beginning immediately, and will be delivered to the schools on August 15th during a public event hosted by Assemblyman Gorell.

People wishing to take part in the effort can donate school supplies at the Big Lots stores located on 733 W. Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme, or at 353 Carmen Drive in Camarillo. Supplies can also be dropped off at Assemblyman Gorell’s district office at 2301 East Daily Drive, Suite 200, in Camarillo.

Working with our community partners, Community Action Partnership of Ventura County, Hueneme Elementary School District, Oxnard Unified High School District, and Big Lots; this year’s Stuff the Bus donations will benefit Hueneme Elementary School District and Oxnard Unified High School District.

For additional information about donating or helping the effort in any other way, people can contact Stephanie Butts in Assemblyman Gorell’s district office at (805) 482-1904.


CAMARILLO, CA - Today, Jeff Gorell, Republican nominee for Congress in California's 26th Congressional District and Navy Commander announced the leadership and formation of the Veterans for Gorell coalition.

Veterans for Gorell will be led by former Mayor of Port Hueneme, Brig Gen Tony Volante (Ret.), and 3-time Purple Heart recipient, CAPT Jon Williams (Ret.). "We are honored to join so many of our fellow veterans in supporting Jeff Gorell for Congress," said Volante. "With so much going on in the world today, we need someone like Jeff, with his military acumen, representing us in Washington, D.C. We need a leader who will make sure that our veterans are taken care of when they return, and for years afterwards. The current state of our Veterans Administration is a disgrace and disservice to those that have served. Veterans in the 26th District demand a stronger voice - one that knows where they come from."

"I could not ask to be surrounded by a more prestigious group of American heroes than those that have joined my campaign today," said Gorell. "When elected to Congress, I will fight everyday to protect our men and women in uniform, make sure our veterans are given the care and attention they deserve, and ensure that Naval Base Ventura County is protected as one of our area's biggest assets."

Those joining Veterans for Gorell include:

Tony Volante - Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.)
Dr. Jon Williams - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Daniel Pemberton - Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.)
Dr. Eugene Fussell - RDML, USN (Ret.)
Robert Miller - CAPT, USN
Brick Conners - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Stewart Fisher - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Roman Gonzales - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Paul Grossgold - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Steve Huber - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Jim McHugh - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
David Sasek - CAPT, USN (Ret.)
Ed Bellion - Col, USAF (Ret.)
Paul Heron - CDR, USN (Ret.)
Ike Ikerd - CDR, USN (Ret.)
Ronald Boll - Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
Matt Bromund - LT, JAGC, USNR (Ret.)
Steven Hintz - LT, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
Ron Van Dyck - CMDCM, USN (Ret.)
Jim Daniels - EQCM, USN (Ret.)
Tony Grey - MCPO, USN (Ret.)
Ronald Pekkala - MCPO, USN (Ret.)
Ken Devore - CPO, USN (Ret.)
Dan Dolby - CPO, USN (Ret.)
Patrick Phillippe - BUC(SCW), USN (Ret.)
Bennie Roberts - MSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Cary Verstynen - MSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Stacy Cachero - PO1, USN
Erick Brockway - EO1, USN (Ret.)
Mark Higgins - PO1, USN (Ret.)
John Klopfstein - PO1, USN (Ret.)
Henry Soria - TSgt, USAF (Ret.)
Reyna Castle - PO2, USN
David Castle - PO2, USN
Amber Chambliss - PO2, USN Norman Griffaw - PO2, USN (Ret.)
Reymundo Parra - PO2, USN (Ret.)
Danny Molina - SGT, USA (Ret.)
John Ortiz - SGT, USA (Ret.)
Ken Preciado - SGT, USA (Ret.)
Victor Westerberg - SGT, USA (Ret.)
Neil Obnillas - PO3, USN
Cecilia Roberson - PO3, USN
Robert Rublacava - SPC, USA
Ben Host - PO3, USN (Ret.)
John Pressey - CPL, USA (Ret.)
Jim Monahan - SPC, USA (Ret.)
David Moodie - SPC, USA (Ret.)
John Ramirez - SPC, USA (Ret.)
Court Conaway - SN, USN
Marcella West - SN, USN
Bob Landman - A1C, USAF (Ret.)
Doug Breeze - SR, USN (Ret.)
Max Blum - US Navy Veteran
Lewis Delacruz - US Navy Veteran
Mike Duckett - US Navy Veteran
Ed Hogan - US Navy Veteran
Terry Howard - US Navy Veteran
Dan LaManno - US Navy Veteran
George Lange - US Navy Veteran
Len Newcomb - US Navy Veteran
Denny Rice - US Navy Veteran
Robert Lenham - US Marine Corps Veteran
Shawn Benavente - US Army Veteran
James Cornell - US Army Veteran
Owen Francis - US Army Veteran
Paulino Romero - US Army Veteran
Ernie Villegas - US Army Veteran
Chuck Bauman - US Air Force Veteran

Gorell is a Navy Commander and third-generation Navy war veteran who most recently served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in support of Marine Corps forces in Helmand Province. He is currently training with joint U.S. forces in Colorado and will return home August 1st.


CAMARILLO, CA - Jeff Gorell, a California State Legislator, active Commander in the Navy Reserve, and candidate for California's 26th Congressional District, is proud to announce that he has been endorsed by the Combat Veterans for Congress. Gorell is currently meeting his annual reserve training obligation while training for three weeks with joint military forces in Colorado.

"The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is pleased to endorse Commander Jeff Gorell, USNR, Esq. who will bring to Congress private sector skills and wisdom to better solve problems in government and represent the 26th Congressional District of California and the Republic," said Captain Joseph John, USN (Ret), Chairman of the Combat Veterans for Congress . "We look forward to working with Commander Gorell, and are pleased that a Combat Veteran of his caliber is running for Congress."

"I am proud to receive The Combat Veterans for Congress endorsement, and honored to be listed amongst the ranks of our nation's finest leaders and heroes like John McCain, Paul Cook, and Jeff Denham" stated Gorell. "These individuals are dedicated to fighting for the needs and interests of America's veterans - at a time when veterans and their families need our support more than ever."

"When elected to Congress, I will always keep the military service members and veterans of the 26th District at the front of my mind. As a third-generation member of the United States Navy, there is no more sacred duty our country can perform than protecting the welfare of our veterans."

The number of veterans continuing their service to our country as a Member of the House of Representatives has been on a steady decline the last 40 years and currently, there are the fewest number of veterans in Congress since World War II.

According to the organization's mission statement, "Combat Veterans For Congress Committee is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans to Congress . . . who believe in limited government, will rein in the out of control spending of Congress, are committed to preserving and defending the US Constitution, and will support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights."

Assemblyman Gorell was elected to the legislature in 2010 and currently serves as vice chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee. Gorell is also an Intelligence Officer in the Navy Reserve. A decorated veteran of two tours to Afghanistan, Gorell was recently promoted to Commander.


SACRAMENTO – George Runner today announced a new Board of Equalization heat map showing varying sales tax rates across California.

“California has more than two hundred sales tax rate jurisdictions, which can be confusing for taxpayers,” said Runner. “Our new map provides a picture of these rates and should serve as a helpful visual aid for taxpayers.”

The map complements the Board’s tax rate lookup tool that enables taxpayers to find a sales tax rate for a specific address.

“It’s important to know the correct tax rates to make sure you’re not being overcharged,” said Runner. “In some parts of California you’ll pay 7.5 percent on purchases while in some cities you will be charged up to 10 percent.”

Only cities and counties can impose a higher local sales tax. Legislation on the Governor’s desk (AB 2119) could allow voters to extend higher city tax rates to unincorporated portions of counties.

The highest sales tax rate of 10% can be found in the incorporated cities of La Mirada, Pico Rivera and South Gate located in Los Angeles County.

Taxpayers who believe they have been charged an incorrect rate should contact the retailer to request a refund. In addition, they can report the incorrect charge to the Board of Equalization by calling 1-800-400-7115.

More information on California sales tax, including the latest county and city rates, is available at

Elected in November 2010, George Runner represents more than nine million Californians as a member of the State Board of Equalization. For more information, visit


Camarillo, CA – Due to the high volume of constituent questions and concerns related to the temporary housing of undocumented immigrant children at Naval Base Ventura County, State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, whose district includes the base, released the following statement today:

Shortly after national stories broke that hundreds of undocumented immigrant children were being held at Navy Base Ventura County (NBVC) under the supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Assemblyman Jeff Gorell contacted the Commander of the Base and continuously reached out to HHS officials requesting a briefing and tour of the facility. After several weeks and almost a dozen calls and e-mails, his Assembly office and several other elected officials were finally granted a tour this afternoon.

Three primary concerns have been raised regarding the facility: (1) the condition and health of the children; (2) public health concerns; and (3) the timeline and Administration’s strategy for the use of NBVC for housing undocumented immigrants, which is not the intended use for a military base.

From our discussions with local health officials and what we observed at the facility today, our office believes that the facility is operating in a manner that does not compromise the health of children and the public. The overall conditions for the children are very good at this time. Furthermore, HSS officials confirmed that they intend to use NBVC for a total of 120 days, of which 30 days have currently been used.

“Currently, the situation at Navy Base Ventura County has satisfactorily met our priority concerns regarding the health of the children and the local community,” stated Assemblyman Gorell. “We will continue to closely monitor and communicate with base leadership and HHS officials to ensure the best interests of the children and local residents are met.”

A number of very relevant concerns have been raised by local residents regarding the Department of Health and Human Services’ program. NBVC is neither a prison, nor a medical quarantine facility, and the local community should be made aware of everything that is being done to minimize the very real public health threat that exists from housing refugees in a busy military facility that is located within an urban area.

Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, R-Camarillo, represents the 44th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes, in part, Navy Base Ventura County, and the Cities of Port Hueneme and Oxnard.


Camarillo, CA – With the California state legislature out of session for the July recess, Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) will be spending most of the month performing his obligatory annual reserve training with the U.S. Navy. Recently promoted to the rank of Commander, Gorell serves as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve and his upcoming joint service training in Colorado from July 9 to August 1 will help hone his expertise in space-based intelligence operations.

Assemblyman Jeff Gorell has completed two one-year tours to the Middle East and Afghanistan and was decorated for his leadership in a combat zone. In 2002, Gorell led a combat camera team in Bagram, Afghanistan; and from 2011-2012, he commanded a targeting cell embedded with the U.S. Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Gorell is the grandson of a Navy Seabee who fought in the Pacific during World War II, and the son of a career naval officer and Vietnam veteran.

Gorell will be returning to his legislative duties in Sacramento when the Assembly reconvenes from summer recess on August 4th.


Camarillo, CA – Assemblyman and U.S. Navy Officer Jeff Gorell today offered congratulations to Admiral Michelle Howard as she become the first woman in the history of the U.S. Navy to be promoted to the rank of four-star admiral. Admiral Howard now assumes the duties of Vice-Chief of Naval Operations, the second highest position in the Navy.

“I’m proud to see Navy leaders shattering these glass ceilings,” stated Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, who was recently promoted to Commander in the Navy Reserve and serves as an intelligence officer. “Admiral Howard has made a career of showing that military leadership should never be restricted by gender, and her promotion makes me even more honored to be a Navy officer myself.”

Assemblyman Jeff Gorell has completed two one-year tours to the Middle East and Afghanistan and was decorated for his leadership in a combat zone. In 2002, Gorell led a combat camera team in Bagram, Afghanistan; and from 2011-2012, he commanded a targeting cell embedded with the U.S. Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Gorell is the grandson of a Navy Seabee who fought in the Pacific during World War II, and the son of a career naval officer and Vietnam veteran.


Written By George Runner

Drop by the California State Capitol at just the right moment and you might be surprised to hear liberal legislators sounding like tax-cutting conservatives.

In support of a multi-million dollar tax cut for business, one liberal lawmaker argues, “We need to send a message to New York… and other states competing for our jobs and say, ‘It stops here.’”
Adds another: “We can't afford to let any more jobs abandon our state.”

One more chimes in: “Right now we’re getting our lunch handed to us by these other states.”

You’d be right to scratch your head. For years lawmakers have voted for tax hikes and burdensome regulations that drive jobs away from our state. As a consequence, Californians pay some of the highest tax rates in the nation.

Given this grim reality, any sign that tax-and-spend lawmakers might see the error of their ways is cause for hope, if not outright celebration.

A few recent developments are encouraging:

• In May, Governor Brown signed legislation to help boost California’s economy and create more opportunity for job growth in our aerospace industry. AB 777 updates the tax code to return spaceflight vehicles to their original classification of business inventory, keeping California competitive in a budding multi-billion dollar industry.

• In July, a new sales tax exemption for qualifying manufacturing, research and development equipment takes effect. The Governor and Legislature approved the changes last year as part of an overhaul of economic development policies. After years of losing good-paying manufacturing jobs to other states, California can finally compete with states that have offered this commonsense tax break for years.

• The Assembly unanimously approved bipartisan legislation to expand funding for California’s film tax credit. AB 1839 would increase funding for tax credits aimed at keeping production of films and TV series in California. Although the California Film Commission received 497 applications for the tax credit this year, due to limited funding only 23 projects were selected.

• The Governor and legislators are scrambling to find incentives that might encourage Tesla Motors to locate a new factory for its electric car batteries and 6500 jobs in California. The legislative effort, embodied in SB 1309 came after Tesla founder Elon Musk called California’s chances “improbable” given our state’s “complex and lengthy” permitting process.

In supporting these targeted measures, Democrats are agreeing with Republicans that California tax policy directly impacts our state’s ability to compete for jobs and investment. They also are finally acknowledging that California is on the losing end of this competition in at least some industries.

This admission is significant because it shows California’s great weather and natural beauty are not enough to keep us competitive and ensure our state’s continued growth and prosperity.

Many of the lawmakers who recognize the value of targeted tax relief often ignore the broader implications of their statements. When California loses jobs due to high taxes and regulations, the problem isn’t confined to select industries.

Yet rather than craft inclusive tax policies that benefit all job creators, the Democrats in the Legislature are picking winners and losers. As a result, job creators with broad appeal, political clout or media attention get tax relief; others, like many small businesses, facing similar competitive pressures get left out.

We should want all California entrepreneurs and businesses to be successful, because their success benefits all of us. Accordingly, we must recognize that high tax rates and regulatory costs undermines economic activity we can and cannot see.

If targeted tax relief is good for jobs, wouldn’t broad-based tax relief be better?

George Runner represents more than nine million Californians as a taxpayer advocate and elected member of the State Board of Equalization. For more information, visit


Port Hueneme, CA – Assemblyman Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo) was promoted today to the rank of Commander (O-5) in the United States Navy (Reserve Component) at a ceremony held at the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum at Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme. Commander Gorell, an intelligence officer and third-generation navy veteran, was selected for promotion last year by the Navy’s annual Commander (O-5) promotion board.

Commander Gorell’s military service was previously highlighted in 2011 when he became the first sitting member of the California State Legislature to be called to active military service since World War II. Half of his first two-year term was spent on an unpaid leave of absence from the legislature while he was embedded as a targeting officer with the U.S. Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. He earned the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for leadership in a combat zone.

“We congratulate Commander Gorell and thank him for his continued service both as a military officer and as a state legislator,” said Pete Conaty, who serves as Governmental Advocate for veterans groups. “Whether it’s in Afghanistan or in Sacramento, it’s important that we have experienced leaders who understand veterans’ issues, military life, and the unique challenges placed upon the families of service members.”

Assemblyman Jeff Gorell has completed two one-year tours to the Middle East and Afghanistan and was decorated for his leadership in a combat zone. In 2002, Gorell led a combat camera team in Bagram, Afghanistan; and from 2011-2012, he commanded a targeting cell embedded with the U.S. Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Gorell is the grandson of a Navy Seabee who fought in the Pacific during World War II, and the son of a career naval officer and Vietnam veteran.

Since 2009, Commander Gorell has served as executive officer of NR STRATCOM JFCC SPACE, a reserve unit that supports military joint space operations. Gorell is a member of American Legion Post 502 in Moorpark, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9791 in Ojai, and the Past Commander of the Military Order of World Wars in Conejo Valley.

Holden Joins a Growing Number of Top Democrats Supporting republican Gorell in House Race

VENTURA COUNTY, CA - Former Mayor of Oxnard Dr. Thomas E. Holden, a Democrat, announced today he has endorsed Jeff Gorell, a Republican, in his bid for House of Representatives in California's 26th District, a seat currently held by Rep. Julia Brownley, a Democrat.

"My family has called Oxnard home for 108 years," said Dr. Holden, a local optometrist and 18-year member of the Oxnard City Council. "What is most important to me is supporting a candidate who understands, appreciates, and is responsive to my community, regardless of political party association. In this race for Congress, that candidate is Jeff Gorell. Whether as our Assemblyman, as a local small business owner, or as a county prosecutor, Jeff has made a commitment to supporting public safety and sound fiscal policy. He has proven in Sacramento to be a bi-partisan problem solver and gets things done."

Democratic leaders from across Ventura County have forgone partisan politics to endorse Republican Jeff Gorell for U.S. Representative in California's 26th District, and join "Democrats for Gorell" coalition.

"Jeff is a leader. As our State Assemblyman, he has delivered results for our communities because he is a part of this community." said Former Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem Andres Herrera. "We need his leadership in Congress."

"I'm proud to support Jeff Gorell for Congress. He knows how to break the gridlock in Washington," declared retired Thousand Oaks Mayor Frances Prince.

"Jeff Gorell is a leader who is accessible and delivers on his commitments. Our community deserves a champion like him in Congress." stated former Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem Irene Pinkard. "My husband and I both support Jeff because he is 'the Real Deal'". Her husband, former Mayor Pro Tem Bedford Pinkard , also serves as Chairman of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee of Ventura County and was the co-founder of the Ventura County Black American Political Action Committee.

"The people of Ventura County are tired of the partisan excuses and failed leadership in Washington," said Gorell "Our incumbent Julia Brownley has lost touch with the people she was elected to represent."

"Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike want results, not rhetoric, from their elected Representative in Congress," continued Gorell. "Incumbent Brownley has failed to deliver jobs for local families or to protect our Veterans from the shameful treatment they are receiving at the hands of VA bureaucrats. It's time for a fresh voice in Congress."

"I am honored to earn endorsements from these outstanding Democratic leaders. Their willingness to cross party lines demonstrates the growing bipartisan wave of support that is building behind my candidacy," concluded Gorell.

Surging list of members of the "Democrats for Gorell" coalition include:
• Dr. Tom Holden, Former Mayor of Oxnard
• Dr. Irene Pinkard, Former Mayor Pro Tem of Oxnard
• Bedford Pinkard, Former Mayor Pro Tem of Oxnard
• Andres Herrera, Former Mayor Pro Tem of Oxnard
• Frances Prince, Former Mayor of Thousand Oaks
• Sandy Smith, Former Mayor of Ventura
• Fred Robinson, Former Santa Paula Councilmember
• Dick Jaquez, Former Trustee of Oxnard High School District
• Steve Carlson, Former Chair of Moorpark Democratic Club
• Bob Taylor, Former Chair of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce
• Cindy Diaz Telly, Former President of Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors
• Real Admiral Dr. Eugene "Gene" Fussell, US Navy (Ret.)
• Priscilla Herrera, Community Leader
• Mike Barber, Community Leader & Former El Rio School District Trustee
• Linda Barber, Small Business Owner
• Tila Santana-Estrada, Oxnard Business Owner
• Angel Estrada, Retired Business Owner
• John Ramirez, Oxnard Business Owner
• Maria Elena Ramirez, Community Advocate
*All titles used for identification purposes only.