Well, the grand finally response to Mayor Walker, Bob Stroh, and Brian Sipes has come and gone, not with a bang, but a whimper (apologies to Mr. Elliot.) I’m betting that Mr. Sipes will be appointed our next City Clerk.

This lack of response tells me that not only are readers fed-up with this political sniping and counter-sniping, but those who have accused me of making false statements are left with a bad case of egg-on-face.

To Mayor Walker I would say, since you now have a four-to-one majority on the council there is no need to continue to disrespect Councilman Conaway, and there is a need to let him speak. He’s the only one left to provide any balance to the decision-making process.

Since I still have serious concerns about the competence of the council majority, the damage it has caused to city staff morale, and the as-yet incomplete budget, I will continue to comment on relevant issues. As always, readers are invited to contribute their opinions as well. Also, dangerous and ugly things are being done to our republic – congress is about to admit the first true racist to our Supreme Court bench since Reconstruction times; the nation is bankrupt; national defense is under attack by liberals, and our Christian heritage is about to be all but destroyed by the radical left Obama has led into government – etc.


If anyone has a photo of me being sprayed during the swimming pool complex grand opening please sent it in and I will post it online. It was great to finally see the new pool open. The Community Swimming Pool Wet Play Area is now working. It will be on during Rec Swim 1:15-3:30pm and Family Night 6:00-8:00pm (on Friday nights).


The Showmanship event at the School Farm was great, in sunny weather. Photos of pre-County Fair work-up can
be seen here and we hope to have information on winners, etc. soon.