TCAA Cross Country Meet Number One
Pictured some of the Fillmore Flashes JV Girls Cross Country team before their race at El Camino Real Park in Ventura.
Pictured some of the Fillmore Flashes JV Girls Cross Country team before their race at El Camino Real Park in Ventura.

On Wednesday, Fillmore Cross Country teams traveled to El Camino Real Park in Ventura to compete against 11 boys teams and 12 girl teams who along with Fillmore comprise the Tri-County Athletic Association. This meet along with two other league meets will determine league champions and which teams will represent TCAA in the Division 4 CIF Southern Section Prelims on November 10th in Riverside.

The first race of the day was the Junior Varsity boys. Fillmore’s Jonathan Ordaz won this race running from the front in a time of 17:05.9, he was followed by Davis Flores 6th in 17:41.2, Jesse De la Cruz 9th in 17:50.09, Fabian Del Villar 12th in 18:05.55, Jesus Martinez 17th in 18:19.27, Alexander Recancoj 30th in 19:09.22, Matthew Munoz 35th in 19:24.25, Eric Hernandez 38th in 19:47.03, Luis Leon 52nd in 20:11.20, Joseph Magdaleno 55th in 20:15.45, David Bustos 56th in 20:19.53, Andrew Otineru 63rd in 20:53.13, Daniel Cruz 67th in 21:06.94, Samuel Kafka 74th in 21:36.41, and Erick Gutierrez 75th in 21:37.87. In the team competition Fillmore finished in second place behind Foothill Technology.

The second race of the day the Varsity girls featured the number 2 ranked team in Division 4 CIF Southern Section, the Foothill Technology Dragons. True to form the Dragons won the team competition, scoring an impressive low point total of 21 points. Fillmore finished second in the team competition. They were led by Carissa Rodriguez who finished in 3rd place recording a finishing time of 19:09.62, she was followed by Vanessa Avila 8th in 19:35.92, Diana Perez 10th in 19:39.77, Giselle Perez 20th in 21:26:21, Cecilia Cisneros 24th in 21:51.27, and Allison Recancoj in 22:07.56. Fillmore’s 2 through 6 runners improved last year's time on this course.

The third race of the day, featured 2nd place CIF D4 ranked Foothill Technology, and 3rd place CIF D3 ranked Thacher. Foothill won this race with Thacher placing second. Fillmore followed in 3rd and was led by Jesus “Chuy” Castro. This was Chuy’s first time leading the Fillmore squad placing 7th overall in 16:30.5. He was followed by Everardo Garcia Magana 10th in 16:34.1, Michael Sanchez 11th in 16:37.31, Sergio Perez 16th in 17:05.96, Rey Andres Laureano 21st 17:24.43 and Antonio Villalobos 51st in 19:06.05. The top 5 Fillmore runner on the day were separated by an excellent gap of under one minute, 35.46 seconds.

The final race of the day was the Girls Junior Varsity. They finished in 2nd behind winners , Foothill Technology. They were led by Nicole Gonzalez who finished in 10th in 21:37.9. She was followed by Arielle Estrada 12th in 21:49.8, Emma Orozco 18th in 22:21.54, Jacqueline Ruiz 22nd in 23:02.22, Lorena Izarraras 23:32.91, Michelle Reyes 26th in 23:40.03, Yakeline Magana 28th in 23:59.99, Sandra Murillo 50th in 25:50.20, Liliana Felix 54th in 26:21.78, Eva Vieyra 65th in 27:33.05, Emma Ortiz 73rd in 29:00.12, and Marisol Ramos 74th in 29:05.18.

The Flashes will next compete on Saturday 9/30 in Portland, Oregon at the Portland Invite. Fillmore's next TCAA meet will be on October 12th at Elkins Golf Course at 4:00 P.M.