To The Rescue

Fillmore's varsity baseball team has been trying to get a 20 ft. storage container removed from the dugout area of the field. Due to it's location it presented an eyesore and a hazard to the players. Heavy equipment could not go on the field due to the newly installed underground irrigation system dispersing reclaimed city water. The container would have to be lifted over the fence then moved to a location near the gymnasium. George Real of Piru, a 35 year retiree from OST, was contacted and he in turn contacted both OST and Ventura Crane. They both agreed to help and it was decided that which ever company had a job in the Fillmore area first would do the job.
OST showed up Tuesday afternoon and got the job done. Jim LeBard from Fillmore Rentals provided the transport trailer to make the move to the gym. THANK YOU to George Real, OST Crane and Fillmore Equipment Rentals.