Perce's Kenpo Karate Studio Competes at Tournament

Perce's Kenpo Karate Studio recently competed in an inter-school tournament that took place at St. John's Lutheran School in Oxnard on June 21. The event was a success for the students as they competed against three other Ventura County studios.
The results of the event are as follows: Little Tigers 3-6 yrs. 1st place Dave Bustos Jr., Jacob Merkord, Julian Jimenez, Blake Boren. Kata White: 4-6yrs. 2nd place Dave Bustos Jr. Yellow 4-6 yrs. 4th place Blake Boren. Yellow 8-9 yrs. 4th place Jaylin King. Yellow 10-13 yrs. 1st place Brandon Hickle, 2nd place Anthony Murray. Orange/Purple 5-7 yrs. 2nd place Faith Bustos, 3rd place Julian Jimenez. Green 6-7 yrs. 4th place Tyler Bode. Green 8-10 yrs. 1st place Heather Hess, 3rd place Michael Hess, 4th place Iliana Hernandez. Blue/Green 12-13 yrs. 3rd place Valery Rodriquez, 6th place Sandra Ponce. All Belts Teen and Adult- 1st place Davin Banks, 2nd place Samuel Hernandez, 3rd place Maggie Carrillo, 4th place Sabian Howard.
Jr. Brown and Black 11-13 yrs. 2nd place Andy Topete. Showmanship All Ages- 3rd place Tyler Bode. Self-Defense All Ages- 1st place Anthony Murray, 2nd place Sabian Howard, 3rd place Brandon Hickle, 4th place Tyler Bode, 5th place Heather Hess, 6th place Maggie Carrillo. Sparring Tigers- 3rd place Julian Jimenez. Purple/Blue/Green 9 - 13 yrs. 5th place Valery Rodriquez. For more information please call Paul Perce at 524-6870.