Perce's Kenpo Karate at Flores Brothers Inter School Tournament

On May 10th the team from Perce's Kenpo Karate Studio competed at the Flores Brothers Inter School Tournament in Oxnard. Our Students competed in forms, weapons, showmanship, and sparring. Each and every student did an
outstanding job performing and representing our school. The tournament hosted over 120 competitors from Ventura and L.A. County.

Here are the results from the tournament:

Kids Forms White/yellow belt 5-6 years old- 1st place Khloe Kehoe
Kids Forms Orange/Purple 5 years old -2nd place Gabby Perce
Kids Forms Orange/Purple 6-7 years old- 2nd place Brody Addison, participation Jacob Hernandez.
Kids Forms Purple/Blue 8-11 years old-2nd place Chris Anderson
Teen Forms 2nd degree Brown/Jr.Black Belt-4th place Crystal Pinedo
Kids Forms Jr.2nd degree Brown/ Jr.Black 10-12 years old -2nd place Zack Addison, 4th place Emiliano Pinedo
Teen Forms Purple/Blue- 2nd place Ivan Zepeda
Adult Forms Brown/Black- 2nd place Anthony Murray
Weapons all ages all belt levels: 1st place Anthony Murray, 2nd place Zack Addison, 3rd Brody Addison, participation Chris Anderson
Showmanship all ages all belts: 1st place Anthony Murray, 3rd place Justice Rodriguez, 4th place Chris Anderson
Sparring : 1st place Justice Rodriguez, 4th place Emiliano Pinedo, 3rd Place Crystal Pinedo, 3rd place Angel Rodriguez, 1st place Javier Rodriguez.

Congratulations to all the competitors and a special thank you to all the parents and family for your continued support WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR TEAM AT PERCE'S KENPO KARATE STUDIO.