Perce Kenpo holds Annual Tournament

Perce's Kenpo Karate Studio recently held their annual inter-school karate tournament at Fillmore Middle School on October 24. The event was a success for the students as they competed against 12 other Martial Arts schools in Ventura County. The results of the event are as follows: Little Tigers 3-6 yrs. 1st place Andrew Hernandez, Forms divisions White and Yellow Belt 9-13 yrs. 3rd Place Alexander Turcios, 4th place Keara Hatton, participation William Espinoza. Orange and Purple Belt 9-11 yrs. 4th place Israel Brooks. Blue and Green Belt 10-11 yrs. Participation Jesse Villa and Rocio Zamora. White and Yellow Belt 5-8 yrs 2nd place Kyla Hatton, 4th place Liam Hatton. Orange and Purple Belt 6-8 yrs participation Dave Bustos Jr. Blue and Green Belt 5-8 yrs. 4th place Jorge Zamora, participation Blake Boren. Blue and Green Belt 8-9 yrs. 4th place Ricky Cadena. Blue and Green Belt Forms 8-9 yrs. 4th place Faith Bustos, participation Janaey Cadena. Jr Brown Belts 8-9 yrs 3rd place Michael Hess, 4th place Frankie Perez. Jr Green and Brown 12-14 yrs. 4th place Valery Rodriguez, Participation Anthony Murray. Adult White and Orange Belt participation Marco Meza.Jr Brown Belt 8-9 yrs 4th place Tyler Bode, participation Iliana Hernandez. Jr Brown Belt 10-11 yrs participation Heather Hess. Jr Black Belt 13-14 yrs 2nd place Andy Topete. Teen and Adult Brown and Black belts 2nd place Samuel Hernandez, 3rd place Adrian Moreno, 4ht place Maggie Carrillo. Showmanship all ages and belt levels 1st place Andy Topete, 2nd place Jessie Stuthers, participation Anthony Murray, Blake Boren, Tyler Bode.Kumite White Thru Purple 5-6 yrs 1st place Dave Bustos, 2nd place Justice Rodriguez. Kumite Orange thru Blue 5-8 yrs. 4th place Blake Boren. Adult Brown and Black 3rd place Jessie Stuthers. Self Defense 1st place Jessie Stuthers, participation Anthony Murray, Heather Hess and Rocio Zamora. Kumite Green and Brown 8 yrs. participation Faith Bustos. Green thru Jr Black Belt 10-13 yrs 3rd place Valery Rodriguez. Blue thru Brown Belt 9-11 yrs participation Tyler Bode.
For More Information contact Paul Perce at Perce's Kenpo Karate Studio at (805) 524-6870.