Johnny Vaca Tri-Valley Girls Soccer Coach of The Year
Johnny Vaca
Johnny Vaca

Congratulations Coach! It was fun being coached by you. You really know how to push us to be a better player. Vivi #12(Pheobe)

Coach Johnny, Thanks for coaching us these past to years! You’re a great coach & I appreciate you staying & not giving up on us! Thanks for pushing us to our limit! You helped us improve & thanks Liz (Fishie)

Congratulation Johnny, Well 1st of all I just want to say thanks for sticking by our sides even though we lost all our games. lol. Well thanks for everything and pushing us till the end. Thanks for being a great coach. Love always Steph #9

Hey coach! Congrats on your title.. It was fun having you as a coach. Thanks for not giving up on us and for pushing us to become great players. Oh and thanks for getting me my own trainer! Love Mayra

What’s up coach! Congrats on having the title of best coach of the year!! U get that cause of you not giving up on us & not giving up on me! Thanks. You believed on us & were there till the end! Hope 2 c u soon!!!G (patty)

Thanks for every thing dad!!! You stood there with us no matter how embarrassing it was!! We love you!! & I love you!! Love Princess (Pebbles- Prince)