Got any Players

Premier Soccer Santa Clarita Valley (PSSCV) is pleased to announce open team tryouts February 28, 2009 for the upcoming Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) 2009 season. PSSCV will compete in the very tough Southwestern Conference featuring 2008 National Champion, Ajax America Women, The tryout will be held at Santa Clarita Central Park at 10:00am and 3:00pm to accommodate as many players as possible. If you have any questions contact the team at .

The tryout is open to all amateur women players who are interested in a high level of competition. Players that are currently playing for NCAA or NAIA teams are encourage to tryout, playing with PSSCV will not jeporadize eligibility. According to Head Coach Steve Cooper "This team and it's league affiliation is a perfect fit for women that would like to continue competing at a high level after their college experience." The WPSL consists of 60 teams and four divisions across the USA. The WPSL, at the recent Women's Soccer League (WSL) Draft, had 16 players drafted to the pro league making this team and this league a true spring board to the next level. "We are out to build a team from our area that will complete at the highest level and show that the Santa Clarita Valley and the City of Santa Clarita IS a soccer power not only in Southern California but the entire nation." said team Manager Pat Riggins.

For the first time you have a team representing your City, The City of Santa Clarita. The team is also accepting sponsors for the upcoming campaign whether it be for ads in the game programs, on the field banners, home game sponsorships and jersey and bag sponsors. We can use help from businesses, professionals or individuals and it will show how much you support your team that supports your City.

The season consists of 14 league games played on weekends at various sites around Southern California 7 of which will be played right here in Santa Clarita. Games will begin in late May with the regular season ending at the end of July. There will be regional playoffs and the FINAL FOUR at the close of the season. The Finals this year will be in Long Island, NY.

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