Flashes Track Teams Compete in Channel Islands

By Epi Torres

On Thursday, March 7th, Fillmore track athletes traveled to Channel Islands to compete against their league opponents, the Raiders.

The JV 4 X 100 meter relay team started off the day with a victory in a time of 57.48. Team members were Andrea Gamez, Jaiden Peacock, Maribel Ruiz, and Emelie Magana. The Varsity Girls 4 X 100 meter relay team finished in 2nd. Team runners were Sarah Cedillos, Jasmine Gonzalez, Janessa Corona, and Karinna Magana. Their time was a 54.17. The F/S boys finished 2nd in 52.74. Runners were Gabriel Lagunas, Valente Garcia, Caysen Michel, and Isaac Rivera. The Varsity boys also finished 2nd in a time of 47.52. Team members were Josiah Cruz, Saul Fraga-Sandoval, Christopher Perez, and Josiah Patterson.

In the JV girls 1600 meters, Miley Tello captured the top spot in a time of 6:41.35, she was followed by Jannet Vega 2nd in 6:57.19, Jaelyn Castro 4th in 7:22.88, Isabel Arredondo 6th in 7:37.57, Elena Magana 7th in 7:51.80, Jessica Aparicio 8th in 7:53.29, Nancy Anguiano 9th in 7:57.76, Mia Urbano 10th in 8:05.07, and Andrea Rojas 11th in 10:07.28. In the Varsity girls, Joseline Orozco finished first in 5:54.96, and Diana Santa Rosa 2nd in 6:10.73. In the F/S boys 1600 meter race, Alexander Nunez was 5th in 5:45.34. He was followed by Alejandro Rangel 6th in 5:46.52, in the Varsity boys, Eddie Vigil finished 2nd in 4:43.12, Omar Heredia was 4th in 4:46.22, Angel Garcia 6th in 4:46.68, Diego Ramirez 8th in 4:51.23, Joshua Estrada 9th in 4:55.07, Vicente Lopez 17th in 5:24.73, Juan Cumatz 19th in 5:28.20,:Damian Castaneda 21st. in 5:40.27, Alexander Diaz 22nd in 6:14.38, Juan Castro 23rd in 6:15.42, and Nathan Velasco 24th in 6:41.58.

In the Varsity girls 100 meter hurdles, Michele Setty claimed 3rd place in 22.37.

In the 300 meter hurdles, Yaneli Landin finished 2nd in 58.40, and Michele Setty took 4th in 1:04.62.

In the JV girls 400 meters, leading he group was Xitlaly G. Mejia 1st. She was followed by Madelynn Gonzalez 2nd in 1:15.12, Alexandrea Gonzalez 7th in 1:18.86. In the Varsity girls 400, Fillmore’s top finisher in 2nd was Sarah Cedillo in 1:10.81, Emily Soltero placed 3rd in 1:10.86. In the boys F/S Gabriel Lagunas was first in 1:04.41, followed by Valente Garcia 2nd in 1:07.34. In the Varsity boys, Angel Laureano placed 1st in 55.97. He was followed by Angel Gonzalez 4th in 57.40, and Mauricio Ocegueda 8th in 1:00.79.

In the JV girls 100 meters, Fillmore captured the first 3 places. Emelie Magana led the way in 14.70. Following were Andrea Gamez 2nd in 15:27, Cristal Martinez 3rd in 15.33, Maribel Ruiz 7th in 15:91, D’andra Amezcua 8th in 16.11, Delilah Cervantez 9th in 16:37, and Julie Luna 10th in 16:47. In the Varsity girl’s competition, Karinna Magana ran first in 14.07. Mia Munoz 3rd in 14:39. She was followed by Janessa Corona 4th in 14:50, and Jasmine Magana 7th in 14:66. In F/S boys lsaac Rivera was 2nd in 13.28, and Caysen Michel 6th in 14:90. In the Varsity boys race, Angel Martinez was 2nd in 12:24. Christopher Perez was 3rd in 12.83, Josiah Cruz 5th in 12:88, and Saul Fraga-Sandoval 6th in 12.90.

In the JV girls 800 meters, Miley Tello finished 1st in 3:08.59. Jaelyn Castro was second in 3:15.37. She was followed by Jannet Vega was 3rd in 3:16.04, Isabel Arredondo 5th in 3:26.80, Elena Magana 7th in 3:27.68, Nancy Anguiano 8th in 3:29.09, Andrea Ramirez 9th in 3:38.79, Jessica Aparicio 10th in 3:39.42, Mia Urbano 11th in 3:42.25, and Andrea Rojas 12th in 4:15.11. In the Varsity girls, Leah Barragan led the top 3 Fillmore finishers by running a time of 2:35.87, Joseline Orozco 2nd in 2:40.96, and Diana Santa Rosa 3rd in 2:47.98. In the boy’s F/S 800, Alejandro Rangel was 3rd in 2:34.29, Alexander Nunez was 5th in 2:47.23, and Vincent Alonso 6th in 3:12.30. Omar Heredia was second in the Varsity boys 800 in 2:09.91, Angel Garcia was 3rd in 2:10.64, Vicente Lopez, 11th in 2:35.29, Damien Castaneda 12th in 2:38.57, Alexander Diaz 13th in 2:50.50, and Nathan Velasco 15th in 3:00.58.

In the JV girls 200 meters Fillmore athletes captured the first 3 places. Emelie Magana was first in 30.31. She was followed by Andrea Gamez 2nd in 30.85, Xitlaly G. Mejia 3rd in 32.15, Cristal Martinez 6th in 33.23, Madelynn Gonzalez 7th in 33.42, Julie Luna 8th in 33.55, and Alexandrea Gonzalez 14th in 35.45. In the Varsity girls 200, Mia Munoz claimed second place in a time of 29.92. In the F/S boys 200 meters, Gabriel Lagunas placed 3rd in 27.86. In the Varsity boys Angel Gonzalez placed 2nd in 25.80, Christopher Perez was 3rd in 25.82.

In the Varsity 3200 meters, Fillmore’s Alexandra Martinez was 1st. at 13:27.75. In the boys Varsity, Eduardo Vigil was 1st in a season’s best of 10:07.9, Diego Ramirez 5th in 10:41.29, Joshua Estrada 8th in 11:15.81, Juan Cumatz 10th in 11:52.73, Martin Manzo 11th in 13:55.83, and Kobi Lizarraga 12th in 13:55.85.

In the JV girls 4 X 400 meter relay, Fillmore teams finished 1st and 2nd. The winning team in 5:01.55 consisted of Melanie Flores, Xitlaly G. Mejia, Emelie Magana, and Andrea Gamez. The 2nd team was composed of Miley Tello, Jannet Vega, Luz Castaneda, and Jaelyn Castro. They recorded a time of 5:30.53. The Varsity girls team ran to victory in a time of 4:35.50. Team runners were Leah Barragan, Diana Santa Rosa, Emily Soltero, and Joseline Orozco. The Varsity boys also won their race in 3:46.15. Team members were Angel Laureano, Eddie Vigil, Angel Garcia, and Omar Heredia.

In the JV girls long jump, D’andra Amezcua finished in first, leaping 11’03.5”. Delilah Cervantes was 2nd in 10’07”, Alexandrea Gonzalez 3rd in 10’.5”, Julie Luna 4th in 10’25.50”. In the Varsity girls long jump, Janessa Corona was 3rd in 12’08.5”, Jasmine Gonzalez 8th in 12’04.5” and Abigail Magana 7th in 11’05”. In the Varsity boy’s competition, Josiah Cruz was 2nd in 17’08”, Saul Fraga-Sandoval finished in 4th, leaping 16’03.5”, and Jasiah Patterson recorded a jump of 15’07”.

Michelle Setty was 2nd in the Varsity girls triple jump competition in a jump of 26’04”, and Abigail Magana was 3rd in 24’09”. In the Varsity boys, Mauricio Ocegueda was 2nd in 35’09.75”, and Saul Fraga-Sandoval 3rd in 35’04.5”.

In the Varsity girls high jump, Yaneli Landin was 1st in a jump of 4’02.00”. Michelle Setty was 4th, clearing 4 feet even. In the Varsity boys high jump, John Jimemen was 3rd, clearing 4’10”, and Mauricio Ocegueda was 4th in 4’08”.

In the JV girl’s discus, Valerie Rodriguez was 2nd tossing the discus 52’01”. Yesenia Robles was 2nd in 47’09”, Andrea Ramirez 7th in 45’01”, Andrea Cordero 8th in 42’08”, Melanie Flores 9th in 39’01.5”, and Megan Robles 26’00”. In the Varsity girl’s competition, Aerin Garcia was 1st with a throw of 77’00.5”. She was followed by Emily Soltero 2nd in 72’10.5”, Adamary Hernandez 3rd in 67’04”, Daniela Curiel 5th in 61”03”, Angeline Hernandez 7th in 55’04”, Emma Torres 8th in 53’08”, Sofia Peredo 10th in 50’07”, Jazmin Magana 6th in 55’06”, Yesenia Robles 4th in 39 01, and Daniela Vidal 11th in 44’00”. In the F/S boys, Carlos Cabral won the event with a launch of 105’08”, Isaac Rivera was 2nd in 105’05”, Valentin Garcia 3rd in 74’04.5”, Emanuel Velazquez 5th in 62’02”, and Eddie Padilla 6th in 34’00.5”. Anthony Tafoya won the Varsity boys discus in a toss of 134’09”, Daniel Viveros was 2nd in 125’04”, John Jimenez 7th in 71”08”, and Aiden Bankowski 8th in 28’09.5”.

In the JV girls shot put, Andrea Ramirez placed 3rd in a heave of 17’05.5”, Valerie Rodriguez 4th in 17’05”, Andrea Cordero 6th in 17’02.5”, Yesenia Robles 8th in 15’10.5”, Melanie Flores 9th in 15’.00”, and Megan Robles 10th in 14’01”. Emily Soltero won the Varsity girls shot put with a throw of 25’04”, Daniela Curiel 2nd in 23’09”, Aerin Garcia 3rd in 23’04”, Adamary Hernandez 4th in 23’02”, Angeline Hernandez 6th in 22’07.00”, Jazmin Magana 6th in 22’04.5”, Emma Torres 7th in 21’02”, Sofia Peredo 8th in 20’10”,Destiny Tellez 20’02.5”, and Daniela Vidal 10th in 16’03.00”. In the F/S boys, Carlos Cabral won the event with a put of 38’10”, Isaac Rivera 2nd in 35’06.5”, Valentin Garcia 4th in 27’01”, Emanuel Velazquez 5th in 26’06”, and Eddie Padilla 8th in 25’09”. Tony Tafoya claimed 2nd in the Varsity boys shot put in heave of 41’05”, Daniel Viveros 3rd with a personal best of 41’11”, John Jimenez was 7th in 28’00””, and Aiden Bankowski 8th in 15’04”.

Fillmore track and field athletes will next host the Nordhoff Rangers on March 24. That meet is set to start at 3:30 p.m. Hope to see you there.