Flashes Tennis vs Santa Paula & Carpinteria

On October 4, it was Fillmore vs. Santa Paula J.V. team at Santa Paula high school. Fillmore Flashes' number one and two players Michaela Boniti and Lizzie Castaneda won all six of their round robin matches scoring six of the seven points for the entire team. Both players are consistently steady and strong players playing singles for the Flashes. Doubles team Karime Renteria and Adanari Rosales also scored a point for the Fillmore Flashes wining one doubles match in a tiebreaker 7-6. Because the city of Fillmore only has two courts, the team plays all of the tennis matches away on the opponent's campus making it difficult for parents to watch their girls play. Despite this hurdle, the Flashes are having a good year as they continue to improve. As a final note, during the Santa Paula match, I especially noticed my doubles player Hayley Martinez executing numerous winning shots showing her knowledge for the game on the rise. Good job team! On October 10, we will be playing against Carpinteria and then against St. Bonaventure on October 13. The St. Bonaventure match will be played at the Ventura College courts.

Today, October 10, we played against Carpinteria for the second time this season losing with a score of 1-17. Lizzie Castaneda won one of her three tough matches today. Lizzie in consistent on the court and continues to score points for the team. As I always say, the girls are improving their tennis game every time they get out there during practice or during a match against an opposing team. It is wonderful to see the girls from Fillmore becoming successful at their first year playing this sport. Two matches are left in the season with St. Bonaventure and Laguna Blanca. As a new coach this year, I am hoping the city of Fillmore sponsors a tennis clinic to create new players for the future. I know there a kids and adults alike in Fillmore anxious to learn the sport.