Fillmore Raiders Youth Football Scores

Following are the Fillmore Raiders game results for Saturday, October 13th: Raiders Mighty Mites Black (away game) vs. SC Grizzlies, 18-12, Raiders. Raiders Mighty Mites Silver (away game) vs. Mid-Valley, 20-0, Raiders. Raiders Bantams vs. Camarillo, 19-0, Camarillo. Raiders Sophomores vs. Santa Paula, 28-0, Santa Paula. Raiders Juniors vs. Crown Valley, 33-8, Raiders. Raiders Seniors vs. LA Ducks, 42-20, Ducks.

This week’s games will be October 20th: Raiders Might Mites Black vs. Ventura 9am at Ventura High School. Raiders Mighty Mites Silver vs. Oxnard 8am at Fillmore High School. Raiders Bantams vs. SF Rush 10am at Fillmore High School. Raiders Sophomores vs. Santa Paula 10am at Santa Paula High School. Raiders Juniors vs. Camarillo 12pm at Fillmore High School. Raiders Seniors vs. Santa Barbara 2pm at Fillmore High School.