Fillmore Girls Tennis Finish Their First Season Against Laguna Blanca

October 25, 2016 was the last match of the season for the Fillmore Flashes varsity tennis team held at the beautiful campus of Laguna Blanca in Santa Barbara. Fillmore’s number one player, Michaela Boniti held her own winning two out of her three round robin matches scoring the two points for Fillmore with set scores of 0-6, 6-3, and 7-6. Michaela won numerous matches throughout the season scoring continuous points for the Fillmore team.

Fillmore’s number two player Lizzie Castaneda was on the sidelines during this last match, due to an “off the court” injury. The final score was Fillmore 2, Laguna Blanca 16.

Rounding up this season, I am delighted to have taken on the task of coaching the tennis team. Introducing this new sport for a majority of the team was a great pleasure. I know that competing against other schools on the tennis court empowered their self esteem and confidence which is what we all want for our girls in Fillmore.

I witnessed smiles after good shots, and proud reactions as they won against seasoned players.

Next season will sneak up on us for sure as I am hoping new and more players with great attitudes, will come out of the woodwork. I know the city of Santa Paula offers tennis clinics to the public, so if there are new girls interested in being on the team next year, I am highly encouraging them to get out there on the tennis court to learn or improve their tennis game.

Thanks again to my team for a fun season. Til’ next year.