Fillmore Flashes vs. Foothill Dragons

The Fillmore Flashes took on the Foothill Dragons this past Wednesday. It was a big night for the Flashes, a win could make them eligible for the playoffs, and it was senior night. The Flashes scored the first points of the game on a jump shot from Aaron Cronin. The Flashes started the game on a 6-2 run. After Foothill makes 1 of 2 free throws Fillmore's lead is cut to 6-5. Michael Luna scored the next 5 points for the Flashes extending the lead to 11-7. At the end of the first quarter Fillmore led 17-9.

The Flashes started the second quarter with back to back steals leading to back to back layups to extend the led to 21-9. Two turnovers by the Flashes lead to Two layups for Foothill as they cut the lead to just 6, 23-17. The Flashes were able to extend the lead back up to 10 after 2 free throws by Michael Luna, and a lay up makes it a 27-17 ball game. Danny Quintero stole the ball twice leading to two straight layups for the Flashes as they extended the lead to 32-21. Danny was fouled on his next layup attempt and made 1 of 2 from the line as Fillmore led by 10 33-23. Foothill cut the lead down to 7 as they made a basket and a free-throw. The Dragons made a three pointer at the buzzer, and they went into the locker room only down 4 33-29.

Foothill outscored Fillmore 20-16 in the second quarter. Turnovers were a real problem for Foothill though. Most of the turnovers lead to easy transition points for the Flashes.

The Flashes scored first in the third quarter thanks to a free-throw by Aaron Cronin. That started a much needed 13-0 run by the Flashes. It took over five and a half minutes before Foothill was able to get on the board. A layup by the Flashes extends the lead to 50-30. The Flashes ended the third quarter up 50-33.

With the Dragons down by 14 they give up a layup to Hayden Wright to push the lead to 52-36. Michael Luna scored despite being fouled, and he made the free-throw, and Fillmore led 57-36. Those baskets were part of an 11-0 run by the Flashes as they led 63-36. In the closing seconds of the game Justin Warren hit a three pointer to give Fillmore a 75-47 win. It was just that type of night. Good luck to Foothill as they play Thacher for the final game of their season. Fillmore travels to Carpinteria to take on Cate on Wenesday. It will be a big game. A Fillmore win and a Thacher loss can earn the Flashes second place in league. A Fillmore loss puts the Flashes in danger of missing the playoffs. GO FLASHES!