Fillmore Flashes Shine at Rincon Relays

Written By Epi Torres
On Saturday, February 24th, the Fillmore Flashes boys and girls track teams traveled to Carpinteria and completed in the Rincon Relay. Six other teams participated in this early season meet that provides shorter races for distance runners.

In the first event contested by the girls Varsity 4 X 100, the Fillmore team of Sarah Cedillo, Kimberly Magana, Janessa Corona, and Karina Magana stormed to a first place finish in a fine early season time of 51.86. They were followed by the boys Varsity team of Josiah Cruz, Saul Fraga, Christopher Perez, and Able Villela. They placed 3rd in a time of 46.56.

In the girls JV 1200 M. Jackie Olivares finished in second posting a time of 4:38.66, she was followed by Miley Tello 3rd in 4:48.94, Jannet Vega 4th in 4:53.04, Luz Castaneda 5th in 4:53.04, Natalie Perez 6th in 5:11.72, Jaelyn Castro 8rh in 5:16.67, Isabel Arredondo 9th in 5:26.19, Jessica Aparicio 10th in 5:27.95, and Andrea Rojas 11th in 7:21.60. Fillmore’s lone runner in the boys JV 1200 M., Philip Jimenez captured 8th place in 4:52.97. In the Varsity Girls 1200 M., Nataly Vigil finished in 1st, in a time of 3:59.30. She was followed by Niza Laureano 2nd in 4:13.90, Diana Santa Rosa 3rd in 4:15.90, Joseline Orozco 4th in 4:16.36, and AJ Martinez 8th in 4:38.16. The Varsity Boys’ top finisher was Angel Garcia who finished in 2nd place in a time of 3:22.35. He was followed by Eddie Vigil 3rd in 3:23.78, Omar Heredia 4th in 3:28.79, Joshua Estrada 7th in 3:42.28, Juan Cumatz 11th in 3:52.48, Vicente Lopez 13th in 3:56.68, Alexander Diaz 15th in 4:33.89, and Juan Castro 16th in 4:45.71.

In the JV Girls 400 Meters, the Fillmore runners captured all 6 places. Leading the way was Patzy Orozco 1st in 1:11.32, Julissa Mendoza 2nd in 1:13.22, Xitlali G. Mejia 3rd in 1:13.91, Michelle Setty 4th in 1:15.17, Melanie Flores 5th in 1:17.37, and Julieta Gabriel 6th in 1:19.59. In the F/S Boys 400 meters, Mauricio Osegueda ran to a first place finish in 59.87. He was followed by Gabriel Lagunas 4th in 1:03.82, and Valente Garcia 7th in 1:09.02. The Varsity Girls 400 meters was won by Leah Barragan in 1:04.69. She was followed by Emily Soltero 7th in 1:08.96, and Yaneli Landin 8th in 1:11.05. In the Varsity Boys 400 meter race, Angel Laureano finished in 2nd, in 55.90.

In the Girls JV 100 meters, 12 athletes toed the starting line.They were led by Mia Munoz who finished in second in 14:03. Emelie Magana followed in 4th in 14:33, Jaiden Peacock 5th in 14.43, Andrea Gamez 6th in 14:45, D’andra Amezcua 10th in 15:13, Maribel Ruiz 11th in 15:23, Aliana Manzano 12th in 15:24, Cristal Martinez 13th in 15:25, Madelynn Gonzalez 14th in 15:42, Delilah Cervantez 16th in 15:67, Alexandria Gonzalez 17th in 15:91, and Julie Luna 18th in 15:97. In the Boys F/S 100 meters, Isaac Rivera captured 3rd place in 13:06. He was followed by Joshua Felix 4th in 13:07. The Varsity girls 100 meter was won by Fillmore’s Karinna Magana in 13:56. She was followed by Jasmine Gonzalez 4th in 13.97, Janessa Corona 5th in 14:11, Sarah Cedillos 7th in 14:33, and Abigail Magana 17th in 16:05. In the Varsity boys 100 meters, Isaac Rivera finished 3rd in 13:06. He was followed by Joshua Felix 4th in 13:07.

In the girls JV 600 meters, Jaelynn Castro led the Flashes finishing in 3rd place in 2:15.14, Cassandra Mendoza 4th in 2:23.70, Andrea Ramirez 5th in 2:30.88, Jessica Aparicio 7th in 2:35.33, and Andrea Rojas 8th in 2:53.94. In the boys F/S 600 meters, Philip Jimenez finished in 4th in 2:13.10. In the Varsity girls 600 meters, Leah Barragan finished 3rd in 1:51.10. She was followed by Joseline Orozco 4th in 1:54.93. Omar Heredia led the Varsity boys in the 600 meters. Omar placed 3rd in 1:31.18. He was followed by Angel Laureano 8th in 1:43.36, and Alexander Diaz 13th in 2:02.34.

In the Girls JV 200 meters, Andrea Gamez led the Fillmore contingent by placing 4th in 29.98. She was followed by Emelie Magana 5th in 30.03, Jaiden Peacock 7th in 30:14, Mia Munoz 8th in 30.65, Xitlali G. Mejia 9th in 31.69, Maribel Ruiz 10th in 31.87. Madelynn Gonzalez 12th in 32.37, Cristal Martinez 13th in 32.45, Julie Luna 15th in 33.42, Julieta Gabriel 16th in 33.44, and Alexandrea Gonzalez 17th in 34.05. In the F/S boys, Joshua Felix finished in 3rd in 27.22. Gabriel Lagunas finished in 4th in 27.39. In the Varsity girls 200 meters, Karina Magana finished in 4th in 28.87. In the Varsity boys, Christopher Perez finished in 8th in 25.47, and Angel Gonzalez finished in 9th in 25.55.

In the 2400 meter race, Jacqueline Olivares captured 1st place in 10:45.82. Second place went to Jannet Vega in a time of 11:13.34. The Varsity girls winner was Nataly Vigil in 9:36.04. She was followed by Diana Santa Rosa 2nd in 9:36.95, Niza Laureano 3rd in 9:42.88, and AJ Martinez 5th in 10:37.95. Angel Garcia captured 2nd in the Varsity boys race, in a time of 7:40.26. He was followed by Joshua Estrada 3rd in 7:58.70, Juan Cumatz 5th in 8:38.28, and Kobe Lizarraga 6th in 8:38.28.

In the JV girls 4x400 meter relay, Fillmore captured 1st and place in 4:50.04. Team A runners were Xitlali G. Mejia, Patzy Orozco, Mia Munoz, and Andrea Gamez. The second place team, also from Fillmore ran a time of 5:16.75. It was composed of Emelie Magana, Jaiden Peacock, Julieta Gabriel, and Madelynn Gonzalez.. The F/S boys won their race in 4:20.07. Team members were Gabriel Lagunas, Valente Garcia, J Felix, and Mauricio Osegueda. The Varsity girls took first in 4:34.53. The team runners were Sarah Cedillo, Nataly Vigil, Joseline Orozco, and Leah Barragan. The Varsity boys also captured first place in 4:54.32. Team runners were Angel Gonzalez, Josiah Cruz, Omar Heredia, and Chris Perez.

In the JV girls shot put, Andrea Ramirez placed 11th with a put of 17’01”. Valerie Rodriguez followed placing 14th in 15’09”, Yesenia Robles 15th in 15’08”, Megan Robles 16th in 13’09”, and Melanie Flores 17th in 13’07”. The boys F/S shot put was won by Carlos Cabral firing the put 34’03”. Isaac Rivera captured second in 33’05”. He was followed by Emanuel Velazquez 10th in 27’08”, Valentin Garcia 11th in 26’05”, and Eddie Padilla 24’09”. Anthony Tafoya captured 1st place in the shot put in a heave of 39’11”. Teammate Daniel Viveros finished in second in a PR of 36’07”, John Jimenez 16th in 27’07”, and Aiden Bankowski 13’3.5”. In the Varsity girls shot put, Emily Soltero finished in second place with a heave of 28”04”. She was followed by Daniela Curiel 6th in 24’04”, Adamary Hernandez 9th in 23’01.75, Aerin Garcia 9th in 21’01”, Angeline Hernandez 9th in 20’10”, Sofia Peredo 11th in 20’00”, Emma Torres 12th in 19’10.75”, Destiny Tellez 14th in 18’05.50”, and Daniela Vaca 16th in 14’07”.

In the JV girls discus, Valerie Rodriguez finished in 6th place tossing the discus 50’05”. She was followed by Andrea Ramirez 11th in 38’08”, Yesenia Robles 13th in 37’08”, Megan Robles 16th in 26’07”, and Melanie Flores 17th in 21’07”. In the F/S boys discus, Isaac Rivera placed first with a throw of 97’00”. He was supported by Carlos Cabral 3rd in 81’10”, Valentin Garcia 6th in 73’01”, Emanuel Velazquez 11th in 57’00”, and Eddie Padilla 15th in 43’09”. In the Varsity boys discus, Anthony Tafoya Captured first place in a personal best throw of 131”08”. Daniel Viveros was second in 114’10”. They were followed by John Jimenez 17th in 67’02”, and Aiden Bankowski 20th in 31”07”. In the Varsity girls discus, Aerin Garcia was the top finisher in 7th place, tossing the implement 63’10”. She was followed by Emily Soltero 8th in 60’09”, Angeline Hernandez 9th in 59’00”, Sofia Peredo 11th in 51’10”, Destiny Tellez 12th in 50’08”, Daniela Vida 13th in 49’02”, Emma Torres 14th in 48’04”, Daniela Curiel 15th in 46’06”, and Angela Garcia Cano 45’05”.

In the girls JV long jump, Aliana Manzano placed 1st in a leap of 11’02.5”. She was followed by Delilah Cervantez 4th in 10’7.5”, and D’andra Amezcua 7th in 10’00”. In the F/S boys long jump, Valente Garcia placed 2nd in a jump of 13’08.25”. In the Varsity boys long jump, Josiah Cruz placed 6th with a jump of 17”1.75”. He was followed by Saul Fraga-Sandoval 7th in 16’11.5”, and Abel Villela 11th in 15’11.5”. In the Varsity girls long jump, Abigail Magana lept to a 7th place finish in 10’.09.75”. Teammate Jasmine Gonzalez finished in 8th in 10’07.50”.

In the JV girls triple jump, Aliana Manzano finished in 2nd in 24’07.50”. She was followed by Michele Setty 3rd in 24’6.75”, Julissa Mendoza 5th in 24’05.00”, Delilah Cervantez 7th in 22’04.75”, and D’andra Amezcua 8th in 19’11.50”. In the boys F/S triple jump, Mauricio Ocegueda captured first place in a jump of 35’08.50”. In the Varsity boys triple jump, Saul Fraga-Sandoval finished in 2nd in 35’07.75 inches. His teammate Abel Villela finished in 4th in 33’10.00”. In the Varsity girls, Sarah Cedillo finished in 4th in 29’09.50”. Teammate Abigail Magana finished 6th in 25’01.75”.

In the JV girls high jump, Michelle Setty finished in 3rd, in 4’00.00. In the F/S boy’s competition, Mauricio Ocegueda lept 4’06.00” to finish in 4th. In the Varsity girls, Yaneli Landin finished 3rd in 4’02.00”. In the Varsity boys high jump, John Jimenez finished in second with a jump of 5’.00.00”

The Flashes track teams will next travel to Hueneme on Tuesday, March 27th and compete against the Vikings in a duel meet.